Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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just to bundle up all the village,ruins, npcstuff of mine. stuff that adds to making the world look more interesting or alive basicly. or nice stuff to explore.

(will probably mostly be bases in terms of category.)

(you free to use/modify this for your own scenario/server/etc.)

village = tribal/low tech settlements so far
NPCstuff = buildings with alien crew blocks. mostly some npc base/outpost/deco stuff
ruin = desterted stuff with no people, no necessary damaged blocks.
(damaged) = if it contains damaged/destroyed blocks and
(intact) = if i created a normal version, before i added damaged/destroyed blocks.

PS: please feel free to use/modify all other things i build for scenarios, even things not in the list/collection, i don't mind. these are just items i build specificly as non player stuff in mind.

Dropbox folder Empyrion (contains stuff with forbidden blocks, mostly POI's):

Feel free to upload/modify/update/... my builds how you like and upload them to the workshop, i don't mind at all (includes older builds on the workshop too).
Concering linking: do as you like.
Items (27)
Village 1 - BA
Created by sulusdacor
npc tribal village type thing

has normal core and no spawn points etc. just normal base looking like it.
8.6 messed some light setting up, i havent redone these.
so probably have to edit to acutally use it for npcs ingame

(uses default 1 colors)...
Village 2 - BA
Created by sulusdacor
npc tribal village type thing for swamp/water area

has normal core and no spawn points etc. just normal base looking like it.
8.6 messed some light setting up, i havent redone these.
so probably have to edit to acutally use it for npcs ingame

Village 3 - BA
Created by sulusdacor
npc nomad/tent village type thing for arid/desert area

has normal core and no spawn points etc. just normal base looking like it.

(uses default 1 colors)...
Village 4 - BA
Created by sulusdacor
bit viking type village with church type building + bell tower and small cemetary

it has a bunch of the new tribal deco(mostly me trying soem stuff out)
some sitting deco seemed to disappear on me, thats why there are no tables

it has a boat, but it...
NPCstuff 1 - fish farm - BA
Created by sulusdacor
has all container/door stuff set to code 0000

it's a fishbreeding/farming post (or whatever liquid creature aliens eat^^). they basicly breed the things and sell them on a bit of diner/snack bar type in the back. more intented to be a bit of a deco thin...
NPCstuff 2 - raft - BA
Created by sulusdacor
all container&co set to 0000

again a bit of a flair/deco thing like the single fishing hut ingame.
you could possibly replace the alien on the map and the bench for some sort of trader. so this could be a single trader that move along a river/sea.

NPCstuff 3 - crawler - BA
Created by sulusdacor
mechanical bug - crawler - exploration/mining type npc base thing, probably more for a bit deserted/hostile area.

"as the clouds give way to the planet surface, you see a large metal beast. some people are working around it. either it seems to be broken...
NPCstuff 4 - fishing platform - BA
Created by sulusdacor
fishing station with some working alien's and place to live/work there

deco type building to explore.
overall it is intended to stand a bit higher. i build a side stair thing so you can dock.

(uses default 2 colors)

NPCstuff 5 - Research North - BA
Created by sulusdacor
research north npc base for some snow region

bit of a season type build for christmas

Buried deep under the snow in the north lies a place of mystical things - Research North ☾❄☽

option to convert this into a full fledged npc tradin...
NPCstuff 6 - Research Wind - BA
Created by sulusdacor
npc research base wind ( it has some wind tunnel type things. otherwise quite generic npc base.)

- intended to be build on water, but i added elevators, so not really specific
- bunch of areas/containers: housing(H),misc storage(S),cargo storag...
Ruin 1 - tent(damaged) - BA
Created by sulusdacor
destroyed tent, with fireplace type thing and some water jug

has no core

1 container, so there is some incentive to check it out

not really in intact version, a bit copied form my village 3:
Ruin 2 - bones(damaged) - ba
Created by sulusdacor
bones of some beast/monster, mostly head (maybe dragon,dont know)

has no core

1 container hidden inside,to give some exploration incentive

intact version here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577693318

Ruin 2 - bones(intact) - ba
Created by sulusdacor
bones of some beast/monster, mostly head (maybe dragon,dont know)

has core, 1 container

(since i build it intact first, thought might be worth uploading too.)

ruined version (and more pictures): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?...
Ruin 3 - Temple of big ears - BA
Created by sulusdacor
this temple seems to be devoted to a strange god looking like a cute robot.
his looks might be deceiving.

