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GHJ's Layered Clothing DELUXE [Unity 2017]
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Jan 25, 2019 @ 8:38pm
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GHJ's Layered Clothing DELUXE [Unity 2017]

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The updated version of GHJ's Layered Clothing for Unity 2017! Contains BOTH content from the classic mod as well as Expansion Pack 1. If you are subscribed to either of the older versions, please use this instead.

Easy, accessible, and straightforward!
This incredibly simple mod allows you to layer clothing for extra protection, storage, and fashion. It is especially useful for both fully legit survival gameplay as well as roleplay! All of the clothing in this mod is craftable, simply by layering the outer layer with the inner layer. It has been meticulously made in such a way as to resemble the vanilla style exactly.

There are 100+ variants available to satisfy your fashion needs (there's also some easter eggs strewn about!) Any color of shirt or t-shirt can be used as the inner layer, as well as Plaid Shirts for some of them! Depending on the storage of the combined layers, you will get a slightly improved storage space that is also balanced so as not to be OP. The protection on the layered variants is the combined protection values of the two separate pieces of clothing. In addition, if you've decided you don't want it anymore, you can salvage it for the Cloth value of both pieces combined (though repair is also more expensive).

More info can be found in the descriptions of the old mod pages.
Classic: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1479604459
Expansion Pack 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537412228

Special thanks to ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow, AnimaticFreak, Davidoz, and CanadianMRE for helping me with the showcasing images as well as the overall development process. Also thanks to Craven for being a huge help in doing the update!

ID List [9100-9209]
The actual name of the item does NOT include the part in the parentheses.
Header format:
Clothing Type (Total grid space) (improvement versus vanilla)

Hoodies (6x3) (+3)
9100 Layered Black Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9101 Layered Black Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9102 Layered Blue Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9103 Layered Blue Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9104 Layered Green Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9105 Layered Green Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9106 Layered Orange Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9107 Layered Orange Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9108 Layered Purple Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9109 Layered Purple Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9110 Layered Red Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9111 Layered Red Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9112 Layered White Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9113 Layered White Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9114 Layered Yellow Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9115 Layered Yellow Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)

Parkas (7x3) (+3)
9116 Layered Black Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9117 Layered Black Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9118 Layered Blue Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9119 Layered Blue Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9120 Layered Green Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9121 Layered Green Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9122 Layered Orange Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9123 Layered Orange Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9124 Layered Purple Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9125 Layered Purple Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9126 Layered Red Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9127 Layered Red Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9128 Layered White Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9129 Layered White Parka (w/ White Shirt)
9130 Layered Yellow Parka (w/ Black Shirt)
9131 Layered Yellow Parka (w/ White Shirt)

Burgundy Hoodies (6x3) (+3)
9132 Burgundy Hoodie (precursor, unlayered)
9133 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Black Shirt)
9134 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Blue Shirt)
9135 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Green Shirt)
9136 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Orange Shirt)
9137 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Purple Shirt)
9138 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Red Shirt)
9139 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ White Shirt)
9140 Layered Burgundy Hoodie (w/ Yellow Shirt)

Construction Tops (4x4) (+4)
9141 Layered Construction Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9142 Layered Construction Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9143 Layered Construction Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9144 Layered Construction Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9145 Layered Construction Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9146 Layered Construction Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9147 Layered Construction Top (w/ White Shirt)
9148 Layered Construction Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)
9149 Layered Construction Top (w/ Plaid Top)

Engineer Tops (5x4) (+5)
9150 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9151 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9152 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9153 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9154 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9155 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9156 Layered Engineer Top (w/ White Shirt)
9157 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)
9158 Layered Engineer Top (w/ Plaid Top)

Farmer Tops (5x4) (+5)
9159 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9160 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9161 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9162 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9163 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9164 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9165 Layered Farmer Top (w/ White Shirt)
9166 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)
9167 Layered Farmer Top (w/ Plaid Top)

Fishing Tops (5x4) (+5)
9168 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9169 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9170 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9171 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9172 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9173 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9174 Layered Fishing Top (w/ White Shirt)
9175 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)
9176 Layered Fishing Top (w/ Plaid Top)

Grocer Tops (5x4) (+5)
9177 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9178 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9179 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9180 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9181 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9182 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9183 Layered Grocer Top (w/ White Shirt)
9184 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)
9185 Layered Grocer Top (w/ Plaid Top)

Suits (4x3) (+4)
9186 Layered Suit Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9187 Layered Suit Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9188 Layered Suit Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9189 Layered Suit Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9190 Layered Suit Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9191 Layered Suit Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9192 Layered Suit Top (w/ White Shirt)
9193 Layered Suit Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)

Tracksuits (7x2) (+4)
9194 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Black Shirt)
9195 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Blue Shirt)
9196 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Green Shirt)
9197 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Orange Shirt)
9198 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Purple Shirt)
9199 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Red Shirt)
9200 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ White Shirt)
9201 Layered Tracksuit Top (w/ Yellow Shirt)

Plaid Jackets (6x3) (+3)
9202 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Black Shirt)
9203 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Blue Shirt)
9204 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Green Shirt)
9205 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Orange Shirt)
9206 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Purple Shirt)
9207 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Red Shirt)
9208 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ White Shirt)
9209 Layered Plaid Jacket (w/ Yellow Shirt)

Replicating or reuploading any part of this mod without the explicit written or digitally recorded permission of Great Hero J will result in a DMCA takedown (or equivalent legal action).
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Donut Feb 7 @ 1:46am 
the mod is nice but the suits are so bad
Rusky Dec 13, 2019 @ 3:18pm 
Suggestion: More industrial shirts with hoodies.
squishysponge123 Dec 8, 2019 @ 4:51am 
This is the best mod ever! Now you have a reason to keep your clothes and you will have less problems with storage and look cool at the same time.
BlackWillow73@aol.com Nov 24, 2019 @ 1:09pm 
very nice mod; brings back some of the vanilla aspects while being a mod. Nice!
Bruno Nov 2, 2019 @ 12:35am 
Thank you great heroj, this mod makes me very happy.
Sironii Oct 27, 2019 @ 10:42am 
if the suits were open rather than closed that'd be much better, as right now the difference is barely noticeable..
R4C3R1337 Oct 18, 2019 @ 8:30am 
Maybe tops with tape on them? like tape on sleeves? it can add more protection or durability.
I really like your mod, you did a really good job!
Sebastianech04 Aug 29, 2019 @ 4:05pm 
Good mod,
It's simple clothes and I like that.
Great Hero J  [author] Aug 23, 2019 @ 7:38pm 
@Sully416 I designed this mod primarily with the intention of making inferior clothing more viable (and more fashionable too, as a result) as opposed to clothing that is already considered endgame. The Thief Top is already the best vanilla top in storage and military clothing is very much already the main choice for most players, plus there's a lot of mods out there that already focus on military and bandit style clothing.

You may understand then, why I do not plan to add layered versions of Thief or Military tops.
Sully416 Aug 23, 2019 @ 6:49pm 
Dunno if you're taking suggestions or not, but layering the Thief top and maybe military items would be very cool.