Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Divide et Impera Part 1
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Dec 25, 2014 @ 4:28pm
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Divide et Impera Part 1

In 1 collection by Dresden
Divide et Impera
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- New mod version released! Patch Notes[] - Save Compatible

- New Divide et Impera Website has been launched! Includes News, Guides, Faction Info, Unit Previews and much more! Check it out:

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Divide et Impera is a total overhaul of Rome 2 that seeks to provide a challenging, historically authentic, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare. Version 1.2.7. Divide et Impera was named CA's best Overhaul Mod 2014, CA's Most Innovative for 2015 and also won Player's Choice in both 2014 and 2015. We have continued developing and updating over the entire course of Rome 2's life. Thanks to all of our players for your support!

As a complete overhaul of the game, there are thousands of new and changed features, units and unique systems that create a specific and specialized experience for the player. For that reason, most mods are not compatible with DeI and we recommend you try the mod out by itself before adding other submods.

- Overhauled Battle System from the ground up with new mechanics, better AI and more realistic combat.
- Over 2000 new units for 45+ playable factions including an Area of Recruitment system.
- A Unique and Customized Population System that adds depth and strategy to recruitment.
- A Supply System that requires logistical planning.
- A Specialized Reform system based on various triggers for different factions.
- Special Cultural and Factional systems that make each faction feel unique.
- New and Customized Economy and Hundreds of New Buildings
- Character Systems with various RPG elements and special traits
- Much, much, much, much more!

Our Website[]

Donation Options[] (Paypal/Patreon) to support the mod and website

DeI Submod Collection - Various official submods.

Join Discord[] - Discuss, get help & play with others.

Youtube - Tutorials, previews & guides.

- While we welcome comments, the best way to get help is to Join Discord![]
- Do not use any TPY mods or other startpos mods with DeI. Do not use any camera or scripting mods with DeI.
- Most mods (other than graphics mods) will not be compatible with DeI. Various submods are available to help alter the mod experience to the player's taste. They can be found at our Submod Forum[] or Steam Submod Collection
- It is recommended to play the mod on Normal Difficulty for balanced CAI aggression/diplomacy. Battle difficulty should always be set to Normal to maintain the mod's battle balance.
- If you have battle lag issues, try turning off unit flags or try this submod.

You must have all Parts of the Mod:
Divide et Impera Steam Collection

If you are experiencing crashes at startup or regularly in game play:
1. Check for other mods activated or just in your data folder. Some mods can be active even without activating them in Mod Manager. DeI does not work with most other mods.
2. Reverify your game cache in steam.
3. If that doesn't work, try deleting your CA Appdata folder and reverifying.
4. Lastly, if none of that works, try deleting and unsubscribing from part 1 and then resubscribing.

An alternative version of the mod can be found at our website[]. The standalone version is quicker to download and usually has less issues.

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Apr 7 @ 12:24pm
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Apr 9 @ 3:45am
a recruitment bug
< >
Claudius 1 hour ago 
Hi Cam, I have to report an important bug of the new release on 26th March. I found that after the game updated automatically, my town's population stopped growing and the equities and patricii senator popular keep dropping to 0% and will never recover.
I am not sure whether I am the only one suffer this bug or not. It is not very obviously in the beginning but at the end I found it is a bug.
Levi Ackerman 14 hours ago 
Dear Kam, the AI landed with transports on a beach, moved approximately 2/10 of movement bar towards my city and attacked it. This was normal? I thought disembarking to a beach as transports fully depleted movement.
kam2150 16 hours ago 
Levi, AI cant either as it has same movement as player. This only applies to shore leave. If you disembark in port, you still get your movement points. Hence AI tries to disembark in port.
Levi Ackerman 16 hours ago 
Is there a way for the game to remember to group/lock units of each army at the beginning of each battle? So that you dont have to group archers, triarii, principes, hastati, cavalry each battle.
Levi Ackerman 17 hours ago 
- Armies with transport ships should not be able to disembark AND move to attack a city in one turn, it's not realistic and the player can't do it, so why is the AI able to cheat this? :(
Cardinal von Braun 17 hours ago 
This is what Rome 2 should have been, it gives me so many memories of extended cultures for Rome 1, as long time player and history lover it is truly inspiring to see the a more history accurate version, and as a bonus, one of many actually, the game genuinely feels like a challenge again. It is after all, named for the Roman Civilisation, they however didn't just steamroll every other society, no you truly get the feeling of leading a minor italic city to world domination, the immense scope and abilities of the other powers, the difficulties of war and much, much more.
Levi Ackerman 22 hours ago 
@Kam2150 thank you so much for answering!!! Upgrading my RIG soon and can't wait to make high quality DEI videos with smooth framerates that aren't 2 hours uncut footage like most boring playthroughs out there. I just think sieges are extremely bugged when ultra sized units clog up on the wall causing all sorts of jitter.
kam2150 23 hours ago 
Levi Ackerman, ultra as in all values are based around it but you can play at anyone you want. Probably large battles with 30 or 40 units per army is best experience in terms of unit pathfinding/AI performance.
kam2150 23 hours ago 
Hannibal, check on our discord, I have no idea who made them and all DeI assets need authors approval to be used elsewhere.
kam2150 23 hours ago 
Inquisitioner, yes, a lot of people do it but both players need exact same mods in exact same order.

So if you has it as DeI 1,2,3 and other as DeI 1,3,2, it wont work.