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Belarus and Ukraine
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Jun 11, 2016 @ 3:00am
Jun 13, 2016 @ 9:03am
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Belarus and Ukraine

This mod adds Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine cores on a lot of provinces.
You can create this states by starting sa USSR and give independence to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Then save. Load save file. Chouse Belarus, Kazakhstan or Ukraine as player country.
Also it may help if you want to create some satellites (if you play as Germany and beat USSR)
---------------------------------------------------ironman compatible--------------------------------------------------

English and russian localization compatible.
In plan: create Kuban state, Moldova, Russia (Brillian idea) and more. Also add portraits and more.
If somebody will tell me how to save .dds portrait files without stupid question about "picture should devide to four" - that will be grate.
Add specific focus threes for this countries.

Этот мод добавляет много "core"-ов на провинции для Беларуси, Казахстана и Украины.
Можно создать их, начав за СССР, дать независимость этим государствам, сохраниться, загрузить этот сейв и выбрать одно из них на карте что б за него поиграть.
Также мод будет очень полезным, если хочется создать сателлиты за Германию, после того\если победили с войне СССР.
Русская и английская локализации.

В планах: создать Кубан, Молдову, Россию и так далее. Добавить портретов. Добавить персональные деревья фокусов этим странам. Может что то еще...

---------------------------Режим Ironman поддерживается, как ни странно, сам в шоке----------------------

11 june 2016 morning GMT - create mod
11 june 2016 evening GMT- add Belarus, add core for state Vilno for Lithuania
12 june 2016 evening GMT - Kazakhstan added.
12 june 2016 late evening GMT - portraits for UKR and BLR added
13 june 2016 eveninf - mod updated to work with game version 1.0.1
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Jan 11, 2017 @ 11:12am
Your wishes and ideas for this mod
Я делаю БУМ БУМ!
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RADEKGTA987 Jun 28 @ 11:58pm 
i have a question do belarus and ukraine have their own focus tree or they have classical focus tree
Cossack Jun 26 @ 1:28pm 
CountGrishnackh<3 May 9 @ 6:49am 
It already passed
HydraNate Apr 24 @ 6:47pm 
quit getting so triggered Count. gtfo:steammocking:
Razdolbay Jan 12 @ 5:26am 
Хотя Рагули и Змагары будут в восторге от этого высера.
CountGrishnackh<3 Jan 1 @ 9:20am 
Helping Germans in Holocaust?
How dare you.You brainwashed idiot...
Heard about Żegota,Irena Sendlerówna!?
And we were collaborating with Reich...
3 million poles died during the war
And some ukrainan fucker think that we were collaborating when
SS Galizien were as much fanatic as germans
Great nations...
Ustasa and banderats are brother in arms.
(nothing to Finland tho)
CountGrishnackh<3 Jan 1 @ 9:09am 
My answer:

Your "great and powerful" banderats were killing ukrainans that were hiding poles from your heroes.
Yeah patriotic as fuck
Inpaling children on forks is fucking glorius!?

Another information from nowhere from ukrainan uncle:
"thus your inferior language is derived from Ukrainian (With mixes of Hungarian, Lithuanian and German)"

How dare you to say that Poland never fought for it's indepence?
Learn history you retard

No you did not protected these lands since your only forces were cossacks that were mercenaires

Can you tell me when we were begging for help of every corner?
Or you just don't know what is alliance?

"Poland has never helped Ukraine one bit, especially in its current conflict with Russia."
You ever heard about your wounded soldiers were going to rehabilitation in Poland?
or polish oficers training ukrainan soldiers
then Stfu

CountGrishnackh<3 Jan 1 @ 8:39am 
And no, Jews and Poles didn't make the cities; they only occupied it and oppressed Ukrainians, hence the well-deserved Khemlnytsky Uprising.
CountGrishnackh<3 Jan 1 @ 8:38am 
Yeah, once, along with other great countries seeking independence and freedom from its oppressors, like Romania, Finland and Croatia. However, we knew when we they did not have our best interests in mind; you collaborated with them for all of WWII, helped them greatly with the Holocaust, and basically prepped Poland for it before the 3rd Reich was even formed by oppressing your own Jews for the time being.
We existed long before Poland failed to be aborted; it being under a different name, or occupation, doesn't change this; Ukraine has existed for over 1000 years, a millenium more than Poland ever will.
CountGrishnackh<3 Jan 1 @ 8:38am 
Our language is of Slavic and Iranian origin, and is the closest one related to Old Ruthenian.Kyivan Ruthenia and its language predate Polsra and Katzapstan, thus your inferior language is derived from Ukrainian (With mixes of Hungarian, Lithuanian and German) while Russian is basically a Mongolian/Turkic dialect.

Our land rightfully belongs to us, and "yours" is nothing more than occupied Ukrainian land, as is Russia.

We've been protecting our land by ourselves for the longest time, and always sought independence; Poland never did, and only became so by happenstance while also constantly begging for help from every corner; only recently did we receive aid from US and Canada to tip the scales in our favor, as we've been winning the war before we got our well-deserved Javelin missiles (See: Recently reobtained LPR territory); Poland has never helped Ukraine one bit, especially in its current conflict with Russia.