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Mod Configuration Tool [LEGACY]
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May 31, 2022 @ 4:25pm
Feb 3, 2023 @ 4:50pm
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Mod Configuration Tool [LEGACY]

Welcome to one of the final instances of Vandy releasing a Beta!

MULTIPLAYER UNSUPPORTED LEGACY VERSION. Use the New Version for multiplayer and other goodies!

The Mod Configuration Tool is a user interface, and a rich backend system, which enables modders to create settings for their mods, which can be edited within the Mod Configuration Tool. In short, if a mod you use doesn't use this, you don't really need it. That said, I'd love to have you!

These settings are grouped together in "Profiles", which are basically a grouping of settings that you can hot-swap at any time. Say Mod A has a checkbox called "I'm Cool", which you tick to 'true'. You might want to bounce between two different campaigns, one where You're Cool, one where You're Not - you can swap between these Profiles at any point, and their changes will take affect and persist between games.

As mentioned twice now, this upload I'm considering a "beta" release. For all intents and purposes, it's functional, but there are three major things I have to sort out, in order of priority:

- Multiplayer is currently not supported. I went back and forth a lot on this one, but in the end I was more interested in getting a functional version out for singleplayer than delay MCT release for potentially another few months. We'll see how long it takes to get MP working - hopefully it's not too painful!
- The UI redesign is unfinished. I'm happy with a lot of the changes I've made to the MCT layout for this release, but it's not as nice as I'd like it to be. Primarily, I'm looking to rework the actual edit-the-settings side of the panel, which is very dated and probably one of the oldest pieces of code from my original rewrite of this mod over 2 years ago. Specifically, I don't like the assumed three-columns layout, and I don't like how strict everything is in general.
- Profiles are not where I'd like them to be. They're an interesting design challenge, because normally settings don't allow you to hot-swap between different settings states. One major thing I'd like to do are "link" a Profile to a save file, so those settings persist a bit better, and to make swapping between Profiles a more aware experience.

All you have to do is click the button at the top left corner that now exists, and edit the variables within that panel that opens up. All of the currently enabled "MCT Mods" - that is, mods that have hooked up into MCT - will be listed on the left. Click through them and edit the settings to change up your experience!

Fully compatible with anything on the Workshop!

Only known issue is the lack of multiplayer support!

An old (but mostly still valid!) manual can be found here[]. I have to get around updating it, yes, I know, I'm just a programmer.

If you'd like to include a banner for your mod saying it's MCT enabled, use the following in your mod description!


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Sep 10, 2022 @ 1:27pm
PINNED: Reporting Issues
Groove Wizard
cuervosevilla Nov 26, 2023 @ 9:01am 
No entiendo el mod no se ingles
srrrg Nov 11, 2023 @ 10:43am 
hello! I am not sure if I am doing the correct thing here. I had the other version of this mod with SFO but I could not see the "army caps" option on SFO's menu. So I tried unsuscribing to that version (beta) and suscribing to this one (legacy). Now, I do see SFO's "army caps" option but no font or even any type of interaction possible on this version's menu. Any help? Thanks :)
GamJaJeon Sep 22, 2023 @ 4:20pm 
patch plz...My all save game is stopped
Groove Wizard  [author] May 29, 2023 @ 7:27am 
If it stopped working recently, that means there's a script break/error in a mod of yours that recently updated. v0.9 is working fine on the newest patches
Liu May 28, 2023 @ 4:49pm 
yes I used the 0.9 version. sorry idk why i commented on this one
Groove Wizard  [author] May 28, 2023 @ 4:23pm 
Use the maintained version
Liu May 28, 2023 @ 1:07pm 
hello, I've been using this mod ever since it got released and eveerything is working fine however this morning. it ctd while loading a campaign, and my game only works find whenever i disable this mod. do you know what could tbe the problem?
Groove Wizard  [author] May 20, 2023 @ 11:08am 
read the message right below the one you just posted
alexis.cuvilo May 20, 2023 @ 10:31am 
Futur Update ?
Groove Wizard  [author] May 6, 2023 @ 1:12pm 
No, this version is deprecated. I'll be taking it off the workshop some time soon. Don't have loads of time to mod and if I do I'd rather spend it on the maintained version of MCT rather than the version that was just here for old saves like eight months ago or whatever