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Half-Life: Alyx

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ApertureVR Collection
A collection of mods that have been made using the ApertureVR Source Pack. These are not exclusively made by the ApertureVR team.
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ApertureVR - Thinking Without Portals
Created by Krotter

ApertureVR is an addon that brings Portal 2 mechanics and assets to Half-Life: Alyx for both players and creators. Pushing the HL:A tools to their limits, you'll see old and new test elements and familiar lookin...
[P2] Sp_a2_triple_laser
Created by TheBoxTrot
Sp_a2_triple_laser from Portal 2 remade in Source 2 with working game mechanics hopefully the first of many portal 2 remade levels to come
Featuring working arrival and exit elevators
Muisc and Glados audio
Working Lasers and Cubes
Hidden Puzzle S...
[P2] Sp_a1_intro5
Created by TheBoxTrot
Sp_a1_intro5 from Portal 2 remade in Source 2 with working game mechanics
Featuring working arrival and exit elevators
Muisc and announcer audio
Working Portals

Each map I port over is done to tackle a challenge
This maps challenge was detailed lighti...
Lush Experiment
Created by CertifiablyInsane
Map by CertifiablyInsane
This neglected four-chamber testing track still has much potential for science. Unfortunately, it has not been utilized for many years.
Use the Gravity Gloves Aperture Sc...
Wheatleys experiment [#VM6]
Created by TheBoxTrot
deep within the walls of the enrichment centre lies the moronic personality core that you helped to put in charge. forcing you through test after test each one deadlier than the last. as the felicity falls apart he suddenly feels cheerful.
he's up to somet...
Aperture Breach - #VM6 Contest Version
Created by Neon
I am working on a full version. It's coming soon!

Unfortunately the map isn't fully finished and doesn't include the last chamber but it is playable. Sorry...
Made with ApertureVR...
Dilapidation [#VM6]
Created by 🐾Toast🐾

Aperture has been in a state of dilapidation for many years, and you've just stumbled your way into it.


[p1] Test_Chamber_01 & Test_chamber_02 DuelPack
Created by TheBoxTrot
Two Maps in one scientific package
the first two maps from portal 1

more is in the works >:)

Working Portals by Adesi
full Glados dialogue
destructible cameras
Flushable Toilets !!!
working count down (seems to not be working but works in my ...