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Particle Mayhem Collection
This collection contains all the entries for Particle Mayhem workshop contest.
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Unusual Effect: 4-D Dilemma
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

Experts state that beyond our dimension, lies the fourth dimension; a place where rules don’t exist, cubes bounce, and humans have four faces. Exp...
Unusual Effect: Vortex
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

There are some beings in between the plains of this world that can control magic with astounding abilities. Some can create portals to other wo...
Unusual Effect: Vial Trouble
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

Apparently clumsiness leaves a mark, as these flying potion-filled vials follow anyone around who isn’t careful with where they step. That’s right,...
Unusual Effect: Crystal Calibration
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

Introducing a new way of storing human memories by crystallized energy! Now you won’t forget a thing by having this crystals floating around your h...
Unusual Effect: Static Mist
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

What if we took electric eels in a water tank, shrunk them down to a micro-sized scale, and put that into an air-based mist? Well, we tried doi...
Unusual Effect: Magic Tendrils
Created by Cheesypuff
This is part of

We’re not sure how to describe this one. We can say, however, that you may want to stay as far away from these things, as you may experience mu...
Current Style
Created by Pie_Savvy

50,000 unstoppable Watts of style....
Work In Progress
Created by Pie_Savvy

From my heart and from my head, Why don't people understand my intentions?...
Pyrolysis Protector
Created by Pie_Savvy
Perfect protection from all burns, chemical or otherwise....
Cursed Transmission | Unusual Effect
Created by Kerpongle
The most spookiest broadcast is happening over your head...

Usskids - particle creation, promo....
Artists Block
Created by jaggi
Have you ever wanted your painted hat to have even more paint around it?

Of course you have! and now you can have it!

A Contribution to
Necrobombicon | Unusual Effect
Created by Cordial
Learn the art of explosions
Team coloured

1st place winner in the Particle Mayhem community event...
Unusual taunt effect: Back from the grave
Created by Tobbby™
Soldier: I came back from the dead to give the living hair cuts and unusual effects.

Part of:
Monoculus' Gaze
Created by Awes
First time using the particle editor/making an effect...
Something in the Water
Created by Awes
We're gonna need a bigger hat...
Wanted to make something simple that could reasonably be stacked with existing effects to make nice combos (as seen in the renders)

green/purple variants...
War Paint! - Prophet's Wall
The magic behind it is useless, it just makes your weapon look very bloody. The worse wear, the more blood there's on the weapon.

Made for the Particle Mayhem event hosted here:

Replaces the Pina Polishe...
Cosmic Crystal
Created by Yrrzy
From the unknown depths below.

Cosmic Crystal / Demonic Crystal unusual effects.

Particle - Yrrzy
Concept, Sprites & Promo Renders - Mayor Rev...
The Caster's Cone
Created by Buttercup <3
In wizarding times, a long pointy hat meant the wearer was a powerful, learned warlock who could turn you into a frog. In modern times, it just means you're a dunce.

Created in one day for the Particle Mayhem community event.

Find out more about Part...
Abyssal Aura
Created by Yrrzy
Abyssal Aura, Menacing Miasma, and Vicious Vortex

Particle - Yrrzy
Promo Renders - Hotrod McCoolgal...
Lunar Enigma
Created by Bliz
Made for the tf2 community event, Particle Mayhem...
Shamrock Shake-Up
Created by Buttercup <3
You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?

Created for

Name was nicely given by
Broken Broadcasting
Created by goofy gus
Unusual effect for the Community Particle Mayhem event.

This is basically a draft. I don't plan to refine it anytime soon.
Unusual Effect: Wake-up Call
Created by cheatscom
Getting up can be hard as a mercenary, every morning you lay in bed thinking "Same old map, same old story. Can I really be bothered killing the same set of Spies and Snipers again?".

