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Soviet Union Complete Music Pack
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Soviet Union Complete Music Pack

More than 20 hours of great russian communist songs, in 370 songs! Enjoy!

Ironman and Achievement compatible, it's just a music mod!

Note: I recommend changing the music player settings from "Weighted Shuffle" to "Shuffle" when starting the game, for the best experience.

I'll be working on a German mod to come out late this year. It'll be a heck of a piece, with nearly 20 hours of music, from all eras!

This below is a partial song list, from version v0.3 and before. Steam won't allow me to post the full list due to it being too long. See change notes for the recent song additions.

A Birch-tree in a Field Did Stand
A New Day
Ah, Nastassia
Alexandrov's Song
Along the Peterskaya
Always With You
Amur waves
Ballad of a Soldier
Beaten By the Cold Waves
Behind us is the city of Lenin
Bella Ciao
Bolshevik Leaves Home
Bravely, Comrades!
Budyonnovist Helmet
Cantata about Stalin
Capital March
Chant of a Russian Soldier
Chapayev the hero
Communism marches on the planet
Cossack's Song
Cossacks song
Cuba, My Love
Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl
Dark Eyes
Dark Night
Death to the Enemies
Defenders of the Country
Do not touch us
Don't cry girl
Echelons Song
Elu, armastan sind
Far Away
Farewell of Slavianka 1
Farewell of Slavianka 2
Father's Ballad
First Baltic Fleet
Fluttering Banner of Lenin
For the Power of the Soviets
Forward, Red Marines
Forward to Meet the Sunrise
From The Sky
Glory to Stalin!
Glory to the great Stalin
Glory to the Navy
Glory to the ones who look forward
Glory to you, Komsomol
Goodbye, Germany
Greet us, Beautiful Finland
Heart of Victory
Hello, On the Way
Here The Soldiers Go
Hey, There's the Village
His Mother Visits the Burial Ground
Hymn of Lenin
Hymn of the Democratic Youth
I believe, friends
I Serve The Soviet Union
I Will Leave in the Steppe
Idut Soldati Rotami
If Comrade Lenin Could See Russia Now
If There Is War Tomorrow
If Youll Be Lucky
Immortal victims
In the Forest, Near the Frontline
In The Songs We Will Remain
Infantry is infantry
Invincible And Legendary
Iron Infantry
Katyusha - Pravda
Katyusha - Varvara
Katyusha 2
La marche russe
Legendary Sevastopol
Lenin is Always with You
Lenin's Mountains
Lenin is the Friend of all the Children
Lenin lived here
Lenin Lives On in a Soldier's Heart
Lenin is with us
Lenin, Bread, Freedom
Lenin, Party, Peace
Lenin, Party, People
Lenin's Guards
Lenin's Sacred Banner
Lenin's Youth Is Marching
Lets Go!
Let's Go
Let's Go!!
March of Memories
March of the Border Guards
March of the Communist Brigades
March of the Defenders of Moscow
March of the New Soviet Border Troops
March of the Soviet Patriots
March of the Soviet Tankists
Marhsal Zhukov and Victory
Military Musicians
Missile March
Moscow Beijing
Moscow in May
Moscow in May 2
Moscow Nights
Moscow Works
My Army
My Kiev
My Moscow
My Native Side
My Soldier's Song
My Soviet Country
Nasha Derzhava
National Anthem of the Soviet Union
Navy March - On The Coast of Neva
New settlers are coming
No 13 Dance of the Knights
No Mercy for the Bastards
Oh, You Horses Of Steel
On a Sunny Glade
On a Sunny Glade 2
On The Hills Of Manchuria
On the Road
One More Win
Our Cavalry
Our destiny
Our Locomotive
Our Memory
Party of Lenin
Party, Our Helmsman
Paving the Path Forward
People and Party are united
Plants And Arable Lands
Polyushka Polye
Red Army is the Strongest
Red Flag
Restless Heart
Rolling on to Prague
Rostov City
Russia and Mongolia
Sacred War
Sacred War Parade Instrumental
Sailor's March
Saint Petersburg is On the Strike
Saint Petesburg Anthem
Salt water
Seven Brothers
Silver Arrows
Soldiers, be on alert
Soldiers, Brave Guys
Soldiers of the Forty First
Soldier's Order
Song About Lenin
Song About Stalin 1935
Song About Stalin
Song Of Anxious Youth
Song of Bulgaria and Russia
Song of Cavalry Patrol
Song of Dovator's Cossacks
Song of Restless Youth
Song of Stalingrad
Song of the Forests
Song of the Paratroopers
Song Of The Partisans
Song of the Soviet Far East
Song of the Soviet Pilots
Song of the Volga Boatman
Song of the Volga Boatman 2
Song of Young Soldiers
Soviet Artillery Song
Soviet Fanfare March
Sportsmen Battle Song
Star of Victory
Stenka Razin Volga Volga
Sur la route
The Battle Is Going Again
The Constellation of Gagarin
The Cossacks
The Cossacks Ride Over the Danube
The Crew Is One Family
The Decembrists
The Frontier Guard Rides
The Guard Song
The Hunt For Red October
The Internationale
The Internationale 2
The Komsomol song
The light of the fifteen banners
The march of the 26th July
The May Day of 1945
The Navy Guards Anthem
The Nightingales
The Northern Fleet
The Old March
The Red Riders
The Rifle
The Rifle 2
The Rockets are Always Ready
The Sacred War
The Samovars
The song about Chapayev
The song about the 27th division
The Song of Conscripts
The Song of Red regiments
The song of the Second army
The Soviet Army
The Spring of 1945
The sun set behind a mountain
The Variag
The Workers Are Marching
There is such Party
There March The Soldiers
There Will be Apple Trees on Mars
This is football
Those were the days
Three Sisters Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Time To Move On
To Communism The Great Stalin Leads Us
To Serve Russia
To the Glory of Life
Tri Tankista
Under the Balkan Stars
Under the Banner of Sport
Unindentified song
Utrennyaya Stroevaya
Vasya, the Cornflower
Victory Day
Victory Day 2
Victory Day Instrumental Parade
Victory Remains Young
War Century
Warsaw Pact March
We Are Communists
We Are Following Lenin
We Are The Red Cavalry
We are the Army of the Factories
We Are the Army of The People
We Are the Army of The People 2
We Are The Red Soldiers
We swear to the Party
We'll be like Lenin
Well bravely go into battle
When The Soldiers Sing
White Army, Black Baron
White Army, Black Baron 2
White Army, Black Baron 3
White Army, Black Baron 4
Wide Is My Motherland
Winged Guards
With the native Party
Wondrous Future
Workers' Marseillaise
Years of the Glory
Young Days and Happiness
Young Partisans
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Arkadelaide 11 hours ago 
i see most of the songs i suggested were added! however, there's one that i really like that wasn't. it's called little star and it was played by the leningrad red army choir

