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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Halo 2: Uncut
Engine: Halo2
Game Content: Campaign, Multiplayer
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Dec 7, 2022 @ 11:09pm
Feb 18 @ 10:06pm
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Halo 2: Uncut

Using evidence found within Halo 2's tags, map scripts, and other external media, Halo 2: Uncut aims to accurately restore as much cut content into the game as possible. Features pre-release elements such as cut weapons, cut weapon and vehicle functionalities, restored cut encounters and map scripts, and features Director's Cut-style cutscenes.




Single Shot Battle Rifle by the Digsite Team
Halo 2 Alpha-style SMG (slower projectiles, but is slightly stronger and more accurate with controlled bursts, new animations by the Digsite Team)
General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG, can be acquired by destroying human machinegun turrets)
Suppressed SMG (is a starting weapon on Outskirts and Metropolis, is modified to pick up SMG ammo packs, performs the same as the regular SMG but has the benefit of being a lot quieter against the AI)
Halo 2 Beta-style Needler (much faster projectiles)
Halo 2 Beta-style Plasma Pistol (much faster charged projectile w/ AoE)
Halo 2 Beta-style Shotgun (fires 5 extra pellets per shot with much more knockback)
Halo 2 Beta-style Rocket Launcher (faster projectiles but worse tracking)
Halo 2 Beta-style Fuel Rod Gun (faster projectiles that stick to enemies like Plasma Grenades before exploding
Unused Carbine variant (fires in 2 round bursts unzoomed, single shots zoomed in)
Halo 2 Beta-style Beam Rifle (uses less battery per shot, is more accurate when no-scoping, 3rd person model is longer)
Handheld Plasma Cannon (can be acquired by destroying the mounted variants that are often carried by Grunts).
Halo 2 Beta-style Shade turret (slight faster fire rate, uses a brand new projectile that's smaller and purple).
E3 2003-style Brute Shot (shoots explosive plasma rounds)
Sentinel Needler, Sentinel Grenade Launcher, and Sentinel Charged Shot
Spike Grenade by the Digsite Team (appears in the last 4 Campaign levels replacing the Frag Grenade)


Halo 2 Alpha-style Ghost (both guns fire simultaneously and eventually overheat)
Halo 2 Beta-style Banshee (both guns fire simultaneously and bomb has a lot of gravity)
Pre-release Wraith (was likely prototyped between the Alpha and Beta builds, Plasma Pistol-like dual-fire mode with standard and charged mortars)
Cut Falcon (appears on Outskirts as part of a restored set piece, modeled by Killzone64 and textured by Savinpvtmike)
Shadow (is drivable and will appear in more missions, uses AltSierra117's visual tags)
Covenant Gun Tower (is now active and destructible on Outskirts)
Halo 2 Beta-style Scorpion (drives slightly slower, co-axial machine gun has no fire rate build up, main cannon shoots faster)
Destructible Phantoms
Spectres have an energy windshield



Initial Release
Available maps include Cairo Station, Outskirts, and Metropolis'


Second release that is now compatible with the April MCC Update!
New maps: The Heretic, The Arbiter, and The Oracle, along with the previously-released maps.
Outskirts received a BSP edit that restores the destroyed highway after the Hunter encounter, modeled by Killzone64 and polished by Berthalamew.
Outskirts and Metropolis received more encounter changes.
The Shadow and the Grunts use AltSierra117's pre-release-style tags, grunt biped colors use older color codes that were found in the Heretic Grunt's biped tag.


Fixed an oversight where Brutes were holding Shotguns in cutscenes.
Certain unarmed Marines on Metropolis now have weapons again.
The Phantom and Covenant Gun Tower are now destructible.
The Shade turret is like its Halo 2 Beta counterpart, firing a smaller, purple round at a higher rate of fire.
The Flood Juggernaut has a new physics model, allowing it to actually fall to the floor after dying instead of freezing in place.
Various encounter edits to The Arbiter.


