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Species Engineering
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Species Engineering

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Life Engineering revisited
This mod allows you to create new species by decision. On non-colonized worlds the species will form a primitive civilization in early age. In order to create new species you first need to research the proper technology.

Current & planned features
You can follow the progress at GitHub[]

* English

* No vanilla files touched, so it works with all other mods. You can even create species on custom worlds like the ones from planetary diversity without any patch
* Universal Resource Patch is not mandatory but recommended to see the special resource stockpile

Special Thanks
Thank you That One Communist Fellow for keeping Life Engineering up-to-date

Societal Advancement
< >
Create new primitive civilizations! Fantastic!
Really useful function!
Especially after all other civilizations being annexed by me XD
Cray935  [author] Sep 3 @ 8:26am 
@EndlingSky you mean to the event prompt ? unfortunately I'm not aware of how to make dynamic event options (so that another mod can hook in) If you have some tips please add me to steam and tell me. I'm open to add expansion hooks :)
EndlingSky. Sep 3 @ 3:27am 
I want to add more races to this mod,how to create a new expansion mod?
Carbon Onion Sep 1 @ 3:55pm 
@Cray935 Yes, that's the one, thank you very much, I'll of course credit you. :)
=:Philos Tor'am:= Sep 1 @ 7:46am 
Broken assets probably. That seems to be the universal determent for most 2.1 to 2.3 mods, like the Planetary Cannon mod. But with creating life, specifically Titanic Life, it would be doable but time consuming to rewrite the population growth paths for that specific modifier which have been revamped in the 2.3 update. I have never tried to mod Stellaris, but knowing from what little I know, it would probably be a real killing of the enthusiasm to see your work be burned and then remade, only for you to redo that work, especially with Archtypes and event modifiers.

That being said, any plans on adding that option?
JenkoRun Sep 1 @ 6:09am 
Why is so much content from the 2.1 version not in this one? Time limitations?
Cray935  [author] Sep 1 @ 6:04am 
No, sorry it is not included.
=:Philos Tor'am:= Sep 1 @ 6:02am 
Hey Cray, does your Species Engineering mod contain the same abilities when it comes to creating Titanic Life like it does in the 2.1/2.2 version? I can't seem to find a way to do it unless it does not even exit.
Cray935  [author] Sep 1 @ 2:04am 
Same question als OldSkies, which feature do you mean? Is it the society engineering to advance primitives to the next age? Then you have my permission to upload it (standalone is fine) as long as you mention me. :)
JenkoRun Aug 31 @ 2:32pm 
species advancement feature?