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Day Break (Campaign)
Workshop Update: Since the filesize restrictions were increased I have moved everything into 1 vpk file and removed the other 3 parts since they are no longer necessary. You now only need to be subscribed to the one part. I'll leave this collection up for the sake of comments and visibility but currently there is only one addon file that you need to play this campaign.

It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead 2 came out, about 8 years ago, but I'm happy to share with you my custom campaign: Day Break!

The survivors must escape San Francisco before the military bombs it! After their helicopter crashes on the roof of Day Break Inn & Suites, the survivors must make their way out of the city, across the Golden Gate bridge, and hopping on a boat to Alcatraz for rescue.

This is a five map campaign, designed and playtested for co-op, versus, survival, and scavenege gamemodes, and with a scavenge-style finale with a few added quirks. NOTE: Turn on instructor hints, as they will help you with some of the unfamiliar aspects for some of the events, as well as provide hints towards finding secrets if you have the gnome with you! ;)

The survivors pass by many real-world places and landmarks on their way. While I have tried to be as true to the real San Francisco as possible, I have had to take some liberties with the area to make it suitable for Left 4 Dead 2 co-op and versus gameplay. That being said, I have tried to be as detailed and accurate as possible when it comes to landmarks (which include The Palace Of Fine Arts, Fort Point, The Golden Gate Bridge, the Lime Point Lighthouse, and Alcatraz Island) using all the resources available to me.

This most recent update represents what will likely be my last update to the campaign, barring any major issues that need to be addressed with it. That being said, feel free to leave feedback, I make a point of reading each of your comments and replying when I can!

This campaign is also available in single vpk format for servers on Gamemaps.com: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9221

Although this is primarily a solo project (and my hobby since I started working on it around 2009), I want to thank everyone who was supportive of the project from its very beginning and offered their advice and time to help the campaign along, as well as the people who contributed a few custom assets to the project. There are too many people to list here, but I've included at the bottom of this description a short list of credits for any custom-made models & textures that I did not make myself. For the rest, thank you so much! You know who you are :)

Custom Assets contributed by:
thenone - Patio Lounge Chair
locololo2 - GMC CCKW Army Truck
jaek - XBOX 360 Elite w/ Red Ring
jayvernon - Generic Game Controller
Kamaokc - "Sky28" Skybox texture used on map 2
Frils - Samsung TV model
TommyTheCat - Fire Truck
Master Chris & Fueled Mod Vehicle Team - Mustang Shelby GT500, & Lamborghini Miura SV
EvilMr.Lee - Mustang
Athos - Corvette C6 & Golf GTI
Peterboi - Supra, Camaro, Carrera GT, Mazda Rx-8
Rectus - Easter Egg Asset
RafaelDeJongh & Company - Easter Egg Asset
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Day Break (Campaign)
Created by DannBo
Quick Update: All four parts have been consolidated into one so now this is the only part you need to be subscribed to and I have removed the others from the workshop.

It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead 2 came ...
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byScryX [GER] May 26 @ 5:58pm 
Respekt für diese Map. Wir saßen haben 3 Stunden lang diese Map versucht, intensives, spannendes & taktisches Zombieabschlachten! 5 Sterne voll und ganz verdient. Ein muss für jeden L4D2 Spieler.
Wolf244 May 6 @ 7:10pm 
charger +bridge = face palm
lenovoaxioo Apr 28 @ 11:37pm 
Working well on my big desktop, crashing the game on my laptop. The campaign is good thought. It looks stunning. The bridge looks absolutely awsome.
TP Mar 10 @ 11:11pm 
big maps
DigitalDivision (ง'-')ง Dec 6, 2017 @ 6:17pm 
Nice you changed the way we need to download like 2 of those, thanks mate :)
Vasi4_5 Oct 29, 2017 @ 3:24pm 
Really boring campaign
Sky [RU] Oct 9, 2017 @ 11:22am 
Cool. One of the best addons that i've played.
Thicky Oct 5, 2017 @ 10:38pm 
you r d man
DannBo  [author] Sep 12, 2017 @ 7:31pm 
@Karl, I released an update and I had to add two new parts due to workshop filesize restrictions. Download parts #3 & #4 and that should solve your problem.
kokane karl Sep 12, 2017 @ 3:30am 
i installed the parts for this map a while ago and everything ran smoothly. Now, all these ERROR signs are all over the place in the map.

Da Fuq? :steamsad: