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Am I an important person? Meh.

Hello everyone! I currently play/follow games such as Unturned, CS:GO, RimWorld, TABS, Rocket League, Rust, and more! I use the name Great Hero J for every game I play.

I'm a prominent trader with Unturned/CS:GO items, so if you have any items you'd like to trade, there's a trade button at the top of this profile.

I am a content creator for Unturned. If you'd like to check out my mods, you can do so here .

I recreationally create original soundtracks. Here's my SoundCloud! []

I'm a retired admin of the Rust Wikia, this is my derelict page []

My friends policy, due to the rapid filling of my 370 friend roster, is that players that are the least active in the roster will be unfriended. So if you really wanna be my friend for some reason, stay active.

Here are some things you should probably know if you're my Steam friend:
-Try not to message me in-game, my computer is a tad on the slow side and the game is going to lag.
-If you see that I'm "Busy" that means I either have work to do or I'm managing something under-the-hood. Either that or I'm away/afk.
-If you see that I'm "Looking To Play" that means I'm playing on an alternate, lesser PC/device and I can't join you in a game or anything.
-If you see that I'm "Away", that means someone else is using my computer so don't try messaging me.
-If you see that I'm "Looking to Trade", something is terribly wrong. I never turn that status on.

P.S: If your profile is private please go away and go eat rocks for dinner.


Courtesy of an anonymous doge.
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Trade link above. I deal Unturned/CS:GO mainly. SMA is mandatory.

NOTE: If you have a third-party/trading site link in your profile description, your friend request will be autodeclined and you will be blocked. This is to prevent spam.
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Hi i buy your mythical add me
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Corner legend
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hey man, need help with Unturned, do you mind if i steal some of your time?
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hey , i 'm selling steam games for csgo skins
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I detect a little communism