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DK Earthbreaker Drill (DX11)
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Nov 30, 2014 @ 3:36pm
Jul 19, 2015 @ 4:34pm
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DK Earthbreaker Drill (DX11)

This mod adds a very large drill for large ships and small ships. The hole that it drills is about 7-8 blocks in diameter. The block is 7x7x7 but the collision model is smaller than that. The drill has construction models and is survival ready. I tried to make the component requirements balanced but I am open to suggestions.

Unfortunately I can not figure out how to change the cargo volume of the drill so it is very large at the moment. If anyone knows how to change it please let me know.

Things I still need to do:
- decrease the cargo volume (not sure if this is possible)
- add more detail to the base of the drill
- modify drill radius (try and make it more accurate for the cone shape)

EDIT: I finally got mwmbuilder to work again so I was able to add a small ship version and change the glowing part to match the color of the base.
EDIT2: I made new collision meshes and it appears to have fixed the random breaking problems that were happening with the small version. I tested for several minutes (about 400k ore) and the small drill seems to be working properly. It did not break until I drove it into a wall at 50 m/s. If anyone is still having problems let me know.
EDIT3: I increased the drill radius of the small ship version. It used to work fine but an update appears to have modified how the drill radius works. I assumed this was a game bug that would be fixed (the vanilla drill has also been behaving unusually for me) but it has been several weeks now without a fix so I finally decided to increase the drill radius to offset the problem.
EDIT4: Added support for DX11

Sorry it took so long to fix the small block version of the drill. I assumed that the problems that were occuring were due to a game bug that would be fixed in a patch/update since the vanilla drill also started behaving unusually for me around the same time. After several weeks of waiting for a fix I decided it wasn't fair for the people who were actively using this mod (I have been taking a break from Space Engineers so it wasn't affecting me personally). The small drill should no longer have problems drilling from the front. As for the reported issue of my drills breaking randomly, ever since I updated the collision models I have not been able to reproduce this problem. The only time the drills break in my game is if I purposefully crash into something at high speeds. For the people having problems with conveyors try reloading your save. I have been having some problems with conveyors since a recent update but I have never found my drills to be the source of the problem. If anyone is still having problems let me know.
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