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634 Fire & Swords DLC
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Jun 12, 2020 @ 8:27am
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634 Fire & Swords DLC

In 1 collection by Anisvara
634 Fire & Swords - Latest Version & Allowed Mods
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- This DLC sets the Attila map historical as accurate as possible to the year 634
- English language game settings are required
- The "required objects" on the right are optional, do not enable Supply for MP Campaigns
- 37 up to 51 factions are playable (depends on the DLCs you have)

642 players can continue their current campaings with: 642 Dark Ages - Classic

Get here the Optional Reskin Submod

Please support this mod and all other mods you use with a "Thumbs Up"! It is extremely frustrating for all modders that there are usual subscriber/like rates about 5%. We spend so much time to keep Attila interesting, so a bit attention for all the hard work would be nice.

634 AD - The people enjoy the last days of peace, there is absence from the war between Romans and Persians. Samo's Slavs defended their freedom against the Franks. In the Caucasus and even in Britain will not be fought, alike as in other regions, almost everywhere. But that will change soon. Some want to take vengeance for suffered disgraces, others want to spread their true religion, or the realm is too small. There are many reasons to make war, so the era of Fire and Swords is coming up. Take part in the bloody wars of the early Middle Ages and have fun!

Any bugs or whatever seems illogical, please report to the 634 Bug Report!
From easy up to legendary. Let´s talk here about the Faction Labels!

634 Fire & Swords is based on 642 Dark Ages, but many things changed and a lot of new ideas have been performed. I needed 8 month to set up 634 (estimated time about 2.600 hours), click here for More Details. Please check the building browser after campaign start and then especially after you have conquered a building of a different culture, e.g. Barbarians can only build ram, artillery and fire ships when they conquer a non barbarian military port. The Muslims are nasty to fight. Now they have the Hun scripts. If you want a challenging mid or end game, fight them. If you want them stronger, use the "Dark Ages - better Public Order for Muslims - Submod". If the Goths are too strong for you, use the "Dark Ages - Submod Weaker Goths", both safegame compatible.

Use only the recommended mods from the 634 Mod Collection. Additional graphical stuff as reskins, also battle & AI mods should run. 634 has own settings, so you could easy destroy the game.

My modmaps are made for players as me, who are searching for demanding new settings, but want to be directly in the game. Most units have Vanilla settings and anything I changed and/or ballanced new is well tested. 634 is more or less made by me alone. I am not a scripter and also not a designer (I do not see nice designs while fighting). If you set priority on historical accurate units and designs, use the 555 Age of Justinian modmap. For the best scripts play MK 1212. However, I reskinned the Byzantine units and the reskin job is ongoing.

Credits and special thanks to:
maksk - for the awesome cavalry unit cav card fixes
Normie - for testing
KING$TON - for testing
David - for testing
Kun "Ak Tatar" Balaghan - for the Turk Name Setting
Athanasios95gr - for advice & Middle Greek translations
wibblywobblywonder - for the logo, the frontend minimaps and some more graphical work

The workshops of maksk, David, Athanasios95gr, wibblywobblywonder & are linked.
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Jun 1 @ 2:40pm
What is new?
May 6 @ 1:23am
634 Faction Labels
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Anisvara  [author] 20 hours ago 
@Eutyches - for most mods is the load order not relevant. When a mod needs priority, the modder writes it in the description (12tpy instead of 4tpy or supply mods). Play the basic mod on top, so you enshure that no other mod disables the scripts. For most reskins is the rule, that the first would overwrites the second (if same units are affected).

For multiplayer battles all players have to have the same load order.

Not all mods are playable for modmaps like 634, 555, 1212 ..., I wrote about in the mod description above.
Eutyches Jun 16 @ 8:44am 
@Anisvara In what order should mods be installed? You will give a screenshot or write. ? Please :)
Anisvara  [author] Jun 16 @ 8:37am 
@Grisia Raoten - defeat him (his army) 3-5 or 6 times, then he gets mortal. It makes only sense from turn 101 on. Do not destroy the stacks fully, cause a destroyed stack gets replaced a few turns later on with a full. Have good relations to Sassanids. :steamhappy:
Grisia Raoten Jun 16 @ 8:05am 
@Anisvara So you're meaning is, only to destroy their king's army?
I haven't played any campaign that needs me to take care of huns so qwq
If thats the idea, I get it now, thanks >W<
Anisvara  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:50am 
@BaulSackTorturer - thanks, well, the Khazar Hordes are the guys who terrorized the region (allied with the gokturk tribes,khaganate). The who is who is not realy clear, cause the historians called all Huns, Khazars or Onogurs. :steamhappy: I wanted to have this faction separated (cause historical actions) and I have no more place in frontend to make also the Alans playable.
Anisvara  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:43am 
@sjebani 1 - if you have no problems on legendary you are too good for Attila, other players have problems as you can read. I am a slow campaign player, I need weeks for a campaign, but I am enjoying any new campaign. I cannot change the settings, cause nowbody would test it. I would need some different testers. When developing 634 I had only very low support. If you want a hard campaign, you could try the 642 legendary Muslim campaign as Muslim:
BaulSackTorturer Jun 15 @ 9:32pm 
Love the mod! Maybe combine the Khazar factions and make Alans playable?
sjebani 1 Jun 15 @ 6:53pm 
one of ways to make romans a challenge would be to have big bonuses in helding office possitions (public order and army maintenance) but reduce number of them to like one per rank so you will have problems maintaining loyalty as it was historicaly anyway

i literally never put my general or governors in office possition i just ignore it because to liitle reward for massive problems it causes, but if they were necesary to have it would be another layer of pain to manage in trying to save crumbling imperium romanum from mass of disloyal eggos who want to replace you as a emperor!
you know, like it was in real life

anyway it is 4 am and im high so i must go
sjebani 1 Jun 15 @ 6:53pm 
i know its hard to make muslims a challenge in this game because attila is not really set up for that, all you can do is spam or cheat there is no nuance ...
but i have an idea what if you make romans into super unstable religious teritory to mantain, like it was historicaly in that time (almost the main reason why muslims managed to take levant and aegyptos) is it possible to make all of roman teritories to have massive religion debuffs? to have constant rebelions and lack of funds to cover all that and give muslims mass free public order and buffs figting vs cristians or something (like that debuff vanila huns have vs cristians)
oh and massively reduce number of units you get from garisson building or remove it or make it supper expensive to mantain so it cant be used as must have in all cities so you have to decide is it worth it to even have it in a citiy?
sjebani 1 Jun 15 @ 6:53pm 
making muslims into fantasy huns stacks is not fun, challenging or hard, it is just tedious ...
i literally fight same battle every turn with their another clone army they pull out of their ass and guess what i win every time, because turning muslim into huns accualy makes them weaker, and dont get me start on horse spam in ai armies, that just destroy any chance ai had!
because guess what i have as romans? thats right, sea of fcking spears and they destroy all the cavalry while i afk and watch youtube, im not joking i do that!
when they had mostly infantry fighting was a challenge, now its a cakewalk because ai ALWAYS SUICIDES THEIR CAVALRY into my spears, ALWAYS! just reverse that change because im bored this is not challenging at all, and i play on legendary before you ask