After lacking the motivation to get up, you then drift back off to slee...
Impending Void
Created by Bliz
Made for the TF2 Community Event, Particle Mayhem....
Wish Granted
Created by Yrrzy
Concept - Lazersofa
Particle - Yrrzy
Promo Renders - Feksil...
Unusual Effect: The Dark Door
Created by cheatscom
A strange door appears before you.
You choose to open it.
The door flies off it's hinges exposing what seems to be a gateway into another dimension.
The vortex begins dissolving everything in the room around you, placing the newly created matter into itsel...
Unusual Effect: Galactika Candela
Created by PLXrune
A whacky effect made for the Particle Mayhem Competition! Come join us and win free crap, yo!

Contains 3 colours:
Galactika Candela (Purple)
Olivus Voiduz (Green)
Universal Indikator (Orange)

Particles and concept by ...
Bone Disposal
Created by Buttercup <3
The witching community has finally figured out how to get rid of all those pesky spare bones: Dump them on unaware mercenaries' heads! Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, and satanic urges.

Comes in 3 portals:
Purple - Bone Dispos...
Carousel Trickster
Created by Cordial
Ball juggler

Comes in two variants: With jester, and without jester...
Hot Pursuit - Unusual Effect
Created by HappyHead
For the particle mayhem contest!

Comes in two variants:
Hot Pursuit (team colored)
Assault In Progress (red and blue colored)...
Nether Void
Created by Cordial
Caught in the vortex...
War Paint! - Portal Plastered
(portal sounds)

Made for the Particle Mayhem event:

Textures are made by Feksil.
Promos are made by Jimmis.

Replaces the Bamboo Brushed war paint.
portal.vtf replaces bamboo_hut_wall01
stone.vtf rep...
Top Secret Trip
Created by t
Curious Creepers - Unusual Effect
No worries, they got your back!...
Cursed Plasma Ball
Created by Catgirl Jamie
Created as part of the Particle Mayhem contest....
The Conjurer's Staff (OLD)
Created by santumerino
To the untrained eye, this looks like any old staff. If you look carefully however, you may spot a magical crystal floating about! This crystal has the power to apply a curse of bleeding to whoever touches it, so you better not miss!

Where did the Scout...
Halloween Spells Circle
Created by Catgirl Jamie
My first unusual effect!

Created as part of the Particle Mayhem contest.

Based on this:
Warpaint: Blueprinted Bots
Created by doggoh
Gray Mann representative "Engie Bot #21769" was nice enough to share the conceptualization of the robots! Thank you Engie Bot, very cool!
Classified Chums
Created by t
Classified Chums, Foreigner Friends, Oblivious Outsiders...
Rocket Field
Created by Cordial
Banana powered...
Brain Blast
Created by Yrrzy
whomst'dve wouldn't want to have a giant glowing brain above their head?

Brain Blast and Enlightenment

Concept & Brain - NeoDement
Particle - Yrrzy
Promo Renders - Hotrod McCoolgal...
★ Unusual Taunt Effect: Side Effect
Created by FanCyy
Few people know, but Merasmus has a hobby in the field of alchemy. Once again, preparing another unsuccessful potion, he surprisingly did not blow up half of his house, well, literally at least, but the stinking smoke screen not only smells unbearable, but...
Unusual Effect | Ancient Runes
Created by Yvonne Chimmy
It is said that very few people in the world can decipher the secrets hidden behind these runes.
Sadly, you are not one of them; and somehow ended up summoning a portal on your head. On the brightside, it combines really well with your hat!

Includes th...
Moth Plague
Created by yummy world
Most people would look at a plague of moths feasting on the fabric of their fancy hat as a negative. But not you, no, you rock that moth riddled hat like the fashionista you are.
Tarantula Trouble
Created by t
Creepy Catastrophy
Created by Phill
A remake of the Neon Cat Astrophy, given better textures, and a more clean professional look.

What better way to honor Halloween than with a witch's best companion, a creepy black cat! This war paint will ignore you, sleep all the time, and poop in a box!...
Bee Swarm
Created by yummy world
Mann o' Lantern War Paint
Created by Raviolo
My submission (and first war paint) for the Particle Mayhem Community Event:

War paint used is Woodsy Widowmaker MK.II...
Gourdian Angel
Created by Yrrzy
Protecting you from dental hygeine.

