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Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules
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Oct 19, 2015 @ 5:34pm
Jan 11, 2017 @ 11:19am
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Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules

Lancaster Inc.
Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules

We at Lancaster Inc. have developed 9 new LCD and HUD attachment modules for the Fighter Cockpit and Worker Cockpit to enhance its capabilities. These modules provide working LCD screens and HUD screens inside the cockpit so the pilot has got all the information at hand. Lancaster Inc. wishes you a safe journey through space!

- 9 Different Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules.
- Construction Models.
- LOD Models.
- Survival Ready.
- Colorable.
- Completely Modular.

New Updates:
20 Oct 2015:
- Added "Inverted Corner 1x1x2 Base Module Left/Right".

24 Oct 2015:
- Added "Sloped Center Module".
- Complete overhaul of the textures to be more inline with the cockpit.

11 Jan 2017:
- Complete Model & Texture Overhaul.
- Added Transparent HUD Screens for the Fighter Cockpit.
- Added 3 LCD Modules for the Worker Cockpit.

With many thanks to Digi for allowing me to use his Transparent Display script to make the transparent HUD screens functional. Without his script those wouldn't have been possible at all!

Thank you very much Digi!

YouTube Video:
Space Engineers - Immersion Mods, by LastStandGamers
[Mod Review] Space Engineers Ep 43 - Advanced Cockpits, by Ranos

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If you like my mods and you feel like supporting me feel free to donate by clicking on the button below. Any donations are highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Darian Stephens Feb 10 @ 9:52pm 
There's good reason that the older ones were remade; they don't work anymore, at least not properly.
Plume41 Feb 10 @ 7:50pm 
I'm very sad that this is no longer working. I used it a lot. I haven't tested it yet but perhaps trying some of the older cockpit mods might work, However they all seem to have there own little issues as well. I don't have time to test them anytime soon but it might be worth a try.
Darian Stephens Feb 9 @ 2:46pm 
If you want the same concept (Minus some visual appeal) with TextHudAPI, you can use the 'HudLcd' mod to put whatever LCD you want's text on your screen.
Obviously, you can write to the LCD, and thus your hud, with whatever script you choose.

Works really great with the '3d Helmet Hud' and 'Toolbar Only Hud' mods!
matt Feb 3 @ 6:03pm 
I'm not sure that's conclusive, by adjusting the model offset, the lcds can be made to render inside the cockpit, so perhaps it has to do with how the game is calculating what is outside the cockpit.
Of course with this offset the view in 3rd person looks wrong and depending on where the screens are, there is a terrible glare. When I offset the model even further to the rear the glare disappeared.
CaptPatrick01 Feb 3 @ 5:17pm 
Enhanced Cockpit Concept Revival must be a prophet. Since the way his cockpit system gets around this is by having the cockpit itself not have an interior model at all, instead, the interior is a separate block itself, then all the stuff, lcds, lights, etc. are added onto that. Perhaps this is one of the workarounds that everyone else ought to copy.
CaptPatrick01 Feb 3 @ 5:09pm 
Unfortunately this means that,unless this rendering quirk is reversed, then as I said before, this concept itself has been rendered inoperable and obsolete by the latest update, and will have to be re-invented.
CaptPatrick01 Feb 3 @ 5:06pm 
I painstakingly aligned the spectator so the cockpit lcds match the fps view angle and this is what came up when testing my theory. My theory was, guess what: 100% correct. First Person Third Person

If I were to guess, they changed how the interior cockpit rendering works so that particles will not phase through the cockpit. Also means anything clipping inside the cockpits will be rendered behind the model. It's a technique I normally see in racing games, but here?
matt Feb 3 @ 1:10pm 
I mounted some of these on the sides to add more screens, if placed to the side of the cockpit and a block higher, the port and starboard hud lcds would be inside the cockpit and a bit higher. From outside the cockpit everything looks normal but from inside it looks like the interior cockpit textures are rendered too far back, covering the lcds, including the higher ones so that they are still rendering but are being covered by the interior cockpit texture. For instance I can't see the lower screens at all, and the higher screens look like they are now outside and too far forward, I can see part of the screens but the cockpit graphics are covering part of them.
CaptPatrick01 Feb 3 @ 12:51pm 
No LCDs are visible from inside the cockpit anymore. From what I've caught a glimpse of when exiting a cockpit, it appears that the cockpit interior model box hides objects within it aside from the player now. This goes for every other cockpit mod out there. This concept itself has been rendered inoperable and obsolete by the latest update.

Perhaps one day we could figure out how to replicate the same effect using the Text HUD UI addon rather than having to use blocks.
SEModder4 Feb 3 @ 10:22am 

I need your help with the Azimuth Fighter cockpit mod, the LCD's don't show up in first person view from inside the cockpit.
Can you add me please?