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[Mexpex] Atmo Thruster Revamp [Full Replace]
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
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Feb 21, 2016 @ 11:49am
Jun 4, 2016 @ 4:30pm
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[Mexpex] Atmo Thruster Revamp [Full Replace]

Atmospheric thruster -Vanilla Revamp mod

This mod version will replace all vanilla versions
(without replacing in link below)

This is a mod is a visual revamp of the vanilla atmospheric thruster models.
Its a mod for those who wants a higher visual fidelity instead of placeholder models.

DX11 only(atm at least) since you only need them on planets which require dx11

Stats: Same as vanilla

Contains: Large and small grid thrusters [Full]

To do:
Lod steps (Started)
Custom flame particles( started )

Without replacing

Only Small (replace)

Only Small

Only Large (replace)

Only Large

Ships in screenshots
HMSV-44 Goliath
IMDC Hydra-class FAC

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Mar 3, 2016 @ 3:47am
Mexpex as build-in
< >
=NeO= Oct 19, 2017 @ 3:31am 
For me they never exploded, but the lod for the blades on the large one is way triggers very early and it turns pink, it's quite eye hurting, will this be updated? it's much nicer than the vanilla one :)
J. Stonebridge [E-SQN] Jul 30, 2017 @ 4:16pm 
as far as ive seen this mod has been fixed and update sind january, havent personally had my thruster blow up or fly off my ship guessing its all fixed now, will like to bote that any atmo vanilla or none vanilla if the end the lets out the fuel/fire is facing towards a block or any objects there needs to be at least a 1-2 block gap between the object and thruster botton end other wise like uno and real one its going to cause damage thats just common sence. not a mod issue same as vanillas, if using a sloped block for exsample 1 block gap sometimes will do the job all depends on the ship design and how offten and long the truster are user against the really close block but yea not a mod issue jsut wanted to point that 1 out for y'all
Netherspark Jan 4, 2017 @ 11:56am 
Was very entertaining, coming in to land and seeing my thrusters, one by one, throw themselves off the ship.
самовар Dec 16, 2016 @ 8:25am 
small thrusters destroy blocks around itself.
Dr. Novikov Aug 27, 2016 @ 5:52pm 
Small thrusters self-destruct and destroy adjacent blocks.
TomNewDelhi Aug 22, 2016 @ 3:41am 
Yep, can also confirm what Mav said, thrusters are just disappearing, sometimes taking ajoining blocks, sometimes the thrusters just vanish, no explosion, no debris
Inq Aug 11, 2016 @ 7:30am 
Fix pls
Osloec Jul 18, 2016 @ 1:30am 
Unfortunately, I can also confirm this (small thrusters, at least, self-destruct when used. It looks like they take flame damage from themselves). Best of luck, it's a great mod.
PhoenixTheSage Jul 17, 2016 @ 11:37am 
Can confirm what Mavrak said...
Mavrak Jul 16, 2016 @ 4:17pm 
just found today that the mod is causing thrusters to self destruct with no other mods in play