Concept & Sprites - Lo-fi
Particle - Yrrzy
Promos - Feksil...
Unusual taunt: Entrancing Enchantment
Created by >:FrozenDragon:<
So you like colorful sparkles on your hats? Well how about colorful sparkles all over your body? Enjoy with this new enchanted spell that has been created, Merasmus the great magician.

Particles: >:FrozenDragon:<
Promo video: Blazing Victini

Laser Incineration
Created by Spike Nitros
Long-range portable toaster!

Comes in three flavors: Laser incineration (team colors), High-power incineration (green) and Ultraviolet incineration (violet/purple)

Particle Mayhem entry...
The Seared Sorcerer
"I fear not the mage who has practiced 10,000 spells once, but I fear the mage who has practiced one spell 10,000 times"

Concept and promos: Vipes
Model and jiggles: Petachepas
Texture: Pie Savvy
Rigging and promos: Jzeeba
Chalked Up
Created by Ethan8bit
Tired of your teammates and enemies assuming you don't think before you shoot, or speak for that matter?

Well this unusual effect is for you!...
TF2 unusual effect: Runespell
Created by Tobbby™
Comes in 3 variants:

Poisonrune (green)
Magicrune (purple)
Firerune (orange)...
The Seared Sorcerer (Style 2)
2nd Style, allows more combination using head replacement items!

Concept and promos: Vipes
Model and jiggles: Petachepas
Texture: Pie Savvy
Rigging and promos: Jzeeba
Cavity Cruncher
Created by Phill


Update: Added a blu team version...
Blotto Bubbles
Created by Yrrzy
I'm drunk- you don't have an excuse!

Concept/Sprites - Square
Particle - Yrrzy
Promos - Hotrod McCoolgal...
Evocation Series
Created by Bliz
Ghastly Recollection, Haunted Memories, Fiery Reminiscense

Made for the TF2 Community Event, Particle Mayhem...
Lost At Sea - Unusual Effect (V2)
Created by HappyHead
a lighthouse beacon for a lost traveler

for the particle mayhem...
Created by RetroMike
You don't like Candy Corn? It doesn't like you either!...
Elixir Elation (old version)
Created by Cordial
Current version of this effect is no longer in publication.

Newer version of this effect can be found here:
War Paint - Eruption!
As the weapon wears, the stone texture gets cracked to reveal glowing parts of lava!
End the suffering to your mortal enemies as you shoot them with a weapon that (most likely) makes you suffer.

This war paint has a lava that glows in the dark...
War Paint! - Eruption (Stickerless)
As the weapon wears, the stone texture gets cracked to reveal glowing parts of lava!
End the suffering to your mortal enemies as you shoot them with a weapon that (most likely) makes you suffer.

This war paint has a lava that glows in the dark...
Calculated Response
Created by 90
In his spare time, the Engineer likes to sit down and think fondly about all his other favourite mathematical equations and theorems. Sometimes he thinks so hard about them that you can almost read them yourself.

First ever attempt at maki...
Created by criticalflaw
Particle Effect - CriticalFlaw
Sprite Art - MacCreme™
Promo Art - Tobiased...
Unusual Effect: Pop!
Created by doggoh
Who knew the battlefield could be this flashy?
Hot Jupiter
Created by pop
A bullet to the right man, he pulled it back.

Hot Jupiters are a class of gas giant exoplanets, they gain the name from being physically similiar to Jupiter, but having much faster orbits.

pop - Particles, Promos
JScout - SFM Promo

Binary Dreams
Created by Patrick Babineaux
its a bunch of 1s and 0s made out of 1s and 0s, and it's absolutely horrific!

(made as part of the particle mayhem, which you can find at the link below)
Movie Night
Created by criticalflaw
Like all popcorn, the popcorn in this product was produced with genetic engineering.

