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Bala Murghab, Afghanistan
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Mar 18, 2022 @ 3:25pm
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Bala Murghab, Afghanistan

Bala Murghab, Afghanistan
By Finger Jam

Map Description
Bala Murghab (commonly referred to as BMG) is located in northwestern Afghanistan, on the Murghab River and was considered a Taliban stronghold for the majority of the Afghan War (Operation Enduring Freedom). Consisting of a distinct river valley surrounded by lager rolling grass covered hills, the southern end of the valley is capped off by a formidable mountain range. The Murghab River is very deep in most places, and not passable by vehicles.

The True Story of MARSOC Raiders in Afghanistan
An elite Marine special operations team, a battle to save downed soldiers in Afghanistan, a fight for survival—an incredible true story of war that became a New York Times bestseller.
In Fall 2009, U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8222 (call sign Dagger 22) was deployed to the remote and isolated Taliban stronghold known as Bala Murghab where they conduct special operations in an effort to break the Taliban's grip on the Valley. What started out as a routine mission changed when two 82nd Airborne Paratroopers tragically drowned in the Murghab River while trying to retrieve vital supplies from an air drop that had gone terribly wrong. In this one moment, the focus and purpose of the friendly forces at Forward Operating Base Todd, where Team 8222 was assigned, was forever altered as a massive clearing operation was initiated to break the Taliban's stranglehold on the valley and recover the bodies.

From close-quarters firefights in Afghan villages to capturing key-terrain from the Taliban in the unforgiving Afghan winter, this intense and personal story depicts the brave actions and sacrifices of MSOT 8222. Readers will understand the hopelessness of being pinned down under a hail of enemy gunfire and the quake of the earth as a 2000 lb. guided bomb levels a fortified Taliban fighting position.

A powerful and moving story of Marine Operators doing what they do best, Level Zero Heroes brings to life the mission of these selected few that fought side-by-side in Afghanistan, in a narrative as action-packed and emotional as anything to emerge from the Special Operations community contribution to the Afghan War.

NY Times Bestsellers Level Zero Heroes & Dagger 22
Written by SSgt. Michael Golembesky, USMC (MARSOC)
For more information visit Level Zero Heroes[]

Map Information
  • Terrain Data
    Object count: 1,139,676
    Map size: 20480x20480m
    Grid size: 4096x4096 cells
    Cell size: 5m
    UTM zone: 31N (subzone N)
    Military bases: 17
    Bridges and river crossings: 9
    Airports: Herat Air Base (runway) and FOB Gilbert Expeditionary Airfield (grass).
    Google map: Bala Murghab District, Afghanistan[]

  • Snow/Dust Storm Weather
    Original mods by ALIAScartoons, revived and maintained by Th3_Fr3d.
    TF Snow Storm Menu (Shift + F2)
    TF Dust Storm Menu (Shift + F3)

  • ALiVE Mod Compatible
    Both versions of the map, Summer/Winter have been indexed and added to the ALiVE list.
    Big thanks to Jman (ALiVE) for getting this done!
    ALiVE > Steam Workshop

  • Mission Developers Notes
    All embedded map locations use the same name as displayed on the map, minus spaces.
    example: COP Dolphin = classname copdolphin

  • Requirred Addons
    1. JBAD > Steam Workshop
    2. CBA_A3 > Steam Workshop

  • Special Thanks
    Green Beret, Grampa DayZ, Horrible Goat, Drongo, Mikero, Temppa, EO, IceBreakr, ANZACSAS Steven, Th3_Fr3d, ALIAScartoons, Gwnf5066, indpower, and Ice.
    Official map videos by Helicoopter Films

  • Future Plans
    Continue map(s) fixes and updates.

  • MILSIM Units (BMG themed unit patches)
    GWOT Raiders[]
    DAGGER 22[]
    BMG Raiders (Conflict Gaming Group)[]

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    Buy Finger Jam a beer as a way to say THANK YOU![]
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Finger Jam
Finger Jam  [author] Jun 3 @ 4:51pm 
@natori_san heavy cloud cover is one of the features of the map to make operating/using aircraft more difficult.
natori_san May 4 @ 4:08pm 
Have some trouble with sky. It’s always cloudy no matter what settings I set. And I don’t have sand storm menu only snow storm. If don’t count this problems and some floating in air sand bags it’s grate map.
Finger Jam  [author] Apr 21 @ 5:33pm 
@AYE did you add the keys to your server?
AYE -_- SPENZO Mar 10 @ 7:47pm 
It saddens me every time I try to put in my server, My server doesnt load :(
I go through 4net , any ideas what it could be @Finger Jam
mr huaweal890 Mar 6 @ 3:06pm 
NEED MORE Afghanistan MAPS
Shided | Feb 3 @ 12:32am 
Hey I saw that you changed those shadows, Things look much nicer now! Keep up the good work!
SauravX Jan 12 @ 10:16am 
great map! but why is there still no non-ACE DRO mission for this? :/
Shided | Jan 8 @ 8:17pm 
@Finger Jam

yeah ! I feel like they looked much nicer compared to the current version.
Finger Jam  [author] Jan 8 @ 12:51pm 
@Shided are you talking about the shadows on the hillsides?
Viper Vapor 419 Jan 8 @ 9:47am 
Just wanted to say Great Detail and great job on this! One of my Buddies was actually deployed here with the 82nd and he remembered the tank outside lol