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Notification framework designed to send messages to players on the server globally and or individually.

g_Game.SendMessage(false,identity,"Server Login:","Welcome "+identity.GetName() + ", enjoy your stay!",10,2,false,true,"",0,0);

Execute that code anywhere server side:
override PlayerBase CreateCharacter(PlayerIdentity identity, vector pos, ParamsReadContext ctx, string characterName) { Entity playerEnt; playerEnt = GetGame().CreatePlayer(identity, characterName, pos, 0, "NONE"); Class.CastTo(m_player, playerEnt); g_Game.SendMessage( false, identity, "Server Login:", "Welcome "+identity.GetName() + ", enjoy your stay!", 10, 2, false, true, "", 0, 0); GetGame().SelectPlayer(identity, m_player); return m_player; }

Example With Image:
g_Game.SendMessage( false, identity, "Server Login:", "Welcome "+identity.GetName() + ", enjoy your stay! Please make sure to read our rules!", 10, 2, false, true, "set:dayz_gui image:DayZLogo", // Imagesets 512, 156); If you wish to not use imagesets, you could directly load a PAA however, image may look poor in quality Example Path --> "VanillaPPMap\\scripts\\GUI\\Textures\\CustomMapIcons\\waypointeditor_CA.paa" //Direct .PAA

g_Game.SendMessage( bool Global, PlayerIdentity receiver , string messageTitle, string message, int duration, int fadeTime, bool skipQueue, bool doFadeIn, string imagePath, float ImageSizeX, float ImageSizeY);

Notes: if you wish to send a global message, make sure to set the first param to
and the second param as

If you wish to not use an image with the notification, simply leave the string empty as shown in the example above.

Please Rate the mod, comment your issues below and i will try to find time and help you :)
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Cool_Master_21 Oct 9 @ 11:33am 
I'm having trouble trying to figure out where I'm suppose to add these lines of code in the init.c file. Could anyone help ?
UnbeatenBlade Oct 8 @ 11:42pm 
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when I add the above script to the init.c file on the server, my game client cannot connect to the server, it just freezes on the loading screen. When I delete it from the init.c everything works again.
VeRtIcAl MySt Oct 1 @ 2:02pm 
I am using this mod and its working fine with the following mods.


My folder is still named @DZM_Notifications but I replaced the files with the updated files from @VPPNotifications. This was working before and after the update.
Shika Sep 30 @ 7:56pm 
When was the update?
andremelo90 Sep 30 @ 11:40am 
turns out the conflict is not with CF but with DayZ-Expansion-Notificantions, so ill be forced to choose between VPPtools and AirDrop... Great!!! Thanks again Bohemia
andremelo90 Sep 30 @ 11:03am 
without CF also getting this
Ice68 Sep 30 @ 10:22am 
Did this mods name change from @DZM_Notifications to @VPPNotifications?
Joystiq Sep 30 @ 8:53am 
after update cant enter with error @vppnotifications.pbo, how can i repair it?
andremelo90 Sep 30 @ 8:16am 
howdy, after last update server wont start
i guess its a conflict with CF... but i have other mods that require CF
for ex
Sky Sep 28 @ 9:32am 
@funkemonke The argument above is added into the init.c file