Spotlights come in two styles: continuous and rotating (see video for an in-game demo)

Particle Effect - CriticalFlaw
Sprite Art - MacCreme™
Promo Art - Desmond...
Autumn's Arrival/Fall Flurry (Unusual Taunt Effects)
Created by Optically Insane
Created for the Particle Mayhem community event.
"Autumn's Arrival" - Orange & Purple
"Fall Flurry" - Red & Yellow...
Hurt Rate
Created by 9joao6
This is part of

Keep your body in check by exorcising! ...Or something like that!...
Created by 9joao6
Because some stuff out on the field really grinds our gears.
Gravity-Defying Hairstyle
Created by Karsten510
For when you're having a mad hair day.
The Scholar Collar
Created by Karsten510
Forgot to shave? Got something stuck in your teeth? Or maybe just a big cleft chin.
Well tug away the bottom half of your face with this stylish scientific turtleneck and leave everyone guessing!
Warpaint: Starry Victory
Created by SPEKTRAL #SaveTF2
Express your warpaint on the battle field. Show em' who shines brightest the most!

Promotional Work: Rytu

Warpaint Textures: Spectral Chuck...
Doom Dome
Created by 9joao6
Scientists have harnessed the mystical power that raises your hair when you touch it. Then they put it in your hair. SCIENCE!
Signal Beam
Created by Cordial
Blue/Red (team coloured) - Unknown Signal
Green - Capture Beam
Orange - Kinetic Beacon...
Swordstorm [unusual taunt effect]
Created by Tobbby™
Don't forget your iron umbrella....
Calming Cosmos (Taunt Unusual Effect)
Concept: Galactic Yoshi
Effect: Petachepas
Art and Promo: FanCyy...
Wishful Thinking - Unusual Effect
Created by HappyHead
Comes in four colors! Reacts to your movement!

Purple - Wishful thinking
Magenta - 1001 Arabian Sprites
Green - Djin's Condo
Yellow - Wish Granted...
Unusual Effect - Pixie Dust / Fairy Dust
Created by Mikroscopic
Grant yourself (or at least your dandruff) the power of flight!

Part of the Particle Mayhem workshop contest!
Unusual Taunt - Scorched Earth
Created by Mikroscopic
Feel the heat beneath your feet with this stunning effect!

Concept - Square
Particles - Mikroscopic

Part of the Particle Mayhem workshop contest!
Bright Ideas
Created by 9joao6
Have you ever felt like explaining your thoughts with words felt too word-y? Try showing them instead!

Comes in two styles: Bright Ideas and Clever Thoughts
And in the following constantly changing flavours:
  • Crown: Sho
Excited Souls
Created by 9joao6
They're so happy to finally meet a new friend! Wait.
Inspired by SHaDOW_FOX8...
Donking Donut
Created by Tenacious Taco
Perfect to keep hitting those Double Donks even when your aim is terrible.

Part of the Particle Mayhem contest :
Vampiric Cloud
Created by Tenacious Taco
Unleash a swarm of bats around you.

Purple - Vampiric Cloud
Green - Bloodsucking Bite
Brown - Swift Swarm

Part of the Particle Mayhem Contest :

Edit1: The original video didn't showcase the effects properly (S...
Burst Of Color
Created by 9joao6
Using patented Mann Co...lors.
Created by Enigmus
The most tangible of all visible mysteries.

Enigmus: Particle work
Evil Witch: Texture work, color advice, promotional artwork...
Unstable Orbs
Created by Enigmus
So much for "better living through science."

Enigmus: Particle work
Evil Witch: Color advice, promotional artwork...
Perennial Restraint
Created by Enigmus
Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.

Enigmus: Particle work
Evil Witch: Texture work, promotional artwork...
Nuclear Reaction - Unusual Effect
Created by HappyHead
3 color variants

Green - Nuclear Reaction
Purple - Nuclear Fallout
Yellow - Nuclear Radiation...
Spatial Anomaly
Created by 9joao6
In this tiny portion of space, everyone can hear you scream.