Added support for Delta Halo, Regret, Sacred Icon, Quarantine Zone, Gravemind, and Uprising.
New sentinel weapons! The Sentinel Needler, The Sentinel Grenade Launcher, and The Sentinel Charged Shot!
New rendition of the Brute Shot based off of its appearance in the E3 2003 demo!
Unused Flood Carrier form variant with a Jackal Shield slapped onto it.
New Jackal Shield weapon tag that's only accessible through dual wielding, found by killing shielded Carrier forms!
The Spectre is like its Halo 2 Beta self with a much less-accurate turret (still usable, just so happens to have a spread that encompasses the entirety of its reticle!)
Added The Mongoose to Quarantine Zone! Features two of them for co-op fun :)
Added medic marines to the Hotel Zanzibar section of Outskirts.
Gun Tower destruction effect is no longer stupidly powerful against you.
Added some unused weapon and crate placements on Metropolis (shoutout to MrMonopoli for pointing this out to me!)
Made the Spec Ops Commander a more consistent presence on The Oracle, prevents him from disappearing.
Fixed the first turret grunt's pathfinding on Cairo Station.
Fuel Rod Cannon drops with more ammo.


Fixed an oversight where some weapons throughout the missions used the original HUD instead of the intended new HUD.
Fixed the Battle Rifle and Brute Shot HUD where they had hud-scaling issues, also added a new Brute Shot crosshair made by AltSierra.
Added AltSierra's E3-style Covenant Insertion Pod effects.
Added some more cut dialogue.
Added cut Bugger squad in Gravemind's Mausoleum encounter.
Added new crosshairs for the chaingun Warthog, the machine gun turrets, and the Shade turret, all by AltSierra.


High Charity and Great Journey have been added to the Campaign!


Dragonflare921 for adding Halo 2 Alpha and Beta plugins to Assembly
Sean T for the E3 Battle Rifle assets as well as the ODST helmet prop in the opening Outskirts cutscene
Crisp for guidance w/ scripting
General 101 for his unlimited patience w/ inquiries I had with the Halo 2 tools
Berthalamew and Shelly Herself for helping me set up the flooded Metropolis tunnel section
Killzone64 and Berthalamew for help with setting up the pre-release Outskirts Highway encounter.
AltSierra117 for his various assets that were used in Halo 2 Uncut!
OK for his medic marine tags!
Neo Te Aika for the music used in High Charity's Warthog Run!
Killzone64 and Savinpvtmike for the custom Falcon model.
PaddyTea and the H2R team for the custom pickup icons for the Jackal Shield, GPMG, Plasma Cannon, and
Tank Gun easter egg weapon.
Navarone for the modified Containment BSP featuring retractable base shields.
Special thanks to HighRTT and AlyxGMusic!
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matt2203 20 hours ago 
does this support anniversary graphics?
NuclearRodent Feb 27 @ 12:18pm 
so...how exactly does this affect the story? I didn't notice anything completely different during the schism
Malachi <3 Feb 27 @ 8:19am 
another issue fatal error on last mission also i seem not be only who had soft lock issue
im fairy certain it was npc he wasnt moving maby path finding broke
kat Feb 27 @ 1:52am 
The Flood - Room after juggernaut softlock. Doors don't open. Shipmaster died of fall damage; possibly necessary for him to be alive for a trigger?
DasFlank Feb 26 @ 3:42pm 
Room after juggernaut soft locks me in the room and doesnt continue forward. Also is the shipmaster supposed to follow you on to the elevator?
David Feb 25 @ 10:37am 
Outstanding work ! The Great Journey Scarab fight was amazing !

Malachi, I had the same issue : while replaying, I manage to get it work this way :
-while the first door is opened, wait for the checkpoint to appear (stay close to the door to prevent it to close)
-then I restarted at this checkpoint, returned to the Juggernaut fight big room, and found the allied Elite appeared, but was stuck. I hit it a lot to make it move.
-then, you can follow it safely, the second door will unlock.
Malachi <3 Feb 24 @ 4:05am 
The room after juggernauth figth has issue the second door after clearing room with juggernaugth doest open and i cant go back the both doors are locked leaving me soft locked after i enter
n3lioconvoy Feb 23 @ 10:26am 
encountered a bug on New Mombasa, after the water section, enemies can't seem to see me anymore. Took me a minute to figure out why jackal snipers weren't kicking my ass.
Witteren Feb 21 @ 9:13pm 
Is there any chance we could get player 2 to be something different?
(Possibly with 3rd pov?)
Example: odst trooper for chief, and different elites for arbiter.
Would commission hansomly for this. :MCCLEGENDARY:
JMcGee7 Feb 21 @ 3:42am 
"Much more knockback" only for them to do a dumb death animation falling forward