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[WOTC] Extended Vision
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[WOTC] Extended Vision

[WOTC] Extended Vision

Ever think that it was odd that you couldn't see what was at the other end of the street in XCOM2? Me too! Worry no more, however, because this mod increases the vision range of all characters to allow them to see properly!

- Increases all XCOM and Alien vision ranges by five times - more than enough to allow them to see across most maps. Vision is still blocked by terrain, of course, so you'll see further on open maps.
- Extends the weapon range tables to account for extended range. I've tried to extend them based on the weapon's existing bonuses/penalties, Penalties eventually cap at -100; the range at which this happens and the rate of dropoff are different for each table.
- Edits the enemy range tables to match those for the Rifle - they'll get close range bonuses and long range penalties too now (in theory, at least. This... might not be working.).
- The maximum number of possible active enemies is increased, as you'll certainly be seeing more at once.
Enemy detection range remains the same - it seemed more fun that way. It should be easier to sneak through missions if you can see everything, but once you're busted remember that they can all see you too!
- Rocket range is increased, but grenade and flamethrower range is not.

- Short range weapons (shotguns, bullpups, and pistols) aren't any shorter range than usual, but sure feel like it. I've still found them useful in closer confines or once enemies close in though.
- Snipers still have Squadsight, but will basically never use it as it only kicks in beyond vision range - the sniper rifle gets accuracy penalties with range like any other gun, but they don't kick in for much later to make up for it. You'll want to take Return Fire over Long Watch, is what I'm saying.
- Skirmisher abilities (whiplash, justice, etc) don't take range penalties - consider this before discounting them for having a short range weapon.
- Snipers are the most accurate class at long range, followed by Reapers, and can feasibly fight everything from an entrenched position. That said, objective timers are unchanged, so consider that before fighting a whole map's worth of aliens from heavy cover on elevated ground starting turn one.
- Psionic enemies are way more scary when they're mind controlling you from outside flashbang range.
- Though I haven't played a full campaign with this, I imagine that the Chosen should be... fun.

General compatibility:
- Shouldn't break anything, I hope.
- Should be fully compatible with the SMG pack (its unique range table is extended like base weapons).
- Currently working for selected modded enemies/allies (eg Biozerkers / Hybrid Rookies). I think this mod needs to be loaded after those, but the specifics escape me at the moment.
- Any modded weapons that use the existing range tables should be fine. Those that have their own custom tables will cap out at the longest range on that table (for example, the Pathfinders mod adds a rifle with steep accuracy dropoff that caps at -50 accuracy). This will only likely be an issue if your modded weapon caps at +0.

Compatible ally / enemy mods:
- Hybrid Rookies
- Formatted EWPs

- CreativeXenos Archons
- Bio Troops/Beasts/Command
- Advent Pathfinders
- Advent Synthoids
- Advent Medic
- Advent Warlock
- Celitids
- World War L
- Sectoid Abductor
- Advent Field Training (adds training officers)
- Advent General Revamp (Might wreck the base General, though all he does is flee anyway)
- Advent Snipers
- Advent Drones

"Neutral" parties:
- Bandits
- Cult of Jariah
- Phantoms
- Marauders
- Rogue XCOM

Other enemies will still function, they just won't see you until you're closer.

- Performance seems to take a hit at the very start of a mission - probably because the game has to calculate sightlines to all enemies in range. This can have weird effects on the order Central tells you about things in, though nothing game-breaking.
- Performance may also take a hit on missions with large maps and many enemies. In my experience it sorts itself out after a while, possibly because the numbers become more manageable. Again, nothing game-breaking seen so far, but it might take a little longer.

- Tee, author of the mod More Health, which I looked at to figure out what the heck one has to do to mod this darn game.
- Facenor for pointing out that the Assassin's Mountain Mist affects vision.
- Everyone who even looks at this!

Comments are very much appreciated - let me know what you think!
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Lowblow Pierrot Jul 27 @ 9:24am 
I have to say this mod is a gem and should actually be getting a lot of attention. I briefly uninstalled it because I've been trying to figure out what mod was causing to despawn turrets (not this one) and immediately began to miss it.

With this and RealityMachina's mod with the raider factions, you can walk into situations where a bunch of situations that feel like just absolutely bananas chaos. This is great. Thank you
Shard  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:16am 
Hey, glad you're enjoying it! I did seriously consider 3x rather than 5x - mostly for the reasons you mentioned. I ultimately left it as it is because squadsight always seemed a little weird to me anyway.
If you do go for 3x, the value you're looking for (for most units) would be sight radius = 81. Let me know how you find it!
Franimus Jul 13 @ 10:48pm 
Great mod! It is awesome that you even thought to set the sight radii for everyone else's mods! I do, however, think 5x is a bit too far. Most of the time it seems I can see the entire map, and it renders Squadsight/Long Watch useless. My gut says maybe 3x would be an optimal balance (although I think the weapon range tables might be fine as they are now); I'm going to try it out that way...
Shard  [author] Jul 12 @ 8:44am 
Hmm, it shouldn't do, no. It shouldn't affect spawn rates at all - just how far away you can see them.
Lowblow Pierrot Jul 11 @ 5:00pm 
Is there any chance this mod makes turrets stop spawning?
Facenor Jun 19 @ 11:03pm 
That's cool! Thank you for the update. I'll check what to edit in the ini files.
Shard  [author] Jun 19 @ 12:22pm 
I agree! I've pushed a small update that should make the Assassin still able to reduce your vision to scarily small values. :)
The mod you point out actually overwrites the same value by the looks of things, setting it to 0.5 like the blind grenades they add. You may need to do some manual .ini editing to make the two play nicely together.
Facenor Jun 19 @ 10:00am 
Actually I planned to install a mod that make flashbangs blinds {LINK REMOVED}.
So yeah, IMO the blind multiplier should be adapted to match vanilla's, otherwise the blind effect is kinda pointless.
Shard  [author] Jun 19 @ 7:31am 
This also should be easy to change in the mod though - if you think the blind grenade should darn well blind people then I'll think about an update to the mod to reduce the blind multiplier proportionally.
Shard  [author] Jun 19 @ 7:28am 
Hmm, good question! Can't say I've ever seen this from the Assassin (she tends to just kill me), but I dug into the files to see how it works. Looks like the grenade multiplies your sight radius by 0.278 - reducing it to just over a quarter. As the mod increases sight by five times, you'll still see a little further than in normal XCOM2 after being hit by it, but you won't be able to shoot across the map anymore.