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Industrial Thruster (Sage)
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
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Sep 24, 2014 @ 7:57pm
Nov 15, 2015 @ 8:15pm
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Industrial Thruster (Sage)

No longer work in atmosphere, & their auto stopping power is now as strong as manual control.

(Has DX11)
(Has DX9) (Again)

Be warned, this apparently doesn't work with a Dedicated server, I have no idea why, but allot of people are reporting server crashes. Again, no idea why.

A new thruster I created with 3 times the power of the standard large thruster.

See more about the Large Ship version here:
See more about the Small Ship version here:

See centered Variant here:

Has build states, LOD, and is survival ready.

Has LODs, so your FPS shoudn't be murdered... too bad.

Feel free to use this thruster, just link back to this page, or to
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The Stoned Raider Joseph.B Oct 30 @ 6:48am 
I'm getting an error when i use this in a world with the 1.188 update.
Is that just me?
Realtimeslayer Oct 1 @ 3:19pm 
I have this issue where the mod is getting 5 errors and not loading in. Any fixes?
callybear008 Aug 24 @ 7:17am 
sage if they where big and small id make lots of ships whith this mod on the workshop because its such a great mod
RtScx Jul 21 @ 6:40pm 
It's really too small.:steamfacepalm:
Procezz Jul 15 @ 3:14am 
Very nice!
Captain Exception Apr 20 @ 2:07pm 

it is his mod how bout u look at the links or his chanel?
AdmiralTrout Mar 4 @ 11:27am 
this one used to work in atmo
TheFanciestWastlander Feb 20 @ 4:07pm 
It wasn't Sages mod. I don't know why it was taken down. If you have something to do about it, Sage, I would like to know why it was removed.
dga8705 Feb 12 @ 2:29pm 
Sage had an atmospheric version of this, or somebody did at least, pretty sure it was him. I don't see it on the workshop anymore and it won't load in my game. Anybody know what happened?
Jonno VII Jan 26 @ 10:49pm 
Industrial atmospheric thrusters would be very cool.