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Toro Kahn

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Toro Kahn: A fierce warlord who leads droves of loyal barbarians. Wise men avoid him entirely.

This is a custom collection for Juggernaut.
Items (5)
Toro Khan: Bull Helm
Created by PixelNAUTS
Cleaved from the mount of his fallen enemy and painted with his blood, Toro Kahn wears the bull helm as a warning to those who would dare cross him and his hoard....
Toro Khan: Hooked Khopesh
Created by PixelNAUTS
A favored weapon among the raiders, The Khopesh is a brutal weapon. Tradition holds a raider is not a man until he can cleave a goat in two with one blow....
Toro Kahn: Crimson Shroud of the Kahn
Created by PixelNAUTS
A simple scrap of cloth, the Crimson Shroud is a powerful symbol of power within the horde. Few are strong enough to earn the respect it commands. Fewer still have held it nearly as long as Torro Kahn....
Toro Khan: Leather Gauntlets
Created by PixelNAUTS
Stitched patches of tanned hides protect the hands of the raiders from brutal dust storms that plague the badlands....
Toro Khan: Cuffed Riding Breeches
Created by PixelNAUTS
Traditional riding breeches are belted and cuffed to provide mobility in combat, and protection from the sand storms....