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Better Ideologies
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Better Ideologies

A rebalance of the four base game ideologies, aiming to make each slightly more independent and unique while nerfing and buffing where needs be. Overall, this is a nerf to fascism and communism in some aspects, such as improving relations and stability. Democratic nations now have the ability to either puppet a nation or just change their ruling party. Should help with peace deals, such as changing Italy's government or Japan's. Non-aligned nations now have their restrictive debuffs removed.

Volunteer Forces Now has the ability to send volunteer forces.
Justify War Can now justify war on nations that haven't generated WT.
Subversive Activity Efficiency Since democracies are mostly founded on a strong and stable footing, many in the population do not wish for this to change, thus making boosting ideologies for example slightly harder.
Partisan Effects For the most part, democracies treat the lands they invade with better care and quality to the local population, especially in HOI's case, where democracies will be pushing into invaded territory. This allows for them to focus less on repression and more on winning the war.
Trade Deal Opinion Factor Improved trade relations from trading with other nations. Hopefully will increase incentive to use trade laws such as Free Trade or Export Focus early game to build up diplomacy.
Tension Limits Most have been adjusted to fit when WT will become a major point for the player, the game will usually hit between 40-50% after Danzig or War, when the democracies should be able to use most of their power without restrictions.
Justification when at war with a Major Originally only unique to Germany, this allows justification of wars 30% quicker for democracies. Should hopefully make playing a democracy more fun, such as invading Saudi Arabia to get more Oil.
Drift Defense Similar to Subversive efficiency, drift defense will make flipping a nation even harder now. Should prevent cheese strats such as boosting fascism in US & UK to win as Germany.
Force Government Can now, instead of puppetting a nation, can release them as a democracy, completely independent. Should give more options in democractic peace deals.

Force Government Cannot force a government in a peace deal, however, this doesn't prevent Fascist nations from puppetting, which would make more sense in-game and historically anyway.
Population Recruitable population and monthly population has been reduced, to show how fascist nations enacted reforms on people they disliked. Jewish people in Germany weren't allowed to serve if found Jewish and Communists in the nation were killed for following said ideology. Overall this lowers the manpower from laws by -10% and monthly growth by -10%. Many nations already have focuses which increase recruitable population, so this will be a nerf, but something the player can work around.
War Support Due to being highly militaristic, fascist nations now get a stock +5% War Support buff.
Relations Both improving relations via the political tab or through trade is now -10% less effective, due to the poor opinion of fascist nations at the time and their nationalistic focuses.
Annex Cost Annexing states in peace deals is now 15% cheaper, allowing for expansion of your empire quicker and easier.
Justification when at war with a Major Lowered from 90% to 60%, as 90% was way too high, and allowed for fascist nations to easily expand whilst other ideologies didn't have this ability. Lowering will provide target nations to build up easier.

Debuff Removal The main benefit to Non-aligned nations is that they now lose their crazy debuffs that are on them in base game. Now, they aren't limited by WT like a democratic nation and can actually join a war.
Political Power Gain This has been added to reflect the state of how power is established in most non-aligned nations, authoritarian or a monarchy. This is noticeable but not massively impactful.
Influence Factor This has been lowered from 30% to 10%, allowing for them to be realistically flipped, but not too quickly that it's very easy.
Stability & War Support This has been added to reflect the stability of most of these nations, while there will be some outliers with how big of a scope non-aligned ranges over.
Trade Deal Opinion Factor To prevent non-aligned nations from being too powerful trade wise, they now lose 10% opinion through trading, making it a little bit harder to improve relations via trading as these nations.

Force Government Cannot force a government in a peace deal, however, this doesn't prevent Communist nations from puppetting, which would make more sense in-game and historically anyway.
Consumer Goods Under a communist government, many nations encountered food and goods shortages as the government was either inept at fixing said issues or were preparing for larger, more militaristic, ideas. This trait represents how the population rely on less to survive, for the good of the revolution.
Stability Due to being a very volatile type of government, communist nations are hit with a small -5% stability modifier, this won't matter too much as a minor but will be quite important to watch out for as playing as the Soviets or Communist France.
Trade Deal Opinion Factor Due to being an extreme ideology, trade deals are harder to improve relations over for communist nations.
Puppet Cost Spreading the revolution is one of the main proponents of a communist system, so the puppet cost % has been increased from -15% to -30%.
Justification when at war with a Major Added this factor in to 60%, which is now equal to fascism's newer percentage.

Overall, this mod attempts to rebalance each ideology to make them uniquely distinct as well as make them more historically accurate.
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vibe check  [author] Nov 27 @ 4:44am 
hopefully it doesn't break it too much, but I will keep it updated, don't worry :)
Sternjäger Nov 26 @ 8:41pm 
Please promess to keep this up-to-date when the next DLC will come!
Sternjäger Nov 26 @ 8:15pm 
Omg God bless you for this my son
vibe check  [author] Nov 17 @ 5:51pm 
the code for that isn't actually in the ideologies file, so Idk where I'd be looking, sorry.
Naruhito Nov 17 @ 5:48pm 
can you enables governments in exile for all ideologies? I want it
vibe check  [author] Nov 13 @ 7:34am 
Update 4 = Updated to 1.8.0.
vibe check  [author] Nov 10 @ 4:43pm 
There's no subideology in the game called titoism lol, Tito is in the game but titoism itself isn't. So what, there's one example for having a communist nation not be puppeted? It's isolated and I really don't see what you're trying to get at dude, I'm not changing it over such a minor point. If it was more common then yeah, I would, but we both know it wasn't. Please stop trying to push for it cause it's been days and I've told you my reasoning for not changing it and I think I'm justified in my decision.
Medico di Makhnovia Ⓐ☭ Nov 10 @ 4:16pm 
speaking of Tito:
1. Yugoslavia, when it was liberated, did not become a puppet regime of the Soviets.
you may argue that was due to the unique geopolitical situation they had where they could say "no" to stalin, but regardless, they ended up just changing the government, and inherently in communism they don't have to puppet. In Stalinist theory they didn't need to puppet, even. So historically, they had to option to not puppet, but just decided not to. With fascism, it is inherent that they'd only puppet or annex, as fascism is an inherently imperialist ideology, which is why it's fair to get rid of the "change government" option.
2. If you get communists in charge of yugoslavia you get Tito. Titoism is in the game.
vibe check  [author] Nov 10 @ 10:51am 
Titoism literally isn't in game but ok, I'm going into specifics of what communism means and how it's infinitely divisible, bottom line is no communist nation that existed didn't set up a puppet regime in a nation they conquered so because it didn't happen historically, it's not changing, sorry dude.
Medico di Makhnovia Ⓐ☭ Nov 10 @ 10:13am 
also not all communists are marxists as I said before.