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High Density Arcologies (3.8)
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High Density Arcologies (3.8)

Hey Guys! =)

Have you ever wondered, how many people in <Star Wars'> Coruscant live? The answer > 2 freaking TRILLION! 2,000,000,000,000 people!!!

I don't really know how many people actually would live on an Arcology in Stellaris, but usually just around 2x or 3x the pops compared to a casual planet...

With my mod these numbers get boosted a little bit (or actually kinda a lot); Arcologies will have around +300-400% more Housing and Jobs and also a +500% Pop Growth/Assembly Speed BUT also a +250% increase of building cost/maintenance cost to balance it out a bit.

Enjoy new and more realistic arcologies with my mod! ^^

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Clairelenia  [author] May 11 @ 5:50am 
xD jea; Star Wars writer never actually calculated "realistic" numbers with population density... Coruscant would have x1000 or x10.000s of more people actually

Anyway! Updated to 3.8 :D
ben101068 May 7 @ 8:40am 
2 trillion is not an amzing population for an ecumenopolis at all.

Take Earth for example, its suface area is about 500 billion square kilometers. If you make it into an ecumenopolis, and fill it with people into a population density as much as Manchester, UK for example, which is 4000 people per square kilometer, ranking about 60th in the world, you get 2 trillion population for this ecumenopolis earth.

If the earth ecumenopolis gets a population density as much as the New York City, about 10000 people per sqKm, you get 5 trillion population, and if the density is like Manila, 43k/sqKm, you get 20 trillion.
mamelou Mar 21 @ 2:27pm 
Well i try and it's don't work i don't know if you can make a addon or else (or i just use the vanilla arcologies)
mamelou Mar 21 @ 1:17pm 
well to be honest the mod look really good but i use Planetary diversity and sub mod. And i don't thinks it's work with i'm sad x) But it's a nice mod good job !
Clairelenia  [author] Mar 20 @ 7:02pm 
xD same ... but i actually always kinda quit after 200 years now haha lol
lol 2 trillion is half the number of my total pops in my 800 year save