Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Every wanted to have super-super-super-super heavy tanks in the game? No, well here they are anyway.

This mod adds three types of new weapons to the game: Scout Titans, Battle Titans and Emperor Titans. Getting increasingly (and comically) expensive and overpowered.

Scout Titans are the smallest but still several times heavier than Super-Heavy Tanks but have far more armor, the potential for better Breakthrough and Defense as well as Soft and Hard Attack.
Battle Titans are the next step-up and around 5 times as heavy, having around twice the armor of the Scout Titan-Classes but also twice the penetration. Anything else is increased roughly four to fivefold and each unit will take quite a while, possibly weeks, to construct.
Emperor Titans are the largest new unit added and in the price range from Heavy Cruisers to Battleships depending on their layout. They have absurd amounts in every stat and can take months to construct, even with a lot of factories assigned. These guys are also classed as special forces.

Q: Is this balanced?
No, lol.

Q: How compatible is this?
It should be compatible with anything that doesn't overwrite gwtank_chassis and tank_designer_view.gui. Patches should be trival to make too.

  • AI-Designs for specific countries
  • Give a divison template when you research Titans
  • More special modules for Titans
  • Anti-Titan Weapons for Tanks (?)
MajorChimera745 7 hours ago 
I'd recommend adding knights, look forward to using this mod.
MrGulag Jun 11 @ 2:46pm 
@Eddie_the_rawke I know titans are already in that mod, but if I remember correctly they're somewhat underwhelming and having something a bit more in depth would be fun, since everyone likes titan legios
Fiiral  [author] Jun 8 @ 4:49am 
@阿塔拉希娅 I originally thought about adding a support company with a single Titan but that would add absurd amounts of armor to a divison for comperatively cheap, if other people do want it though, I might add it.
阿塔拉希娅 Jun 8 @ 4:44am 
I have a little suggestion, whether we will add a support company, and we can call it the knight family or something, the most junior Titan.
Eddie_the_rawke Jun 6 @ 12:20pm 
MrGulag, titans are in Unification Wars, they are unlocked through a scavenging event
Fiiral  [author] Jun 5 @ 8:13am 
Okay this suddenly got a lot more attention than I thought, let me answer some stuff.

@MrGulag I am relatively sure there is a way to get Titans already but as I said a patch is trival to make, you only need to bring the tech trees together and merge the enum file and you should be fine.

@suyuzhi20100429 No, it is english only at the moment.

@Olbert I do not know, I never modded for HoI4 but in Stellaris (another PDX game) they needed to be a maya export to load.
Olbert Jun 5 @ 1:24am 
how do you know if 3d models are compatible or not?
PhantomKitty Jun 4 @ 5:13pm 
suyuzhi20100429 Jun 3 @ 3:18pm 
does it support Chinese translation?
MrGulag Jun 3 @ 9:35am 
think you could make a version of this for Unification wars?
Lore accuracy be damned, if there's gonna be titans anywhere that's the place