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Elver was created with the intent of providing a more unique experience not just through having a fictional setting but also by changing the way the game is played. Players will have to scavenge the whole map to construct equipment like horde beacons and gasmasks that will allow them to obtain high tier equipment rather than simply looting a military base.

The NPC safezone will allow players to sell their gear in exchange for currency that can be used to buy high tier equipment. Quests are mostly like achievements, requiring you to kill zombies or complete horde beacons.

There are many hidden ranger crates scattered around the map that will contain unique weapons and items. Look out for any TVs with static.

The map layout has seperate areas dedicated for base building in a dense forest which surrounds the only lootable location on the map, which is the city.

The map features 600+ objects, 30+ vehicles, 500+ items. It uses IDs 57000 and up.
All items have important statistics in their description. The new items range from new guns with interchangable stocks and many new attachments to rare crafting materials and items specifically designed for base defense like Cyan Crystals that triple the health of structures or a powerful sentry-only gun. To check out all the new items and vehicles this map adds, I encourage you to check out the ID list discussion thread or Steam guide linked at the bottom of the description. All vehicles that are of rarity Epic and Legendary can be locked.

It is recommended to keep "Use_Skybox_Ambience" in preferences.json set to "false" when playing on this map otherwise night time will be very dark and the map will look worse overall.
Also, enable skyboxes otherwise the last quest will be very confusing. (You can set the render distance to 0% and Low quality if struggling with performance though)

If you wish to support the creators, feel free to purchase the Elver Mystery Box or Skin Bundle.

Elver Mystery Box
Elver Map Bundle
Elver Skin Showcase

This map was featured in Unturned Update

danaby2 - Map editing, objects, vehicles, items, quests/NPCs, skins, trailer, testing, kinda cute ngl
Renaxon - Guns, skins, trailer, testing, killed Nelson
Rolling Chair - Animations, ray model
Fleshy Pig - Mall pixel art, paintings
Sirady - Pixel art, some NPC Dialogue, trailer, testing
Magical Burrito - Found multiple navmesh errors, helped compile crafting blacklist, trailer, testing
Special Thanks
SDGNelson - Tested double-down shotgun damage by being shot, made the game
Manoman - Creator of the "Unturned Has A Map Problem" video which inspired me to make this map
Union - Helped with skins
NSTM - Helped with NPCs, testing, hosting server
AnimaticFreak - "Baby" painting, Made Kuwait map, trailer, testing
Tiway - Helped with animated objects
MrObi - Helped fix map loading bug, Helped with NPCs, testing
Timo987 - Helped fix file that caused map loading bug
Davidoz - Helped with Dutch audio in deadzone
P9nda - Helped with German audio in deadzone
Pork - "Funny Dog" painting, Helped fix map loading bug by identifying broken file
Great Hero J - "Otter" painting
Squide - "Impending Doom" painting
Nolan - Helped with vehicle audio
staswalle - Creator of the song "Rainwright's Prophecy" available on the Military Radio
Pre-Release Testers
Phyyrin - Playtested most, found many bugs, trailer
Boozerswine - Found several stuck spots
SomebodyOnEarth - Reported literally like 100 minor bugs, absolutely unplayable
Lakmejrup - Good at PVP, found many vendor exploits and bugs
Pablo824 - Good at PVP, found many vendor exploits and bugs
Code Pro - Private testing, several map-breaking bugs (out of bounds, etc)
CucuyCharles - Private testing host
Smiley - Private testing
Rikkert3123 - Helped fix map loading bug
Tech - Found some deadzone exploits
Lusod - Swedish
Omega - Almost Swedish
Lifey - Not Swedish
Justin - Helped so much it's unbelievable
Romelete - Reported minor bugs
GunTurned - Got held at gunpoint after attempting to loot an airdrop
Hold Baker - Gave some insightful feedback
Rice Chef - Funny memes (sometimes)
Xaien - Reported navmesh errors
MoltonMontro - Discovered a game-breaking bug related to haybales

We hope you enjoy the map! :)

Crafting Guide (Imgur)[i.imgur.com]
Crafting Guide (Steam)

Elver Youtube Playlist
If you made any videos on the map, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the playlist.

ID List (Steam Guide)

Community Made Quest Guide
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Can't equip any guns other then the wisp in my first slot. please fix this.
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map is stuck on loading screen how do i fix
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i like the map! good work
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I will definately use some of the models in this map, thank you!
Mr.Red17 2 hours ago 
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Ze frick man 5 hours ago 
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Played this map on easy mode. holy hell, this is difficult.
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This map is soo GOOOD!!
Dog_123lol Aug 7 @ 10:39am 
Random question. Is it me or can I not catch any fish on the floating island?
Dar3ki polski-server.pl Aug 7 @ 10:03am 
whats id this mode?