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Aigle2's Stats Graphs
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Aigle2's Stats Graphs


Built using the wonderful "Flaxbeard's hoi4-scripted-graphs" framework : https://github.com/Flaxbeard/hoi4-scripted-graphs

This mods adds the ability to see stats as a graph for major nations. There has been no noticeable performance impact in my tests.

There are currently 5 graphs :
- Civilian production (takes into account CIVS number and construction speed)
- Military production (takes into account MILS number and factory output)
- Deployed manpower
- Casualties
- Fielded equipment ratio graph

You can access the graph through decisions, ONLY when in debug mode. If playing MP, the mod registers the data, and you will be able to see the graphs when you open the save in SP.

More graphs are planned, I would be glad to accept help for a gfx improvement.

You can use my mod in your own and/or edit and improve it, you just have to give me credits.

Scaling :
- Some graphs have the scaling option during visualization, please do not go under 0.125 as it will cause calculations issues with the decimals (HOI4 engine issue) and decrease precision.

Compatibility :
- Should work with any historical mod (Majors TAG). If a mod changes price of ressources, or majors tags, this mod would require an edit (very simple) to make it compatible.
- Not Ironman compatible

Known issues :
- Mod stops working if Uruguay disappears. (Done for performance reasons, can be changed in the code in on_actions file)

Frequently Asked Questions :
- How to turn on the graphs ? A : type -debug in the launch properties (right click on HOI4 in steam library => properties) or type debug in the game console (open it using the ² key (might be different depending on your keyboard)

- Can you add a rescaling feature ? A : Unfortunately, no. I don't know if it is possible, and even if yes, it would require a complete rewrite of the mod.
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FORCE-A-NATURE Dec 1 @ 11:26am 
@Aigle2 . Is there a way to get a the raw data from the generated graphs? Such that I could copy/paste the data into excel for instance?
Irwain Nornossa Nov 27 @ 8:31am 
@Aigle2 Oh, OK. No, I have no idea how this works.
Captain Trout Nov 26 @ 10:20pm 
@Aigle2 Fair enough. Thanks
florianminy Nov 26 @ 10:50am 
je valide le mod tel le Z
Aigle2  [author] Nov 26 @ 10:21am 
No resizing possible at the moment sadly. Or my knowledge isn't sufficient.
Even if possible, a resizing feature would require a complete rewriting of the mod
DeTinyDog Nov 26 @ 6:36am 
Great mod but the size is quite annoying is there a way to resize it?
if no please add it
SinTax Nov 25 @ 3:49pm 
Love the Mod
Bluetail Nov 25 @ 3:35pm 
Thank god, something like a demographics bar from Civilization but in this game.
Lopatou_ovalil Nov 25 @ 8:20am 
how do you make such mod?
76561198860132549 Nov 24 @ 10:59am 
Its Good