Will you out smart Big Ears or will he be your downfall ;)

break a leg adventurer XD


small spot to get some loot if you have your w...
Ruin 4 - strange stones - BA
Created by sulusdacor
jump and run riddle thingy (with jetpack on, this becomes probably a joke)

1core, generator,fuel tank

there is a container at the top
(near the top, opens with motionsensor)

(had to build all out of combat steel, since the trap doors only have th...
Ruin 5 - Temple of Dux - BA
Created by sulusdacor
a strange god with pointy ears and multiple arms rules these halls.

will you be able to read the sign's that dux gives you and trust in his power?

break a leg adventurer XD


small spot to get some loot if you have trust and are attentive, ...
Ruin 6 - statue head construction side - BA
Created by sulusdacor
build in the 9.0 experimental

abandoned contrustion side of some big head

some loot/boxes to get to in different ways.
small jump/run outside and "small riddle type thing" inside

@jump/run: 2 routes, the way along the front side of the head is in...
Ruin 7 - Temple of Sah - BA
Created by sulusdacor
(build in 9.0)

temple of sah

asecend like the wise man sah ;)

break a leg adventurer^^


lore XD :
a strange thought flashes through your mind, when entering. with a red hat with white fur he just looks like ... nah this could not ...
Ruin 8 - raft wreckage (damaged) - BA
Created by sulusdacor
damaged raft

no core

1 container

you might need to add some support if you wanne place this in deeper waters

no intact version, slightly like the raft before in this list,just smaller

(uses default 1 colors)...
Ruin 9 - tower ruin (damaged) - BA
Created by sulusdacor
some type of research/observation tower or even lighthouse, that is badly damaged

has core, some solar and 1 cargo box and few tech things you can loot. + solar panels

intended to be placed in water, but works on land too (picture), added the stairs ...
Ruin 10 - weird shrine - BA
Created by sulusdacor
strange/weird sturcture/shrine


not sure if this was build by aliens for their god or for other reasons?

do not get killed adventurer ;)


has with 1 container

some additional infos that are spoilery:
a bit of a trap thingy...
Ruin 11 - bones (damaged) - BA
Created by sulusdacor
bones of a thing you dont wanne meet alive

has no core...
Ruin 12 - Temple of Logi - BA
Created by sulusdacor
the rules you don't see, but still exit.
the order of the universe that rules, lies in one hand.

this strange god seems to wield this power.

welcome to the halls of Logi.

break a leg adventurer ;)


Ruin 13 - crashed ship - BA
Created by sulusdacor
mostly inside (+turrets) striped version of dropbase 9 crashed ship, so this could be an potential abandoned base you can loot and overtake. since i felt this would look nice in a world for worldbuilding.

base version, dropbase 9:
Ruin 14 - skybeam - BA [ Alpha 10 ]
Created by sulusdacor
destroyed device thing

(build for the zero-G abandoned structures challenge)

- 2 boxes = 1 open, 1 more hidden ( and the power deco thing you can potentially loot)

lore stuff:
[an editors sidenote in the encylopedia galactica suddenly ...
Ruin 15 - tatoonie pillar - BA [Alpha 10]
Created by sulusdacor
not really a ruin, just a deco thing. but yeah fits the category somewhat. no loot here, just for looks.

(used in t3-m4 screenshots)

(since it might take quite a while till i upload the whole thing, thought might put this in + test if filler blocks c...
POI 1 - Zirax Cloning Facility - BA [Alpha 10 Placeholder]
Created by sulusdacor

(since it contains forbidden blocks), you can download the POI from my Dropbox empyrion folder:

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Cardinal Sep 8 @ 7:29pm 
Yup, this list is pretty rad
Schlagschinken [GER] Dec 8, 2018 @ 10:52am 
i love your NPC bases. would be cool seeing them really being NPC buildings in worlds-