Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Divide et Impera
Divide et Impera is a total overhaul of Rome 2 that seeks to provide a challenging, historically authentic, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare. Almost all aspects of the game have been overhauled, including hundreds of custom units and textures. DeI also includes custom scripting that provides a unique Reforms system, a Supply system and other unique game elements. Requires all 8 parts to run properly.

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Recommended Normal Difficulty for new players.


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Divide et Impera was named CA's best Overhaul Mod 2014, Most Innovative 2015 and also won Player's Choice for 2014 and 2015. Thanks to all of our players for your support!

If you are experiencing crashes at startup or regularly in game play:
1. Check for other mods activated or just in your data folder. Some mods can be active even without activating them in Mod Manager. DeI does not work with most other mods.
2. Reverify your game cache in steam.
3. Do not use the patch 17 beta option in steam, that is an older game version.
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Divide et Impera Part 2
Created by Dresden
You must have all Parts of the Mod:
DeI Steam Collection

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Divide et Impera Part 3
Created by Dresden
You must have all Parts of the Mod:
DeI Steam Collection

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions please visit []...
Divide et Impera Part 1
Created by Dresden

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- New ...
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Jan 1, 2019 @ 9:39pm
Campaing wont open
Apr 2 @ 12:20am
Where are the other 5 parts?
Jan 12, 2019 @ 8:47am
Is it recommended to play this mod with the other campaigns besides the grand campaign?
ninjacarl (dk)
< >
GrandStrategos May 23 @ 4:33pm 
The game is updated , and can still run on the current patch. Also, Caesar!, the AOR for Masaeyli at the start of the game only has 3 units. This is because factions do not recruit from their own pool , they have to recruit individual units from provinces. Each province has unique recruitment options. So, you have to expand to different regions, like Africa or Garmantia to have access to more troops. Also, try checking the building tree. Maybe that will get you more units, but otherwise, you have to try and take a settlement in another province.
update please
Caesar! May 17 @ 10:15am 
How do i get more units for Masaesyli? this mod stripped them down to bare bones trash units.
they literally have next to nothing
heilgranit May 17 @ 2:24am 
the Libyan Javlinmen that are part of Carthago Garrison Forced for Cities have the description and stats from Numidian Archers.
mattlewis1991 May 16 @ 3:44am 
how do i remove politcal parties ?
ULTIMATE_FIST_MASTER May 13 @ 10:28am 
Game crashes on ai's turn? Its always the same faction, how do I fix this?
carminechine May 10 @ 11:06am 
Hello. I have a problem with the part 3 of the mod. it doesn't download. Does anyone have the same problem?
sking May 5 @ 10:44pm 
Hello. I have a problem and I wonder if someone could help me. I've already suscribed to the 3 parts of DeI. But when I started the game with the mod active, I've noticed a few bugs in it. For example, choosing a faction to play the great campaign, it appears one blue faction with no name, no info, no nothing. And when I go to custom battle, some units appears without names too.
Mino May 3 @ 12:51pm 
I love this mod. Thank you !
Arzt Schlachthof Apr 12 @ 12:22pm 
Just finished Alexander campaign, great work! However, I like Para Bellum mod more, here battles were just autoresolved after Asia Minor because of my superior units and economy. Still, it was a great fun.

Please don't start the mod on Very hard as I did, the AI is ravenous and out of control as I had to fight 12 000 men big armies almost every turn, but as a dark souls player I really had no choice but to destroy them, now did I?