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Amoebas And More
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Amoebas And More

If you’ve ever wanted to hunt your enemies with an army of space faring Amoeba bred for war by your top scientists, this mod is for you!
In vanilla Stellaris, space monster interaction is reduced to killing or pacifying them as an obstacle. Inspired by the lost Amoeba anomaly in Distant Stars, we expanded this idea to include 2 new short storylines and added onto one event chain, all leading to 3 different buildable amoeba ships. Storylines include:
• Discovery of Amoeba genetic code – Divine intervention strikes your lead scientist! Now the question is will you see where it leads or execute the heretic and ignore destiny?
• Exploration Story – Strange rocky formations appear on an asteroid and lead your scientists to dig deeper and discover the source of the unexplained geology.
• Pacification expansion – Pacifying the Space Amoeba was hard work, but the rewards of the special project seemed lacking. Instead of leaving things there, why not try training them?

Some events are more likely to happen if you’ve met certain prerequisites or if you have a certain ethic (or can only be encountered with certain ethics).
One Amoeba ship class in this mod requires the host of your game to own the Distant stars DLC since it utilizes assets from a Distant Stars event chain. However, the mod can still be used without this DLC.

This mod slightly alters vanilla game balance because it modifies amoeba techs to be more accessible and adds options to make more different ship types. Specifically, the Amoeba strike craft are available earlier in the game. In general, it should not feel out of place in a vanilla or a similarly balanced game.

Sadly, we did not add any new art to the game with this mod. However, we did try to pick good existing art that was underused to help bring the mod to life for you!

- This mod changes 00_soc_weapon_tech.txt and should not cause conflict errors with mods that don’t modify that file in most cases. Please let us know if you’re having other compatibility issues and we will add them to this list.
- Non-Vanilla galaxy generation may cause some paths to War Amoebas to be inaccessible because we have added a new anomaly.
- Our Techs create new ships and ship types and add an option to build a new Star base building.
- Parts of this mod require the distant stars DLC so you will not get the full experience if you’re missing that DLC.

- English
Only English for now, we have no current plans to add localization for other languages.

- I have had no events yet. Where are they?
The events in this mod are randomly triggered It is possible to have none of them occur in a game. Feel free to use this console command if you find this frustrating (it will start the religious storyline)
event war_amoeba_country.1

- Save game compatibility?
Not really. If you play with this mod on an existing save, you often will not be able to build the ships added after researching the technologies. In our testing, it has worked on an existing save, but only partially.

- Why do amoebas have a hyperdrive instead of a bio drive?
Because we were having bugs when attempting to get a bio drive to work so we had to compromise and use a hyperdrive instead.

- Achievement Compatibility?
No, this mod modifies the check sum and will disable achievements.

- I only see 2 buildable ships and I have all the techs, what gives?
One of the ships in this mod is locked behind the distant stars DLC. This is likely why you’re only seeing 2 ships.

Please report bugs in the comments section below. We don’t currently have plans for any updates or improvements to the mod because we are currently very busy with other projects, but occasional bug fixes may be on the table. (just don’t expect speedy fixes/response times)

The Future:
We don’t have any future development plans for this mod, if you would like to expand on or add to our mod feel free to download, unzip and change it. All we ask is that you credit us for the original creation :)

As we don’t expect to continue developing this mod we are not accepting donations, please show your support with a comment and/or by donating to your favorite charity.
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HeraldicBanner Sep 2 @ 8:36pm 
I've researched the tech for the ameobas, but I still don't have the option to create the ameoba ships for some reason.
redmoth27 Aug 24 @ 2:06am 
Paradox should add more space creatures.
gmansawesome2015 Aug 16 @ 2:50pm 
@Kroth thanks for creating a great mod
Bombing Cookey Aug 15 @ 9:37am 
This is actually a pretty good mod, I dont know any metas, so im gonna say that the Amoebas seem pretty balanced with their costs and mil power and everything, good work.
Kroth  [author] Aug 13 @ 5:57pm 
@gmansawesome2015 thanks for the feedback, when you complete the amoeba pacification project our mod does add onto that event chain. if we do ever develop an update to this mod i'll be sure to look into creating another event that triggers based on researching the flagella upgrade.
(i recommend playing as a religious empire for a higher chance of the event spawning through divine intervention)

@SilentKore as i can't recreate the issue it makes it almost impossible to fix it for you, i'd recommend reinstalling the distant stars Dlc and seeing if that fixes it, as the the only difference in our mod files is that it's locked behind the DLC.

@Kronos this should work with gestalt. I've not personally tested it with gestalt but friends have told me it works.
SilentKore Aug 11 @ 12:19pm 
Sorry for the late as h-ell reply @Kroth, I never got a notification about it.

Nut that's all the info I have, I can research and build everything else, but the Centenarian never shows up. Also, something I ran into recently: I haven't come into contact with amoebas in my last 2 games but I get the technologies anyway. It doesn't make sense to me.
gmansawesome2015 Aug 9 @ 1:38am 
Adding to my comment below;

From what I understand the event to research amoeba flagella is triggered by encountering space amoebas, so that makes sense that after encountering space amoeba you research flagella, then war amoeba, then mother amoeba
Kronos Aug 7 @ 4:04pm 
Hello Does it work for gestalt ?
gmansawesome2015 Aug 7 @ 12:55am 
I really like this mod and the concept. However I haven't gotten the event yet for 4 games straight and I don't think the event should be triggered randomly. I just have an idea that maybe the war amoeba or mother amoeba could also be unlocked in a tech chain with the "Amoeba Breeding program" that unlocks amoeba flagella?

This make sense as you go from Flagella -> War Amoeba -> Mother amoeba in 3 technologies
Kroth  [author] Aug 2 @ 2:03pm 
@Hanling i am sorry that you're having trouble with the mod, i wasnt able to recreate your problem with building amoebas after trying for 3 games. for making them designable i'd love to but as i stated earlier both of us are very busy right now and currently upgrading this mod is not on our agenda. it's not likely but if we do get some more time for modding we'll post an update to the mod :)

@Enishiq i looked into this and i could recreate the issue when trying to load a save that had been previously played without the mod being active. if that's the issue i am not sure how to fix it and it's one of the reasons that we decided this mod was not save game compatible.

@MajorMagers i would love a mod that could do that it sounds really cool :) i recommend suggesting it on the stellaris modding community discord and seeing if someone can make it. it's a bit too big of a project for me at the moment (discord link) :