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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Automated Ark 3 CORE - v3.0986
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Feb 25, 2020 @ 2:07pm
Jun 26 @ 3:34pm
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Automated Ark 3 CORE - v3.0986

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Have Questions about the mod, bug reports, or want to keep up on the latest mod news? Join the mod discord here I do NOT monitor the comments or discussions here on steam due to the number of mods I have published. So if you have a question, ask in discord.

Collection with All Automated Ark Add-on mods here:

Welcome to the new Modular Automated Ark 3.0

The mod has been broken up into 1 CORE mod that is required to be installed and 7 optional Add-on mods. If you are switching from the older version of AA then all you need to do is shut down your server, uninstall AA2.781, then install this version and all add-on mods that you wish, and restart your server. Everything will stay the same in game, and all ini options stay the same as well. It's as easy as that to switch. I do recommend making a backup of your save just in case it doesn't update correctly. You will need to updated any disabled engrams that you are using if you want any structures disabled

AA3.0 is made to take some of the more mundane tasks in Ark and make them enjoyable so you can jump straight into the fun stuff. AA3.0 will not play the game for you, like some mods, but rather make the game more fun for you. With this new modular design I can now release some more "OP" mods and some decorative mods as their own add-on mods without bloating the base mod with stuff that may need to be disabled on pvp servers. This new design also allows me to iterate new items faster and with smaller update sizes.

For live mod support check and see if I'm live at and jump in to ask questions.

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Have Questions about the mod, bug reports, or want to keep up on the latest mod news? Join the mod discord here

Help support this and future mods by supporting me on Patreon! I would love to be able to afford some better models and save time to make more mods!

**If you would like to help fund future support of this mod and/or future mods, then please consider heading on over our Patreons and helping out with a small monthly donation.

For info on how to use each structure in the mod click the discussions tab and look for the thread for each structure.

The ModID for this mod is: 2007400172

If you are running this mod on a dedicated server you must specify this mod ModID as a commandline arguement GameModIds=2007400172 or as ActiveMods=2007400172 in GameUserSettings.ini. You only need to specify it as a commandline arguement -OR- in the ini file - not both :) If you have another mod running then use a comma to separate the mod numbers. This mod is fully stackable and does *NOT* need to be called first.

If you have any ideas for how this issue can be resolved then please leave a comment below, I would appreciate it

Huge thanks to Jslay, Woeful Macabre, Poker, Mezzo, Tao, Ghazlawl, RedDwarf, Chris and anyone else I'm forgetting for all their help getting this mod built and stable!
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Smithicator totally empty ?
CMDR Marvyn
Sep 14 @ 4:23am
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76561198315310299 Sep 17 @ 10:34pm 
erm is anyone having trouble loading this mod into their server? I've tried both the old version adn the new version , but not showing up in the server.
PoVG Clouds Sep 14 @ 4:17am 
any way to fix imprinting kibble?
76561198138895912 Sep 12 @ 12:06pm 
I am also receiving the smithicator issue as well any help at all would be amazing. Great mod btw
76561198012441897 Sep 6 @ 3:31pm 
Hold G If i recall while placing?
76561198199117921 Sep 6 @ 6:36am 
how do i stop the OCD chests from snapping to a foundation.. it's not making my OCD very happy at all... :/
76561198015646828 Sep 4 @ 11:57pm 
Hi im using the Automatd Ark 3.0 now but i cant make anything in the smithycator.
Can you look in to it

76561198012441897 Sep 4 @ 8:13pm 
Had a thought... If I set one console to pull to chests and exclude stations. And set another to push TO stations... is that possible?
76561198012441897 Sep 4 @ 8:05pm 
I was wondering... Can I set it to pull from dinos to some chests.. then have a station pull from them as needed... And unload to different chests?

Heres what im currently working on.. Narcotics and feeding troughs.
What I am hoping for:
1: bring dino near unloading area.
2:click sort and unload dinos.
3:Then have AA mortar and pestle pull from those chests to make narcotics. As well as load trough with berries as well for example.

This system as is "or as much as Ive learned to do lol" is great for unloading dinos. But how to actually automate other things I dont understand how.

Ill like to auto fill my troughs. I have ones for berries only, and others for meat only. And want prime meats to go to grill same time. I know im asking lot from mod. But I dont know its capabilities yet.
76561198012441897 Sep 4 @ 1:06am 
Also pulling from ice box thing. How do I set certain boxes/stations to be left alone from pulling? If sent TO it that be ok. But pulling from it makes hard. As have to then pull from console and manual return the items. Otherwise love the mod and only ones I am using :-)
76561198012441897 Sep 4 @ 1:02am 
How do I get it not too pull from AA auto feeding trough?