Reacts to your position - you can only explore the unexplored if you move!
Smissmas Spirit
Created by FanCyy
Effect - catlord
Promo - FanCyy ...
Created by 9joao6
Gateways to another realm? Perpetual explosions? Extremely fancy optical illusions? Even science doesn't know.
Bonzo the Omnipotent
Created by Tenacious Taco
Have the haunted carnival spirit right under your feet.

Edit 08/12/2019 : made the looping vomit bigger and more frequent....
Brimstone Gate
Created by Tenacious Taco
Who opened that ?

Orange - Brimstone Gate
Green - Eldritch Mist OR Haunted Egress
Purple - Spellbinding Aperture...
Unstable Conjuration
Created by 9joao6
This incantation could dissolve anything in its vicinity if it destabilized too much. We at Mann Co. believe this roughly translates to "wear it as much as you want, because your death is inevitable either way."
Created by 9joao6
Laugh all the way to your next victim as your loyal flying robot makes sure that all of your kills are properly recorded.

The face display changes constantly, and combines different parts to make over 200 possible expressions!

The Morphing Manneuverer
Created by heinous
This Smissmas give your precious merc his childhood dream: his own transforming robot.
Looping vehicle taunt with 3 idle modes.
Attachment points are located at each of the 4 thrusters and 2 muzzles for particle effects.
Made for Scout, Sniper, Spy, and En...
Event Horizon
Created by Tenacious Taco
Don't get too close....
Solar Corona
Created by Tenacious Taco
Don't look directly at it without proper eyewear....
Sleigh Out Of Hand
Created by 9joao6
Oh what fun it is to spin uncontrollably around a hat, hey!

Promo work by FanCyy...
Thunderstorm / Snowstorm
Created by 9joao6
You thought it'd be a good idea to learn how to control the weather. Little did you know how little you'd be able to control.
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
All Class & Jiggleboned.
Damocles' Sword
Created by Overlord Lettuce
You should live with the constant fear that a steel blade sits above your head, ready to plummet down at any moment but it's hard to remember that sometimes, when you've got a rocket heading straight to your face
Tricky Infiltration
Created by 9joao6
Because what better way is there to protect someone than to surround them by deadly heat beams? Even hugs are a gamble for your life now!
Target Practice
Created by 9joao6
Think your aim's getting rusty? Bring your very own training targets to the field with you!
Rip-Roarin' Vortex
Created by 9joao6
Now you get to watch spinning tops fight for gravel! Surely one will topple over eventually.
Retro Rotation
Created by Buttercup <3
Reminisce about the good old days when "Iphones" and "social medias" were a thing of the future! Back in the day of "pixels", all we had was a blocky logo orbiting our head, and we liked it! Simpler times.
Rainbow Track
Created by 9joao6
Race, fools! Race until you reach the finish line, which just so happens to be your very feet!
Created by DeRosaJ
Stick that in yer pipe n' smoke it!

*Paintable mustache
*Genteel smoke-compatible
*Available for mod download[]
Unusual - Dark Side Of The Rainbow
Created by Rapoza Dynamica
Chromatic Aberration

I hope you guys like this new unusual effect I made!
Lavanades (Style: Disco Glob)
Created by Rapoza Dynamica
Lava Lava Laaaaava!

Lava lamps are my favorite softdrink! Hope ya'll like it!
Lavanades (Style: Disco Boom)
Created by Rapoza Dynamica
Lava Lava LaBOOOM!

That's what I call Disco Boom! Hope ya'll like it!
Conjured Curse
Created by Catgirl Jamie
Created as part of the Particle Mayhem contest.

Concept: Soundwave
Particle: jamie8470

Names for the different versions:
Conjured Flame
Hexing Horror
Wicked Wisp
Death's Grasp
(Special thanks to epicKieren66 for the name suggestions)...
Thinking With Portals
Created by 9joao6
Portals aren't about WHY, they're about WHY NOT! Speaking of which, WHY are you NOT pushing the payload?!
★ Unusual Effect: Violently Festive Vortex
Created by FanCyy
Effect - catlord
Promo - FanCyy ...
Unidentified Frying Object
Created by heinous
It is a UFO taunt.

