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Citylink Genesis Regional Modern Passenger Train
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Citylink Genesis Regional Modern Passenger Train

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All aboard, America!

A longtime mainstay for diesel powered regional service in the eastern US, the Citylink Modern Single Level Regional can be occasionally seen in operation all across the United States. This train features a P42 Genesis locomotive with "Cityfleet" cars, modeled and created specifically for Cities: Skylines!

  • Realistically modeled locomotive and cars from real blueprints and plan drawings
  • Auto-reversing locomotive makes sure the train will never go backwards!
  • Custom sound effects, including accurate horn and engine sounds
  • Custom lighting effects including headlights, marker lights, and flashing ditch lights
  • Coach and Cafe cars each with prototype-specific model and texture details
  • 5 car train fits in vanilla stations
  • Realistic capacity based on values for Amtrak Amfleet I cars

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Model Stats
Locomotive: 5,999 tris / 1024px textures | LOD: 142 tris / 128px textures
Coach: 6,079 tris / 1024px textures (Shared with Cafe Car)| LOD: 104 tris / 128px textures
Cafe: 6,236 tris / 1024px textures (Shared with Coach)| LOD: 104 tris / 128px textures

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Check out my American Train collection for more freight and passenger trains for your city!

Special Thanks
Delta 2k5 for Vehicle Effects
Pres for screenshots
Nash Gallo for sound effects
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TiFlo Jul 22 @ 7:01pm 
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep trying. Maybe I've missed something.
bsquiklehausen  [author] Jul 22 @ 2:52pm 
@TiFlo - the Vehicle Effects options should work, as it uses that system. Not sure why it would not be working...
TiFlo Jul 22 @ 2:14pm 
@bsquiklehausen I find the horn on the trains (when they leave the station) very loud. I've tried adjusting every slider between both vehicle effects mods and also Ambiant sound tuner but none seem to have any effect. Would you know if I have any way to lower the horn's volume?
Stormy Kara Jul 12 @ 11:44pm 
Alright, glad it's not just me. I've not noticed them turning around yet, I usually just delete the stagnant trains. I'll give that workaround a try, thank you.
bsquiklehausen  [author] Jul 12 @ 10:39pm 
@Stormy Kara - I've noticed similar, though for me they do eventually start moving again. Not sure why they're slower to turn around, but it does keep service moving. If you're worried about it, you can disconnect your tracks to the edge and build a transfer station that you run a train line to, which will fix the issue. Use vanilla trains for the edge to the transfer, then use these from the transfer to your city.
Stormy Kara Jul 12 @ 10:28pm 
Absolutely love how this looks! One thing is, these trains keep getting stuck at the spawn point connection at the edge of the map. They come into the city, drop off passengers at a station, then they go back to the connection and just sit there. Not sure if this is due to something I've done/have, or its the asset itself. I'm using 81 tiles and the NAR tracks (although the edge connection itself is vanilla track).
max megamax Jul 12 @ 3:35am 
Fantastic! I love this! :steamthumbsup:
bsquiklehausen  [author] Jul 10 @ 7:36pm 
@theb2blandlord - I believe those autoracks are on Steam (though not by me!) - you can also place graffiti props on my cars using Move It
theb2blandlord Jul 10 @ 6:45pm 
Your work is incredible bro. Big fan. Quick question, I was looking at the photos and I noticed the graffiti covered train props. Where might I find these? I don't think any railyard is complete without them. Thanks!
hédion86 Jul 9 @ 12:29pm 
I hope that one day you will be able to modify the sound of the wagons which does not reproduce the characteristic noise they make on the tracks. That of the locomotive is perfect but I miss the tacatac of the passage of the wheels on the tracks.