Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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2018 Wingman Contest Collection
This is the collection of the 47 maps submitted for the 2018 Wingman Contest.

1/7/19 edit: The judging is over! You can see the results here:

3rd place: Pitstop by Quoting and Quadratic
2nd place: Bell by Huvaligen
1st place: Eternity by Squinky and T-R3x3r

Thanks to all who participated!!!
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Sewer (Wingman Map)
A wingman map made for the Source Engine competiton....
The Spooky Manor (Old Version)
Created by Squidski

The day before opening day at an American amusement park, the FBI has recieved information that terrorists are planning on destroying a new dark ride that seems to has been funded using taxpayer money against the will of the people.

This ma...
de_ostankino_RF [Wingman]
Created by ~Smith~


Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists
from fertilize the ether.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the
flower must fertilize one of the targets.


Other No...
Created by _spinz_
Some malicious tanks have been spotted at an old medieval castle in the Alps. The Terrorists have been informed and are on their way to blow up the castle yard. The Counter-Terrorists have been brought up to the castle to stop Terrorists from blowing it up...
de_design V2.0 Wingman
Created by Emzatin.
A 2vs2 map consisting of over 50 custom textures, sounds and luquids, made for the 2018 wingman contest.
the map is ct-sided, due to the fact that theres not direkt entrance to the bombsite for th terrorists (like overpass a site)

credit goes out to ...
Created by billionlioe
1 bombsite defuse map taking place in a Moorish Alcazar. Intended for wingman mode.

A Collaborative effort between Coolz and Billionlioe for the 2018 Wingman Level Design Contest...
Created by Dutchcrazygamer
This is a wingman map made by DutchCrazyGamer and the layout is made by Augustus. This map is made for the CSMapMakers 2018 Wingman Level Design Contest! (Made it in 1 and a half month because i did not know about the competititon when i started this map)...
de_oasis (wingman)
Created by Neek
Updates will be posted in the 'Change Notes' section as well as here:
- Removed tower surrounding skybox entity.
- Small optimisation fixes.

Created by dmu
Welcome to Rocamadour, France...

Our agents have recieved word that that the French Military is hiding weapons of war inside the Abbey. A charge of C4 will easily correct their mistake.

- Phoenix Connexion

Roca is a 2v2 Wingman map that innovates ...
de_Courtyard - wingman
Created by TheOceanSunfish
This is my submission for the r/csmapmakers wingman competition!

This is my first map so please feel free to provide me with as much feedback and advice that you have. This was a fun project to make and I look forward to refining it and creating more in t...
Created by pebby
I started building this map about a month ago after looking for something to do, on the CSGOMapmaker reddit and saw that there was a contest. So I decided to sit down and to get to work!
I wish I had recorded my screen while I worked because I had A LOT ...
Created by Squink
High above the world on a lost mountain, a dormant volcano begins spewing out a mysterious liquid. Arcas Industries immediately claims ownership, but what are their nefarious intentions? And more importantly, can two lone terrorists stop them?

WINNER of...
Created by banana's_booty
Wingman map....
Created by stboncho
The terrorists are trying to blow up an abandoned hotel and the CTs were sent to stop them....
Station [Beta v0.85.1]
Created by morozov
The map is created for the CSMapMakers 2018 Wingman Level Design Contest.

It is a beta version of the map "Station"....
Weiden (Wingman)
Created by Stark ❤
This is my frist map that I got to a proper playable version (yay)

It is set in a mansion in the mountains of Italy, which is owned by a russian diplomat. Italian Terrorist try to frighten the russian goverment by blowing up this house.

I created some of...
de_quaint (Wingman)
Created by Bread
When a bridge in this unnamed UK village is damaged, the canal is drained to allow re-construction. Before the SAS can arrive to investigate a possible terrorist threat. The Professionals arrive on the scene to finish the job!

Can the SAS stop them from...
Created by Griffin
Azir - Wingman
Map made for CSMapMakers reddit Wingman Contest 2018

Terrorists planned to attack delivery at small italian town while the SAS team defend it.

👍 Thumb up and comment if you like the map 👍
Created by Lefty
An all new Wingman map located in the cascading mountains of Oregon!

