Rail Route

Rail Route

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The unofficial official curated maps list
it's "official" because the developers have approved of this project for long-term stuff (and possibly for a future "map of the week" feature built into the game), but it's "unofficial" because we're not using official channels to make it happen; we're just using the steam collection feature, after all.
(Okay, some of the maps on the main page of the steam workshop are using official channels, and the list is linked there too, but I don't wanna change the name now. I like saying "unofficial official" and no one can stop me)

In this list is a bunch of maps that a small "council" of people have played, and they've both found the level entertaining and reasonable to play. Most maps won't make it on this list... they're just missing something important that pushes the level from "okay" to "good". Either that, or they're just outright bad. Though that's to be expected in any game with a level editor and a community with inspiration but no guidance, honestly.

If your level isn't on this list, either it's got problems, or we just haven't gotten around to it yet. If it's the latter, be patient.
If it's the former, you can request a "review" so you can understand where you went wrong. You can also check the guide on making good timetable maps and figure out the problem on your own... but it's not complete yet. Check back in a few days.

For a general rule of thumb, your map should:
> take no longer than 2 hours
> have no more than 100 trains
> have no mandatory penalties, even if it's included in the score
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Created by ポートピア



2021/6/28 18:45 公開...
Summit of the Stars
Created by SteR
Based on the Virginian and Ohio model railroad (or, at least, one of the many), Summit of the Stars offers a single-track main line through the mountains. It's nothing that special, but hey, if you like long trains and managing a single line, try th...
Last Local to Larlsbad
Created by SteR
In the middle of the day, SW9 #27 rolls past Mertyl Junction and into the heart of Connorsville. Today's job is just like any other - switch the industries on the Larlsbad branch. But today's job has a solemn air to it, for it will be the last time trains ...
LA Union Junction
Created by macxzor
This map is based on the track plan around Los Angeles Union Station. There are a big mix of passenger and freight trains. Two Amtrak trains near the beginning need to be turned around through a wye before heading into the station so be aware. The station'...
Zhenlong Area 镇龙区域
Created by BabyQQQQQ

This is the map of Zhenlong area in Guangzhou Metro.
The map consists of 7 stations.
(Jinkeng, Zhenlongxi, Zhenlong, Zhongxin, Kengbei, Zhenlongbei and Zhenlong Depot)
There are 5 stations on Line 21 (from Jinkeng to Kengbei),
2 stations on...
DHR Mini
Created by Scy
The world famous narrow gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway opened in 1879, and was an important transporter of tea from the Himalayan tea estates down to the Indian plains. Before the railway was built, ox carts were used in a trek that took several days. ...
Created by macxzor
A relatively realistic look at Cardiff with the track plan almost directly copied from real life. The schedule for the passenger trains has been lifted near minute for minute from what Network Rail published on the morning of 3 June, 2021. A handful of unr...
Dunstable (competition winning edition)
Created by Primetime
Winner of the public vote for the Rail Route Early Access level contest (June 2021)

This is a timetable map of beginner to moderate difficulty, giving you 12 trains over 49 minutes, set in the fictional Dunstable area, with a mainline running through, a...
Created by BR146
Operate the tram network of Intra-City.

Your job is to dispatch eight trams and two service trains in the downtown area around Memorial Station.

Note: keep an eye on the attached maintenance depot! The rail grinder is sloooow. Do not wait too long, ...
Juvisy - Poste 1
Created by Spooky MjrK
Juvisy is one of the busiest stations in France. Located 16 kilometers (10 miles) south of Paris, it is the only connection between RER Lines C and D. It is also part of some of the busiest main lines in whole country.

This Timetable Map is set between ...
Created by Scy
Fictional terminus station with engineering/work trains!

Your shift starts at 08:57. You have 27 trains in your schedule. At 10:00 you get to take a coffee break. Do note that trains will despawn at the end. There is nothing wrong with you game, they w...
Created by Stargirl
Leamington Spa
Created by Stargirl
(Not really Royal) Leamington Spa

Number of trains: 13
Max Score: 340
Time: 40 minutes
Map is inspired and uses a lot of the real track layout, but there are quite a few things that were added or removed (eg. The Freight Terminal)

Be careful to th...
Dublin Region v3
Created by dubatc
Here is a map I made of the Dublin region, thanks to RWagener for the work on the timetable, it has a mix of commuter, freight and inter-city, the map is broadly accurate but has left some stations out to reduce clutter, hope you enjoy....
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Created by Flipp3rrr
This is my first attempt at creating a map for this game, so if anyone has any comments / ideas / issues please tell me.

I tried to recreate the stations around Amsterdam, and I think it came out relatively well......
Vienna (Wien)
Created by McKay
An endless map of the rail network of the austrian capital Vienna.

This is my first map (and the first time I uploaded anything to the steam workshop in general). I hope you enjoy it!...
Created by LLcc0413
Tulmye Gorge
Created by SteR
Yet another test to prove the steam workshop is working fine, except this time it's an endless map! Based on a fictional narrow gauge railway, just for fun. Simple and small, the contracts here don't pay much, and there's not much space to work with.
Created by Stargirl