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JNR's Urban Complexity
Urban Complexity Mod Series
Urban Complexity is a series - work in progress - which aims to provide more depth to building and developing your cities while striking a balance between authentic flavor and enjoyable gameplay. Features range from simple tweaks to general values to completely new buildings to choose from in your districts.

With Urban Complexity mods, choosing what to build is no longer just a chore where you tick items of a set build order. Instead, proper consideration of your local environment and factors such as adjacencies, available terrain, other districts present in the city, etc. shall pay off greatly. Tall cities where every building choice was made carefully will be more competitive and a viable alternative to carpeting the lands with minimally developed settlements.


JNR's Mod Series

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District Expansion: Campus
Created by JNR
New science-focused building choices for Campus. Adds a total of 5 new buildings and reworks the existing Campus buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3.

The new bonuses provide each city with a multitude of ways to earn Science....
District Expansion: Aqueduct
Created by JNR
New buildings for the Aqueduct, which is renamed to "Cistern" (The Roman Bath is now named "Aqueduct" instead). Adds a total of 3 new buildings as well as the Sewer, which is reworked, stretching over 2 tiers.

The new bonuses provide each city with a mu...
District Expansion: Commerce
Created by JNR
New commerce-focused building choices for Commercial Hub, Harbor, and Aerodrome, many of them with new 3D models and icons! Adds a total of 12 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings in these districts.

The new bonuses provide each city with a ...
District Expansion: Goverment (Tier 4)
Created by JNR
This mod adds Tier 4 buildings to the Government Plaza. These provide legacy policy cards for the future era governments but also have powerful bonuses on their own. Further bonuses added to the district itself.

District Expansion: Entertainment
Created by JNR
It's here, the final Urban Complexity district expansion! It has been an honor doing this series to such great reception and I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from both players and modders alike. Enjoy playing with the ful...
District Expansion: Military
Created by JNR
New military-focused building choices for Encampment, Harbor, and Aerodrome. Adds a total of 5 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings in the Encampment and Aerodrome as well as the military-related bonuses of the Shipyard and Seaport.

The new ...
District Expansion: Industry
Created by JNR
New production-focused building choices for the Industrial Zone. Adds a total of 4 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3. Further 6 buildings in a new tier are added with the Corporations mod...
District Expansion: Spirituality
Created by JNR
New faith-focused building choices for the Holy Site. Adds a total of 4 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3.

The new bonuses provide each city with a multitude of ways to earn Faith.

Building Expansion (Light Edition)
Created by JNR
This mod makes basic district buildings more interesting by adding a unique twist on how they grant their yield, but without adding new building choices like the "full" District Expansions. Some buildings will give yield based on population, others a perce...
District Expansion: Theater
Created by JNR
New culture-focused building choices for the Theater Square, which is renamed to "Civic Square". Adds a total of 6 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3, not counting Museums which are now se...
District Expansion: Worship
Created by JNR
This mod adds 9 new Worship beliefs / buildings with unique 3D art and overhauls the gameplay bonuses of existing Worship buildings. The new buildings are designed to provide options for religions and cults not yet represented by Worship buildings.

National Projects: Satellites
Created by JNR
Your civilization can into space but there's nothing interesting? Launch satellites that do more than just advance the science victory! This mod adds eight new projects in the Spaceport which offer a broad variety of empire-wide bonuses. Spy on your enemie...
Fresh Water Infrastructure
Created by JNR
All water works districts (Aqueducts, Dams, Canals) provide fresh water if they are adjacent to the city center and have access to fresh water themselves. Aqueducts provide extra housing based on Appeal (just like Neighborhoods) when you have the Urbanizat...
Progressive Power Consumption
Created by JNR
Power Up! - Progressive Power Consumption overhauls everything around Power. Providing electricity to your cities will be a lot more important, but the rewards will be bigger as well. Power requirements start slightly lower than usual but increase as you p...
Specialist Progression
Created by JNR
All district buildings now upgrade Specialist yields, making their value progress more smoothly throughout the game. Specialist slots and yields are also added to specialty districts which did not have any before. Specialists also consume only half the Foo...
Happy Districts - Appeal Rebalanced
Created by JNR
Happy Districts gives or takes amenities in cities based on the Appeal of its districts. A healthy worker is a happy worker. Your people will appreciate it if you let them live and work in a beautiful environment. Also, Appeal changes from features are rew...
Green Cities - Districts in Forest
Created by JNR
Allows building districts on Forests. Beautiful cities with trees among them.

No more waiting for Mining to finish because there is a forest in your desired district spot - instead build it right away. Build attractive neighborhoods right inside the lus...
Suburban Roads
Created by JNR
Automaticlly builds roads around districts. For those who feel it's wrong that roads got oursourced to merchants and wonder how citizens who walk to work every day do not leave any trail.

Roads are automatically built around city centers and spec...
District-Themed Recruiting
Created by JNR
Unique districts provide a +20% production bonus to a particular unit type. Each district boosts the production of one or two unique types. This gives your districts more flavor and provides incentives beyond standard build orders to specialize cities in u...
Rush Housing with Builders
Created by JNR
Builders can use their charges to speed up the construction of Aqueducts and Neighborhoods. Use the productivity of your large cities to boost the growth of new towns.

- standard boost is 10% per charge
- uniques (e.g. Bath, Mbanza) get boosted by 20% ...
City State Bonuses: Community Update
Created by JNR
The Ethiopia Pack DLC has once again changed how city state bonuses work, integrating many ideas from existing mods. This mod brings those changes to all game versions (with the exception of the Diplomatic Quarter, of course).

Availabe in all lan...
Hammurabi Tweak for Urban Complexity
Created by JNR
Hammurabi's ability no longer grants free buildings but will now always grant an Envoy when building any district for the first time and provide a 25% Production bonus towards level 1 buildings.

This change is designed to be used together with Urban Com...
Renewable Energy Complexity
Created by JNR
Renewable Energy Complexity makes everything about renewable energy in the late eras more engaging and rewarding. Receive more green electricity with smart placement of improvements and transfer that green electricity to other cities (or even other civiliz...
Bonus Resource Improvements
Created by JNR
Bonus Resources live up to their name: This mod adds a unique bonus to every bonus resource which it provides to any city having a tile with it. These bonuses include a total of 5 new improvements as well as major mechanical changes to how you will plan yo...
District Expansion: Suburbs
Created by JNR
New specialist-focused building choices for the Neighborhood. Three slots with two choices each, buildable in any order. Boost all specialists in the city and give bonuses per Neighborhood.

Did I say "final district expansion" before? Well, oops. I hope...
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