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Hearts of Iron IV

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A House Divided (OWB Submod)
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Jan 10 @ 10:27am
Jan 13 @ 1:06am
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A House Divided (OWB Submod)

Vegas rework WIP.
Planned further Mojave content.

Currently, only the first planned phase of at least three is implemented. Still, I would love any feedback or ideas to improve the mod.

(If anyone's curious about the relevance of the name, it's a reference to a path that isn't implemented yet wherein House essentially appeals to the independent factions in the Mojave to unite against external forces to maintain their independence.)
Scullex Mar 29 @ 8:01am 
come back son
Mr Zoat Jan 27 @ 2:53pm 
Are you supposed to be able to recruit family advisers when you invite their family? Currently they don't become available.
liverpoolfcfan0 Jan 25 @ 12:01pm 
No rush bro, but is there a date in mind for completion because this has the potential to be one of the best submods for OWB
BadOpinionBoyo Jan 22 @ 4:05pm 
Great mod! I'm like 10 days late since this was posted, but honestly New Vegas in general is in dire need of a rework that this mod can fill the void of. I got like 20 writing/path ideas if you want.
PaladinPrime Jan 15 @ 7:44am 
This look great so far, excited to see where goes.
Midder Dapper  [author] Jan 13 @ 4:43pm 
@Istvan90623 Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, the things meant to make it less tedious late game aren't implemented yet, although I do think I nailed what I was aiming for. It's supposed to be increasingly difficult to balance the more families you take on. I might see about making it more clear that the early game is supposed to be about hard choices
Istvan90623 Jan 13 @ 3:40pm 
Well, some of the mechanics can be summed up as "anything but fun". If there was one thing I hated about the Bone Cohort and why I don't play them anymore it's the power struggle mechanics that you easily forget about since it isn't really visible but still can bite you. Not to mention it's a resource dump of such resources that you don't have an abundant amount in the beginning. The other thing was the Platinum Chip search "minigame". The success ratio barely increases, while you dump a 1000 caps into it. That, the power struggle which also needs caps makes sure you'll loose the tourism war against Reno on the long run, regardless of how fast Vegas can become a level 10 node, which you'd need since it gives extra money, but you can't have that and the chip search and family struggle at the same time essentially. I only see a reason to post it so early without anything else is to test the mechanic, and let me tell you, it is not a good thing.
Mr Zoat Jan 13 @ 3:54am 
I suggest putting OWB in the title to make it easier to find.