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Halo 2: Uncut
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Game Content: Campaign
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Dec 7, 2022 @ 11:09pm
Dec 19, 2022 @ 8:05pm
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Halo 2: Uncut

Using evidence found within Halo 2's tags, map scripts, and other external media, Halo 2: Uncut aims to accurately restore as much cut content into the game as possible.


Welcome to Halo 2: Uncut, a Halo 2 mod that aims to restore as much cut content from this game as I feasibly can. For this mod, I wanted to take this multiple steps further compared to what was accomplished in the Juggernaut encounters mod. Not only am I going to re-enable other encounters and squads in general, but I'll also be re-introducing a whole assortment of other forms of cut content, as well as elements that appeared in the Director's Cut cinematics that were included with Halo 3's Legendary Edition.

This is NOT a rebalance mod. You're free to use these maps as a template to rebalance them yourself, but the main goal for the initial release of Halo 2 Uncut is to showcase what Halo 2 would have played like if it launched with all of this cut content.



E3 2003-style Single Shot Battle Rifle (assets by Sean T and Zteam)
Halo 2 Alpha-style SMG (slower projectiles, but is slightly stronger and more accurate with controlled bursts)
General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG, can be acquired by destroying human machinegun turrets)
Suppressed SMG (is a starting weapon on Outskirts and Metropolis, is modified to pick up SMG ammo packs, performs the same as the regular SMG but has the benefit of being a lot quieter against the AI)
Halo 2 Beta-style Needler (much faster projectiles)
Halo 2 Beta-style Plasma Pistol (much faster charged projectile w/ AoE)
Halo 2 Beta-style Shotgun (fires 5 extra pellets per shot with much more knockback)
Halo 2 Beta-style Rocket Launcher (faster projectiles but worse tracking)
Halo 2 Beta-style Fuel Rod Gun (faster projectiles that stick to enemies like Plasma Grenades before exploding
Halo 2 Beta-style Carbine (36 round magazine, fully automatic, 324 reserve ammo, and rounds have considerable knockback)
Halo 2 Beta-style Beam Rifle (uses less battery per shot, is more accurate when no-scoping, does less damage per shot)
Handheld Plasma Cannon (can be acquired by destroying the mounted variants that are often carried by Grunts).
Halo 2 Beta-style Shade turret (slight faster fire rate, uses a brand new projectile that's smaller and purple).


Halo 2 Alpha-style Ghost (both guns fire simultaneously and eventually overheat)
Halo 2 Beta-style Banshee (both guns fire simultaneously and bomb has a lot of gravity)
Pre-release Wraith (was likely prototyped between the Alpha and Beta builds, Plasma Pistol-like dual-fire mode with standard and charged mortars)
Cut Falcon (appears on Outskirts as part of a restored set piece)
Shadow (is drivable and will appear in more missions, uses AltSierra117's visual tags)
Covenant Gun Tower (is now active and destructible on Outskirts and will appear in more missions)
Halo 2 Beta-style Scorpion (drives slightly slower, co-axial machine gun has no fire rate build up, main cannon shoots faster)
Destructible Phantoms

Campaign maps:

All of the available Campaign maps in Halo 2: Uncut feature previously-cut encounters, script lines, set pieces, and Director's Cut-style cinematics to showcase what could have been for this game.


-Initial Steam Workshop Release

Dragonflare921 for adding Halo 2 Alpha and Beta plugins to Assembly
Sean T for the E3 Battle Rifle assets as well as the ODST helmet prop in the opening Outskirts cutscene
Crisp for guidance w/ scripting
General 101 for his unlimited patience w/ inquiries I had with the Halo 2 tools
Berthalamew and Shelly Herself for helping me set up the flooded Metropolis tunnel section
Killzone64 and Berthalamew for help with setting up the pre-release Outskirts Highway encounter.
AltSierra117 for his various assets that were used in Halo 2 Uncut!
OK for his medic marine tags!
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The Vengeful 'Vadam
Dec 30, 2022 @ 8:56pm
< >
ChinnWanggy? Jan 28 @ 5:19pm 
Just asking but any chance you are going to do the cut "end of halo" (bungie's words not mine) final mission and following cutscenes?
The Vengeful 'Vadam  [author] Jan 28 @ 5:06pm 
@XxX_S4LT_L0RD_XxX The Wraith Plasma Turrets were never usable, and they're not in my changelog...
sechristam Jan 27 @ 12:18am 
This mod ROCKS! Unfortunately, I think the beta Battle Rifle and Brute Shot weapons are...kinda lame. I miss the LED screen on the BR that ties it back to the first game's Assault Rifle (not to mention the single shots and slower reload time make it annoying to use) And the E3 Brute Shot feels kinda generic just shooting electrical plasma-like projectiles. The bouncing ballistic grenades made that weapon more fun and unique imo.

I understand this mod is supposed to restore ALL cut content, but I really wish there was a version that kept to retail base game weapons, while still getting to use the scrapped content. To each their own I suppose. Other than those minor gripes, this and Ruby's Rebalanced are the definitive way to play Halo!
XxX_S4LT_L0RD_XxX Jan 26 @ 5:09pm 
how are you supposed to use the Wraith plasma turrets? nothing I do can seem to get them to work despite the change log saying they do
Tsubusu Jan 25 @ 12:31am 
I have no clue if it's just me or something else but the flood feel waaaaaay more annoying to fight on heroic, I could have a shot gun and get mowed down by a smg or a pistol in a second, I usually struggle on Sacred Icon but not this badly. It's like I'm shooting bubble gum at the enemy sometimes. It just brings fights to a slow crawl and gets boring really fast. That aside I really enjoy this mod a lot. And you did state it's not a rebalance but god does it need one lol.
drewdickens79 Jan 22 @ 12:08pm 
the MPMG is awesome but the AI bugs out on the final mission and the new evac flying thing on the second missions keeps either blowing me up or the marines which is infuriating as i try to save all the odsts. decent mod but needs tweaks that are more fun for the players rather than just adding cut content
CRAZ Jan 20 @ 12:08am 
So far the Mod has an audio bug in Oracle with the Heretic leader and I enjoyed a really funny Bug with half jaw floating into the sky! while he was getting attacked by the little crawly flood XD

I was running through the missions as quick as possible without any glitches etc but yeah

Only cool thing i noticed, is I did Regret so fast that the Enemies chased me out the door and died in the cutscene and a single Honour guard was breathing down my neck

but yeah I really enjoyed the Mod no major issues it was a fun ride completed in 1 and a half hours on Normal
Dey/Dem Nuts Jan 19 @ 10:08pm 
Halo 2: Uncircumcised
OptimalZeta Jan 19 @ 9:51pm 
Just beat uprising. Is this a wip build?
Kota Jan 19 @ 3:30pm 
i was so hyped to fight those 2 scarabs seen in uprising... then it just ended... this mod is just amazing... just like the original halo 2 it ends on a blue ball cliff hanger