here's the youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVw5CKmNjJI
Tricontinental Dec 3 @ 9:52am 
Great mod, thanks for your efforts. But is there a reason why you have replaced the Main Theme that plays while the game boots up?
Arkadelaide Dec 1 @ 2:12pm 
@Kazakh (ARG) if you need youtube links to some of the songs, i can provide them!
Kazakk (ARG)  [author] Dec 1 @ 12:53pm 
@Arkadelaide most of these will be in the next update. Some of those I haven't heard before, but I'll do research.

Talking about the next update, coming in a few days. On my research this past week I found nearly 200 different, relevant songs. Roughly a third of them will be in the next update, I've picked only the best so to not lower the average quality and theme of the songs.

@CuteTrap interesting, I'll change it.
Arkadelaide Dec 1 @ 12:23pm 
song suggestions:

- the cliff
- little star (leningrad red army choir)
- souliko
- korobeiniki
- troika galop
- in the central steppes
- the roads
- the road song
- the song of a lone peasant
- the quiet don
- at the big poplar
- the song of a train driver
- at an old oak
- sing, play, my accordion
CuteTrap Nov 30 @ 9:05pm 
report a bug: the file Katyusha of this mod covers the Katyusha music of the vanilla game because they have the same file name.
Would you like to fix this bug by changing the file's name of Katyusha?
Emperor_Nicholas_II Nov 29 @ 3:41pm 
Great music mod. However, maybe it's worth removing the black and white icon of an inactive radio? As for me, it's better to make it exactly the same - in vanilla style. Otherwise, it contrasts very strongly not only with vanilla, but also with other mods.
Tovarish Nov 29 @ 11:38am 
Ypa, a good music mod! You did well, comrade!
AiH Nov 29 @ 8:59am 
Вот они слева направо:
American Nationalist Nov 29 @ 8:41am 
Very happy to hear you have a German March version of it coming, I hope you can fill it with authentic, historical songs without it getting nuked from Steam, like the others eventually did.