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Combat Extended Guns
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 2:29pm
Jun 15 @ 11:36pm
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Combat Extended Guns

This mod is also available on Github[github.com].


CE Guns is an addon to CE which adds a selection of guns specifically designed to interact with new CE mechanics. These include weapon types that are missing from vanilla, e.g. belt-fed machine guns, anti-tank rocket launchers, etc. It is highly recommended that you install this if you're not using another gun mod that adds these things, as they fill niches in gameplay that are missing from vanilla's weapon lineup.

New weapons and weapon types include the SKS, AK-47, FN FAL, SVD, Hecate II, RPD, PKM, M60, RPG-7, M72 LAW, and more.

Note: The flamethrower uses Jellied Promethium, crafted at the Drug Lab.

This should be loaded after the Combat Extended main mod in your load order.
You can find the vanilla Rimworld version here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1587381007
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GrEL.Stratégos Jun 28 @ 1:32pm 
I saw that the big 105 has a massive range that far eclipses the map you play on. Does that mean it can attack enemy bases? I would love to know before I invest a ton of resources into a massive firebase.
Big Dicc Marty Jun 17 @ 7:58am 
Are they getting their ears clipped off? If so, then it doesn't matter that it was a .50 BMG, if they catch one in their heart, they WILL go down
Kyuubi365 May 10 @ 7:02pm 
Why are enemies surviving multiple 50bmg AP-I hits when they have no armor whatsoever, that should be a one shot insta kill/limb removal
Scrumpledorph May 5 @ 1:28pm 
Flintlock pistol needing components kills their usefulness as an early step up from bows for a tribal start, and makes no sense given that components are meant to be a modern level tech.
DRDR May 3 @ 10:45pm 
My hunter is using his Hecate II at point blank range for some reason?
󠀿 Apr 30 @ 6:19am 
We have RPG 7. We have RPG 32 projectiles but no superior MANPATS to use it with? I would love to see more "smart" weaponry in Rimworld. If there is a mod that I am unaware of that adds this, point me in the direction of my ATGMs. If there isn't would love to see these be implemented.
tipofthemorning Apr 24 @ 9:36am 
because the tac 50 is ugly :)
Ryye Apr 24 @ 4:36am 
Why was the Tac-50 removed all of a sudden?
IngoKnieto Apr 24 @ 4:23am 
You'll need to delete loadouts containing the Tac-50, opening them will cause a crash
IngoKnieto Apr 24 @ 4:20am 
For everyone looking for the Hecate II using the search function: it's Hécate II with an apostrophe on the e ;)