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Space Engineers

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Increased Max Speed (Small to 200, Large to 150)
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Jan 8, 2015 @ 7:25am
Jan 8, 2015 @ 8:07am
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Increased Max Speed (Small to 200, Large to 150)

So for the new Update.. i simply modified it so you guys dont have to edit it by yourself!

SmallShipMax: 200
LargShipMax: 150

Sometimes it wont work,try a new created world with this mod!
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Karito Feb 10, 2016 @ 12:41pm 
Good Idea!
Jigokudou  [author] Mar 29, 2015 @ 3:12am 
Well some blocks dont like it that fast :)
Twelve Mar 29, 2015 @ 2:58am 
pistons and rotors on a mining ship? oh god no =p i see what your saying, i get that it just changes a speed figure, maybe im pushing the physics engine too hard, you have just givien me an idea, im going to reduce the floating object count and see what that does..
Jigokudou  [author] Mar 29, 2015 @ 2:37am 
well.. this mod simply increases the maximum speed parameter. It shouldnt change physics. Do you have pistons or rotors on your ship?
Twelve Mar 29, 2015 @ 2:35am 
ive been testing all last night and i cant be sure tbh, i havent been able to get it to repeat the issue without your mod installed, not to the same extent anyway.
if im the only person that has reported this then it might be a mod combination issue or something maybe??
because i am noticing some other oddities with the movement of objects. rocks sliding across the floor at a perpendicular angel to gravity... or could just be one of those SE quirks?? who knows, ill try to figure this out and report back if i feel it is this mods causing it.
Jigokudou  [author] Mar 28, 2015 @ 3:03pm 
Hmm sounds weird. Does this only happen with my mod?
Twelve Mar 27, 2015 @ 3:07pm 
so getting this thing, basically if i go over 100 (sometimes-usually after mining) then my ship wont turn correctly until i reload the game. its like turning the ship in 20fps (but fps is fine)

is this mod related or a game bug?

cant make it happen in vanilla but it is really random so could just be coincidence
Jigokudou  [author] Jan 22, 2015 @ 1:42pm 
Look screenshot or try a new created world.
Jappards200 Jan 22, 2015 @ 1:32pm 
How can I know if it is only visual or just an illusion(like the gravity drive)? Has anyone tested it?
Jigokudou  [author] Jan 8, 2015 @ 12:26pm 
Hmm.. if more people would ask i could change to .. but would be mean for the guys who wants exactly THIS current speed