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Feb 10, 2017 @ 10:03am
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And when you scrolled down to the description, I'll tell you a little about the skin

This idea came to my mind back in 2017 and I made mp9 here is the link

Now, 5 years later, having already gained experience after skins in RUST game, I decided to continue the collection and save the play on words

DEFUSE is a rather bright word that is associated with the CT side in Counter-Strike
Based on this, I made imitations as if this is the name of a company that creates weapons / tools
The handle has a rough surface for a better grip, and over time the paint wears out and darkens
Also i specifically chose 3 weapons that belong only to the counter-terrorist side

Today you can vote up for P2000
I hope you like this idea and implementation

On my own note that I like how this weapon looks in the inventory
What do you think about this skin?