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Hearts of Iron IV

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Apr 6 @ 2:49am
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HoI4 Extra

What is this mod about?
The purpose of this mod is to give the player a little extra technology, and a little more time to play with it.
First thing's first, I've extended the end game date to 1965.
Second, this mod is under development, so I haven't yet added everything I want to add.
Third, I'll keep to vanilla as much as possible. The goal is to add extra stuff, not change everything.

Added 1948 and 1952 ship hulls for all ship classes.
All new super carrier hull.
Custom icons for nuclear submarine and super carrier.
Naval nuclear reactors for different ships which can be researched in the tech tree.
More powerful engines for later development.
New batteries for use on all ships.
Next level armor for cruisers and battleships
New infantry weapons and equipment.
Extended timeline for support companies.
New motorized and mechanized equipment.
New special forces training.
Tank models up to 1951.

See CHANGE NOTES for more details.

Rest of the tech tree.

Anything that touches tech tree, or equipment is likely to be incompatible!

Stuff like player led peace conferences and puppet manager should be OK.
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KoopeTejas v2 Apr 15 @ 2:58pm 
Maybe like 5 or 4, considering focus trees that give you slots you’ll have too many
vukica  [author] Apr 15 @ 8:36am 
Considering I've updater 4 tech "folders" so far, I'd really like to get feedback from you guys about research slots. Particulary for USA and Germany. Is 6 slots enough to keep up to somewhat historical gameplay from tech point of view?
KoopeTejas v2 Apr 14 @ 1:16pm 
heck yeah
vukica  [author] Apr 14 @ 12:20pm 
Yes. But artillery's next.
KoopeTejas v2 Apr 14 @ 10:47am 
Helicopters would be cool, but will you add CV Jets?
Narcisstic Scissors Apr 14 @ 7:11am 
And also maybe helicopters?
Narcisstic Scissors Apr 14 @ 7:11am 
Odkurzacz Mateusz Apr 13 @ 3:54am 
Wow! It's EPIC!
Just a random Nazi Apr 12 @ 5:07pm 
Does it work with Death or Dishonor?
Kyrator Apr 12 @ 3:09pm 
@vukica R56 is a hodge podge mess of varying quality depending on what nation you pick with some being persistently op or boring so I am happy you have something more consistent in scope.