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[WOTC] Enemy Within MEC Weapons
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[WOTC] Enemy Within MEC Weapons


Adds Heavy Chaingun, Heavy Railgun and Particle Projection Cannon from XCOM Enemy Within as SPARK Weapons.

These weapons are unlocked alongside normal SPARK weapons. They have slightly different stats in order to provide a meaningful alternative to existing weapons, but they can be easily converted into purely cosmetic options.
  • Heavy Chaingun - can deal slightly more damage than Autocannon, has more ammo, and uses a close range aim table, meaning it's more accurate up close, and less accurate at range.

  • Heavy Railgun - provides a bonus to critical chance, but deals less maximum damage than Helix Rail Cannon. Pierces armor.

  • Particle Projection Cannon - similar to Heavy Railgun, but better in most ways. Notably, it is more accurate at most ranges.

  • All three new weapons do not Shred armor, unless you use a Resistance Order or special ammo.

  • Additionally, you can enable a Tier 2 and Tier 3 Chainguns, and Tier 3 Railgun, if you want.


All config is done here:
You can edit weapon stats, or just flip the switches to make new weapons cosmetic, i.e. they will have the same stats as normal SPARK weapons.

This is also where you can add new abilities to these weapons and enable T2 and T3 versions of Heavy Chaingun and Heavy Railgun.


Should be compatible with everything, no class overrides or anything like that. Safe to add mid-campaign.

Compatible with [WOTC] Mechatronic Warfare: Total SPARK Overhaul, which changes SPARK weapons to be unlocked with Grenadiers' Cannon upgrades. My mod will detect if Mechatronic Warfare is loaded and act accordingly.


This mod was commissioned by SlayerOfKings.
Materials and projectiles done by E3245.
Enemy Within assets provided by Spart117MC.
Coding, modeling, animating, initial mod setup done by Iridar.
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Apr 20 @ 3:11pm
translate Korean
Mar 28 @ 9:04pm
Simplified Chinese Translation
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Iridar  [author] Mar 31 @ 9:06pm 
This happens if your SPARK or MEC doesn't have the Shredder ability. Normally it's given to them by default, but some workshop mod remove it.
For now you can fix this issue by setting the Shred stats of EW MEC weapons to 0 in this mod's XComEWMECWeapons.ini.

I'm trying to find a better way to remove shred from these weapons, but no luck so far.
ryousanko Mar 31 @ 7:07pm 
I´ve have had somethign of weird glith with this mod. Shots with these weapons, although ignore armor, for some reason, also give enemies even more armor if the shot isnt fatal
zxc2008 Mar 28 @ 9:05pm 
I translate the Simplified Chinese language for this mod.
Iridar  [author] Mar 11 @ 10:27am 
I would expect RM to make the weapon stats customizable through .ini in his mod.
neIVIesis Mar 11 @ 10:12am 
Yes, visually, but it won't port over all the stats for each weapon. Also, I am not sure he uses enough weapons to swap all of them, may be a couple. But thanks for the suggestion.
Iridar  [author] Mar 11 @ 10:09am 
You could do that through Weapon Skin Replacer.
neIVIesis Mar 11 @ 10:09am 
I'd love to see these being used by RealityMachina's Rogue XCOM raider faction
Iridar  [author] Feb 20 @ 4:31pm 
Sorry, I don't really have time to do something like that for free.
Selevan Feb 20 @ 4:28pm 
Any chance for vanilla/lw2 conversion?
Iridar  [author] Feb 20 @ 1:50pm 
They should.