Terrorist plan to destroy a main pipeline up at a remote facility. Due to concerns over the dishonesty of the Company's business practices. It's up to Counter-Terrorist forces to put a...
Created by Joe Biden Gaming
Set in Italy, and inspired by the Amalfi Coast. Invite your friends and jump into a match on Vinity....
de_dusty (WIP) (Wingman)
Created by KlixX
A wingman map set in an arabic town.

Brodo Swaggins
... no one else :(
If someone can playtest it with freinds, give feedback on what to fix or do to make the map better.

To do list:
-Make most of the buildings
-Textue them
-Add a 3D sky...
Created by Squad
Contest Entry (WIP)

A pair of Terrorists is out to destroy a mysterious delivery at a highway rest area.

Most custom props and materials by Yanzl.
Some custom props and materials by Skybex and Rick_D....
Created by Razor
A remote musiem located some were in Europe the area has been excivated and has been found that it had significant historic uses and religious backgrounds. The construction has been stopped due to a legal battle with some locals saying the construction is ...
Created by ewio
made for the r/csmapmakers competition

Executives from Trough Enterprises will do anything to gain an edge over their business rival, Peak Shopping Centers Inc. They target PSC's structurally weakest building. Execute or foil their plan.

Various asse...
Created by MaNuTeNcEiRo♛

This is my entry to the CSMapMakers Reddit Wingman Map Contest
Please Rate and Favorite my map to help me :)

Wingman Map

Terrorists stormed a laboratory on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and began using...
Created by Quoting
In this rapid paced scenario, play as the terrorists to execute a bomb plot on the pitlane of a European street race track. Fast cars with even faster round times; fight to reach pole position in this wingman ...
de_cleopatra [beta]
Created by pheelwell
Still wip...
Created by Huvaligen
The Separatists threaten to blow up a mediterranean clocktower with an ancient golden bell. It is now up to the FBI to stop them!...
rio (wingman)
Created by WilkyMay
"Unhappy with the presence of security forces, a local faction decides to blow up a bomb on a highly populated area."
I really hope you enjoy my first wingman map, it was made for the csmapmakers 3rd Mapping contest.
I'll keep updating the map with your fe...
Created by C-NAP
De_airship is a wingman map on a small steampunk based airship. The map was created for participating in the csmapmakers contest. Started a bit late but did the best I could and I sure hope you'll enjoy.

All custom textures are from the website texture...
N2-Gate facility
N2- It doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done,
as long as you can pay, we will keep you safe.

N2-gate facility EXERCISE#665 2v2 Attack/Defend

Exercise description:

All security personnel will be t...
Created by wylde
New wingman map for the r/csmapmakers' wingman map contest.

Currently finished for the December 16, 2018 deadline.

Any fixes/updates will come after judging ends.

Modern car dealership.

Assets primarily from Resort and Breach's publicly release...
Created by Sil3ncer
Name: de_rab
Version: 1.1
Gamemode: Wingman / Competitive 2on2
Created by: Sil3ncer & YukkiTimmy
de_cleanup (wingman) WIP
Created by esspho
To get rid of some troublesome evidence a band of outlaws is bent on wrecking the hospital morgue.

Feedback is very much appreciated.
Created by Eigelb
A Wingman map based in a rocket factory.

Props by de_breach , de_agency , de_campus...
Created by ZeLz Storm
A bomb defusal map set in a centre of Tokyo's Shopping district named Akihabara!

During routine road-maintenance an unexploded World War 2 bomb is exposed, causing fears that a segment of Akihabara could be destroyed if the situatio...
Crimson [Wingman]
Crimson Heart is not responsible for any deaths or explosions

This map is my submission into the Source Engine Discord's wingman mapping contest.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Special thanks to Terri00 for his amazing radar generator!...
De_Starbound [Wingman]
Created by Stooky
This is my submission to the r/csmapmakers wingman competition. I have worked on it for the past few months in my spare time off from school and im pretty satisfied with the progress so far. If you have any feedback, feel free to comment below.

I gave i...
Created by [
a map taking place in and around a warehouse in West virginia....
Wetwork (Wingman)
Created by DARK
An unfinished water Purification plant is under attack! You know the rest.

This level is still a work in progress so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

This is my submission for the 2018 r/csmapmakers wingman level design contest!

Special t...
Created by crazy man CEANGA
Map for the /r/csmapmakers Wingman contest.

Layout testing is done.
Detailing is finally finished.
Final entry for the contest.