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District Expansion: Industry
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District Expansion: Industry

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New production-focused building choices for the Industrial Zone. Adds a total of 4 new buildings and reworks the existing buildings as well, now stretching over 4 (!) tiers instead of 3. Further 6 buildings in a new tier are added with the Corporations mode active.

The new bonuses provide each city with a multitude of ways to earn Production, using both population and geography.

Credit to Merrick for helping out with the Wind Mill model.


  • Reworked the existing buildings in Industrial Zone (see below for details). Industrial Zone now unlocks at Construction. Water Mill moved to Industrial Zone, Food bonus to Farm resources is moved to the Granary.
  • 4 new buildings added: Wind Mill, Manufactury, Chemical Plant, and Logistics Center (see below for details).
  • Unique 3d art and icons for all these buildings.
  • Adjacencies have been adjusted. "Green districts" now only provide +1 Production to Industrial Zones, while Lumber Mills and Mines provide a standard adjacency bonus again. Harbors now provide a standard adjacency bonus as well, improving production in coastal cities.
  • All Power Plants now provide Production to all cities in their radius. No more necessity to build Coal Power Plants just to get more local Production.
  • Adjusted some Eurekas to include the new buildings.
  • Moved Etemenanki to Wheels so that it is not too empty with moving the Water Mill to a different technology.
  • New Policy: Standardized Measurements - +1 Production to Industrial Zone buildings if adjacency is at least +5 and +1 Production to Industrial Zone buildings if population is at least 15.
  • 4 new Great Engineers: Archimedes, Li Bing, Ma Jun (all Classical Era), and Martine de Bertereau (Renaissance Era). Imhotep moved to Classical Era (with adjustment to the Production granted). James Watt reworked. See picture for detailed effects.
  • Major additions with Corporations mode active: specialize your Factories and Chemical Plants to create new products with unique bonuses - but also penalties! Also, Industrial Zones get +1 Production from adjacent Industries and +2 Production from adjacent Corporations.

Building Details
  • 1 - Water Mill: Requires IZ to be built on River. IZ receives +1 Production to its base yield. +1 Production per District in this city built next to a River. Cheaper than the Wind Mill. Unlocks at Construction.
  • 1 - Wind Mill: IZ receives +1 Production to its base yield if built on Hills. IZ receives +1 Production to its base yield if built next to Coast. Unlocks at Apprenticeship.
  • 2 - Workshop: +1 Production per Governor Promotion in this city. Unlocks at Mass Production.
  • 2 - Manufactury: One more Specialist slot than usual, and +1 Production to Specialists. Unlocks at Mass Production.
  • 3 - Factory: +0.3 Production per Citizen. Unlocks at Industrialization.
  • 3 - Chemical Plant: +5% Production in this city for every unique Strategic Resource in its territory. Unlocks at Refining.
  • 4 - Logistics Center: Production equal to the adjacency of this district. Strategic Resource stockpile cap +20. Unlocks at Combustion.
  • 4 - Coal Power Plant: +3 Production to all cities within 6 tiles. -2 Appeal on all tiles in this city.
  • 4 - Oil Power Plant: +4 Production to all cities within 6 tiles. -1 Appeal on all tiles in this city.
  • 4 - Nuclear Power Plant: +5 Production to all cities within 6 tiles.

The Electronics Factory now replaces the Logistics Center.

Extra buildings with Corporations mode active:
  • Machines Factory: creates Machines product: +1 Production on all tiles in city where slotted. Costs 30 Iron.
  • Electronics Factory: creates Electronic Gadgets product: +5% Science, Culture, Faith in city where slotted. BUT: enemy Spies perform 2 levels higher there.
  • Souvenirs Factory: creates Souvenirs product: +25% Tourism in city where slotted. BUT: -1 Amenity and further -1 Amenity per district adjacent to a Wonder.
  • Fertilizer Plant: creates Fertilizer product: +2 Food on all Farm tiles in city where slotted. Costs 30 Niter.
  • Pharmaceutical Plant: creates Pharmaceuticals product: +0.5 Food per citizen and +1 Favor per Airport and tier 3 Commercial Hub and Harbor building in city where slotted. BUT: -0.5 Gold per citizen.
  • Polymer Plant: creates Plastic Goods product: +10 Gold to every Neighborhood in city where slotted. BUT: -2 Appeal in the whole city.
  • 4 - Keiretsu: renamed Japanese UB. No longer provides Science or Culture but +25% Production towards Projects instead.
IMPORTANT WARNING: For now, I added 36 objects for each product. The project will remain available if they have all been produced, but no more products will be generated. Likewise, if you finish the project but do not have an available product slot in any city, the created product will be lost immediately and permanently .

Compatibility and Recommendations

Requires Gathering Storm and Rise & Fall to download (because art assets from both are used), but Rise & Fall is not required to be active to play with the mod. Other DLC supported but not required.

This mod is compatible with JFD's Rule with Faith, P0kiehl's Civilizations Expanded, and CIVITAS' City States Expanded (CSE). The new buildings will receive the respective bonuses.

Compatible with all my other mods (including the Dojo).

If you want tier 4 buildings to receive bonuses from city states, you need CSE and activate the Ethiopia-style city state bonuses of that mod (via game mode option).

Compatible with any Specialists mod.

This mod is of course not compatible with other mods fundamentally changing the Industrial Zone.

JNR's Mod Series

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JNR  [author] 2 hours ago 
fixed Ma Jun and also updated the yield behavior of the Mills.
dasbachd 6 hours ago 
I love this mod so far, but is it correct, that all the added buildings don`t receive bonusses from city states? For example the bank still gives me +4 for every trade city states; guild hall and merchant quarter obviously don't give this bonus.
I always play with max. size maps, and lot of city states (with most of them being in souvereign-status to me), so these new buildings would be no alternatives...
JNR  [author] Apr 16 @ 9:08am 
ah, good catch, accidentally overwrote a modifier type. Will make an update this weekend already then.
Plati Apr 16 @ 5:24am 
Btw, some user has commented on my mod that hes experiencing issues with one of Great peoples. Possibly he implied your mod, copy-pasting his comment:

"The guy who adds +3 production from GWW gave +3 to all of that city's tiles instead (activated twice with mausoleum). Heavily modded game so could be conflict, but I don't really have anything that should affect great works"
JNR  [author] Apr 16 @ 4:56am 
saw it, thanks!
Plati Apr 16 @ 3:22am 
Alright, sent you photos on discord!
JNR  [author] Apr 16 @ 2:28am 
cool idea, you can also just send me the files and I'll add them so that the portraits automatically appear whenever a portrait mod is active. With authorship credit added, of course.
Plati Apr 16 @ 1:58am 
Hey, JNR, can I make a great people mod addon for this one (add unique portraits for your newly added Engineers) ? I'll set this as required mod, of course.
JNR  [author] Apr 8 @ 5:51pm 
oh right, this mod does that so that Wheels isn't so empty.
johnkwon05 Apr 8 @ 4:12pm 
I don't know if it is this mod or your other mods but ever since I have your mods on, requirement tech for Etemenanki got changed from writing to wheels. I would appreciate if you put that note on one of your mods