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Rabbie The Moonrabbit race
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Rabbie The Moonrabbit race

Moonrabbit rabbie

when you look up the night, there's moon. even if rimworld, moon exists.
and there's a colonist too.

moonrabbit, rabbie,, there're the race across the universe.
gene of rabbit, waving their big ears, genius brain and technology class closed to rimworld, there're constructing moon city, across the universe.

+rabbie is clever and smart, they're good to like research. +
-but there also have unstable mental issue, they collapse more faster than other race, -
-and more sensitive to physic wave. -
+in their long experience about constructing colony against other alien races, there're good at combat skill, good at faster gun shooting and sniping.+
+and also, they treat other patient good and well, also good at surgery. also have excellent skill at making medicine.+
-but, they usually have small body type-that's why they can't treat other enemy well in closer combat.-
-slower mining and hauling. -


long time ago, rabbie's ancestor were captured by Transcendent for experiment to change gene totally.
for that reason, rabbie could have mental faculties, but in return for, they also get a mental problem - if they couldn't get a specific 'thing' - planetarium - they gonna go crazy. they gonna be insane.

that's why rabbitish empire moves. The empire knows planetarium is hard to find, so they want to look into every planet. that's the main reason soldiers and elite officer always have conflicts with other natives and civilizations.

the rabbie usually call this 'planetarium' as a 'spice', they should take this thing also, and get this thing as personal preference. planetarium can eat as a raw, but it tastes better if you take it as a tea or cocktail and it helps to stay clear longer for rabbie's mental.
the rabbie takes planetarium more and longer, it will rabbie get the vision that looking through the future-vision that helps sniping enemy.
in the other hands, it's bit creepy, when you autopsy rabbie's head, you can find the stone called 'brain crystal'- crystal stone that planetarium is crystallized. if you consume that thing, you can refuel your planetarium.

wherever rabbies are, It's the first mission get planetarium. if not, it could be dead ends.

New faction, Rabbitish Empire

The Rabbitish empire migrates to the moons of several planets for a long time to build a city, but because of its long distance, it cuts off from the empires of the previous universe and elects a new empress of the universe.
The Rabbitish empire's policy on the planet depends on Empress's thinking and the development of the moon city.
Rabbitish Soldiers and scientists on the planet are in duty of the enormous energy and planetarium needs of the moon city and its citizens.
They may be exclusive or hostile at first, but they will usually be indifferent if they feel not threatening to their work or if you are cooperative.

Make hostile impressions on them, or do not let your forces feel threats to them.
If your settlement is both, be careful! The Rabbitish Empire is a country with a lot of war experience. They have been at war with the inhabitants of various planets, and victory against many of civilizations. If they think you threaten the empire, you'll be attacked with advanced technology.
do not recommend shooting against them like line-infantry. because it's the beneficial combat of the Rabbitish Empire. They will be relatively weak before melee.
Their army consists of a field army of Rabbie citizens and a regular army descending in space with power armor.

Two Storytellers

Cele Jackrabbit - Cele Jackrabbit is a senior officer in the Rabbie Empire. Drink spice tea together in her flagship, and carefully listen to the War of the Rabbitish Empire and the history of blood (most events are replaced by raids, increasing in difficulty and preparing for war. )

Luna Jackrabbit - (Coming soon) Cele's sister, Luna, is Scientist of Dept.energysupply. She is working to cure the mental problems that Rabbie race has brought down from now on. she say quiet and clearly, but you will be listens to increasingly confusing and scary stories.


Various Pawn Customizing
Various ability-enhancing clothing
Over 120 backstories

Rabbie race mod allows you to customize your pawn by combining different pretty outfits and colors.

Give your pawns a unique personality by mixing different face, ear shapes and hairstyles.

All Rabbie apparel also fit perfectly with vanilla outfits, with proper in-game balancing.

Rabbie race mod seeks to enrich the enjoyment of vanilla play.

Rabbie race-specific gear and weapons are just one choice.

Rabbie's equipment is expensive and requires a long time to craft, and you will still need vanilla weapons and equipment to survive.

Also, other clothing and equipment mods can be used naturally.

Compatible Mod

DE Surgery
Evolved organ

Support Language

Korean, English, Japanese(sub) , Chinese(sub)
-If you want to translate, please contact me.-

Required Mod

AlienRace Framework
KV Show hair with hats

Recommended Mod

KV Changedresser

Special Thanks


and Frank Herbert

Update & fix note

-Add Compatible mod (DE Surgery , Evloved Organs)
-Position of the research adjust (Planetarium refinery&Tea,Cocktail)
-Now Rabbie can wear clothe that some cute and small race’s. Although a bit awkward.

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kthh Dec 8 @ 2:13am 
키진 신체를 따오려는 듯 PATCH에 있는걸 봤는데.. XML 부분 수정이 필요한듯 싶네요..
ARISO..뭔가 하는 종족 값이 들어있네요
Undead Paladin Dec 7 @ 10:47pm 
종족추가 모드중에 최고입니다
Bluezane Dec 6 @ 11:31am 
Is the mood debuff from eating a Braincrystal permanent?
Runne  [author] Nov 29 @ 4:46pm 
신년부터는 조금씩 업데이트 하려고 생각중입니다. 고맙습니다.
Teleria Nov 28 @ 1:55pm 
Does it work with the multiplayer Mod?Love the mod otherwise
Prince of Egg Nov 25 @ 5:33am 
꼬리 파괴되면 회복혈청 외에는 방법이 없어요. 꼬리 인공신체가 필요해요.
Cider cap Nov 24 @ 1:09am 
기술 빨리 업데이트 해주세요. 현기증 난단 말이에요.
Proxyer Nov 18 @ 12:57am 
Hello, author Runne & Latki.
Now on some RimWorld's boards, Rabbie's tail has been lost, and it has been talked about its treatment. As a similar race mod, “NewRatkinPlus” became a hot topic, and prostheses such as fake tail and bio tail for ratkins existed there. If this is of interest to you, could you please add a way to work out the tails that rabbies lost? Thank you.
Mokona Nov 13 @ 6:41am 
So how do you start with this race. I'm randomizing but this race isn't showing up at all. Might appear in game haven't tried yet but kinda wanted to start with one that I created.
Sprankles Nov 13 @ 12:45am 
I found a bug. My colony had a transport pod crash event which dropped a human pawn that looked like it was meant to be a Rabbie. It had Rabbie backstories & an addiction to Planetarium. The pawn was also completely bald, and couldn't interact with the change mirror mod I have installed unlike my other pawns. (Maybe the 'ears' were bugged out since it's race was incorrect). Kind of a disappointing bug since I wanted a Rabbit pawn xD