The moving lights is achieved by an optional vmt command, they have been enabled in the demonstration videos but the taunt can work without it.

Frame Breakdown
0-44 intro
45-74 loop
75-239 special action (able to have its own loop at 1...
Slime Slathered
Created by boba
My very first warpaint! Thanks to Quote for the name suggestion.

This item is a submission for:
Illogical Illusions - War Paint
Created by Ronald_D_D
A simple war paint that contains various optical illusions.

Primary Texture: illusion_pattern.vtf
Replaces: 504443334.vtf or 1568549035_pine_pattern.vtf

Secondary Texture: illusion_pattern_secondary.vtf
Replaces: 504443334_taped.vtf or 1568549035_p...
Confused Combatant
This submission is a part of:

Please note:
This is my very first particle effect, I'm still figuring everything out!

Effect - Me
Question Mark drawing - My ...
The Pod Racer
Created by doggoh
Every futuristic laser gun needs a futuristic cap to go with it! Also protection goggles, so you don't burn your eyes out by looking at deadly lasers all day.
Created by doggoh
The "Beam Lit 4-Shot Test Industry Model A1000", or as scout likes to call it, "My freakin' laser gun!"

Colossal Mann
Created by page
Is it just me.. or are you.. getting bigger?!?!
For the Particle Mayhem!
Thanks to 9joao6 for making this possible, for the sfm art and the particle!
Portable Conundrum Solver
Created by 9joao6
Don't dwell on matters for long periods of time anymore - with this trusty floating device, anything can be answered in the blink of an eye!

Reacts to your movement - run, jump, or get hurt to receive a new answer!

Cell Out
Created by Martini
Harness Batteries from behind The Curtain.
Thumbnail and SFM work by my friend Mouse ...
Eternal Energy
Created by 9joao6
Back in school you called math stupid, well look at math now. An equation solved by one Dell Conagher has granted us the universe's answer for a limitless supply of energy!
Disturbed Dirt
Created by Genie
The Disturbed Dirt Cloud That Hates All.

A sad meme of a submission for Particle Mayhem.

I hope I’ve thoroughly disappointed everyone....
Borealis Clubbing
Created by Martini
The Northern lights meet bell-bottoms.

This is a submission for:

Cranium Container
Created by FiveEyes
Made for the Particle Mayhem event:

"No longer will I lose my head with this container, keeping it absolutely safe is a total no brainer!"

- Paintable
- Head compatible

FiveEyes: Model/Texture
HatGuy: Concept...
Crawling Virus
Created by 9joao6
Sure hope you don't have a very specific phobia of six-legged malware holograms!
Candelabra Kadabra (OLD)
Created by Rev
Need a light?


Candelabra Kadabra V2 is out! Go vote for it!...
Annual Tradition
Created by FanCyy
Effect - 9joao6
Promo - FanCyy
Sprites - Gangrene
Idea - [url...
The Chosen One
Created by kevin supermarket
See you December 4th, 1987!

Particle Maker & Poster Designer - kevin supermarket
In-Game Reference Footage - Doc Shoebox

Synthetic Sorcery - War Paint
Created by coldfusion
Let's make some magic.

Created as part of the Particle Mayhem community event!
Arcane Fire (Unusual Effects)
Created by Optically Insane
Ever wanted to become a pyromancer? Well now you can! Summon magical flames to awe your opponents into submission with these four stunning effects!*

Comes in 4 variants!
Orange - Arcane Fire
Green - Bewitched Fire
White - Divine Fire
Purple -...
Lost Souls
Created by Cordial
Soul collector

Green - Lost Souls
Orange - Infernal Spectre
Purple - Fallen Spirits...
Power of the atom
Created by Alex Turtle
Its possibilities are infinite.

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