Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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New Turkey + New Bulgaria
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New Turkey + New Bulgaria

New Turkey + New Bulgaria

If you encounter bug or bugs please let me now. You can leave a comment down below.

NOTE: This mod is not supporting Battle for the Bosporus DLC. Make sure you disable this dlc if you want to play this mod.

Updated on 16/10/2020

Version (Hotfix)
- Various bugs and localisation errors have been fixed.
- 3 new states have been added.

Released on 30/08/2020

All Features:

- A unique focus tree for Turkey. It contains 123 unique national focuses. (greater than Balkan nations' focuses)
- A unique focus tree for Bulgaria. It contains 94 unique national focuses.
- 108 new events in total. 36 events for Turkey. 20 events for Bulgaria.
- Unique Turkish and Bulgarian national spirits and ideas.
- Renewed political advisors, military staffs, tank, naval, air, industrial companies and military theorists for Turkey and Bulgaria.
- A new ideology for Turkey. Islamism can be enabled via focus tree. Special events for this new ideology.
- Updated number of divisions (army and air), historically accurate population data for Turkey and Bulgaria.
- Dardanelles Strait has been added.
- 11 new states in total. 6 states for Turkey. 1 state for Bulgaria. Some of the states borders have been changed.
- Strategic air map has been divided as Western and Eastern Anatolia.
- New traits have been added for Turkey's and Bulgaria's leaders and advisors.
- 11 new generals and 3 new field marshals have been added with their portraits for Turkey.
- Also 4 admirals have been added with their portraits.
- 9 new generals and 3 new field marshals have been added with their portraits for Bulgaria.
- 1936 Turkey's and Bulgaria's politics have been updated.
- Straits crisis ,between Soviet Union and Turkey, has been added.
- Pay off Unpaid War Reparations decision has been added for Bulgaria.
- New Prospect for Resources decisions have been added for Bulgaria and Turkey.
- New Power Struggle decision have been added for Bulgaria.
- Pay off Ottoman Debts decision has been added.
- 4 civilian factory have been added for Turkey.
- Village Institutes decision has been added. It will renew automatically if you don't cancel.
- Cloudius Agreement decisions have been added.
- Form Turan decisions have been added.
- A new path for Turkey. Pan-Turkism have been added.
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HEKIMOGLOU  [author] Oct 16 @ 2:12am 
@PillBox20 Thanks a lot for your nice comment. For now I decided to take a break from modding. I just try to up to date this mod. Maybe in the future, I can return and add some good stuff for this mod. I liked your mod by the way. You've done a great job for Bulgaria. I wish you a good luck too and have a nice day!
PillBox20 Oct 16 @ 1:13am 
Hello, there!

I also have a mod for Bulgaria, but I am not going to stop working on it because of the DLC. You can always improve it and integrate stuff from the DLC no problem.

I do think that your Focus tree is good, but it is too standard. I would suggest to innovate around a bit to make it more exotic and unique.

I wish you good luck and have a good day! ^.^
HEKIMOGLOU  [author] Oct 15 @ 4:57am 
@Balcy You're welcome. Have fun!
Balcy Oct 15 @ 4:52am 
I redownloaded the mod and verified the files it works now thx tho
HEKIMOGLOU  [author] Oct 15 @ 2:48am 
@Balcy What do you mean doesn't seem to work? I've checked and tested everything seems normal. If you don't meet prerequisites of this focus, you can't select and research it. You must own and control both straits as Turkey.
Balcy Oct 15 @ 1:24am 
IDK why but the Montreux Convention focus doesnt seem to work for me after the update
HEKIMOGLOU  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:01am 
@theuniversecience8 I see. Civil wars will be reworked in the next update. I take a look at Weakened Opposition focus and it has one prerequisite. You should have Army-Tsar conflict idea which you have from the beginning and can't get rid of it without doing Weakened Opposition. I'm glad finally you can won the civil war. Thanks for your feedbacks! That means a lot for me.
theuniversecience8 Oct 10 @ 8:55am 
got it, i finally won the civil war
theuniversecience8 Oct 10 @ 8:45am 
what i ment with the "weakened opposition focus was that you catnt do it when you go fascist, once you know that is no longer a problem but for new players of the mod it might be frustrating, but i get the point now
HEKIMOGLOU  [author] Oct 10 @ 8:20am 
@theuniversecience8 Thanks a lot for your feedback. Advisor is meant to use boost fascist party's popularity when fascist come in power. That gives you a stability boost (ruling party popularity). Weakened Opposition is not confusing. Which way you go, you can select this focus to lower penalties you got from Army-Tsar conflict. About guarantees, Balkan Countries have signed a Balkan Entente in 1934. These guarantees represent Balkan Entente. Don't worry, these guarantees may be removed (depends on AI) after war outbreak in Europe. Some focuses may be shorten in the next updates but most of the focuses are important and shouldn't be lower than 70 days. Actually Suppress Remaining Loyalists and Suppress Army Officers focuses should be 140 days (because both like Soviet's great purge) but for playability they are 70 days.

These DLC sized mod doesn't give a huge boosts at the beginning of the game like other mods. This mod follows the same principles as vanilla game's created.