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solo made skins
Items (54)
Created by Andrey
Do you see these hazard stripes?
Fear not, because you're already dead.
Created by Andrey
Specially for military resources

All legal, don't worry...
Bunker door (Blue)
Created by Andrey
Damn strong door, it stands absolutely still.
Elegant Pick Axe
Created by Andrey
Mine the ore and admire

Patch: Shifted the upper handle down. added a metal part to the handle, added wood carvings

GNH-315 Garage Door
Created by Andrey
Created from parts of cisterns of GHN-315 what is located on Launch site monument.
Pink Death Python
Created by Andrey
Kill them all...
CCSC Garage Door
Created by Andrey
Cargo Ship's roll up doors...
Sea supply box
Created by Andrey
Text specially made like wiered russian words in american films
PROVIANT - Провиант - provisions
MEDICINA - медикаменты - medicine
PATRON - патроны/боеприпасы - ammunition...
Created by Andrey
Power core...
Electricity box
Created by Andrey
Wooden box with electro components inside
Link on item in store
Punk Girl LR300 / Pink Death LR300
Created by Andrey
LR300 in punk style and pink colors, specially for Feb. 14 <3
Link on item in store -

Accpeted Skins from Pink Death Collection:
Pink Death Python
DInEr garage door
Created by Andrey
DIE for everyone 24/7

Toxic Sleeping Bag (Glow)
Created by Andrey
Is it a little bit dirty right? and who said it should be clean? it's damn toxic
Now you can buy it here
Triumph Bow
Created by Andrey
Link on store

捷 - victory, triumph/quick, rapid
That all is associate with hunting bow
Charged for good luck and victory in the new year :D...
Pink Death Bow
Created by Andrey
Pink, Cyan and Skulls
That’s all what you love 💕...
Farm wooden box
Created by Andrey
Little box for storage Seeds and some stuff =)
link on store page

Proofs of original art on last screenshot...
Created by Andrey
Chocolate, Foil, Easter Bunny 🐰
Store link
screenshot with proofs in the end...
Venomous Shot
Created by Andrey
Bright colors and beast pattern
Store link
Little cloud box
Created by Andrey
Smiling cloud,rainbow, rain drops, snow, flashes of lightning.
Update themed skin...
Freedom door
Created by Andrey
Anarchy sign, rusty door and graffiti tags
Open screenshots for looking at details =)

Tags and skulls made by my friend AEROZ in photoshop
Bombing Jacket
Created by Andrey