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[WOTC] Alien Elite Pack
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Nov 11 @ 2:39pm
Nov 14 @ 12:38pm
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[WOTC] Alien Elite Pack

Ever wonder why sectoid,viper and muton fell off mid to late game? This mods adds a stronger variant of those aliens.

== Enemies ==
-Muton Elite
-Sectoid Commander
-Viper Elite

== Autopsy ==
The muton elite have an autopsy that rewards a new item, "Personal shield Vest":
-Grand the ability Personal shield:
-Start with 2 charges.
-Add 3 ablative armor for only 1 turn.
-It is a free action

The muton corpses are only required for the autopsy, so you will not have problem when you stop to encounter them.
The sectoid and the viper corpses are used in some items, so the elite variants drop the same corpses.

== Advantages over the standalone aliens ==
This mods improve the spawn rates, so you will encounter more variety of enemys.
If you are gonna play with all these aliens, I recommend you use this version because you will encounter more variety of enemies. With the other 3 mods toghether some vanilla aliens will have less change to appears.

== Compatibility ==
This mod is compatible with ABA and other mod that modify the vanilla encounter list, but you may encounter more vanilla enemies and less Elite and ABA units.
This mod is not compatible with the standalone version of these aliens.

== Thank to ==
Pavonis Interactive: This mod uses models from the Long War Alien Pack.
@Kobazco: This mod uses the model from the Elite Viper mod for vanilla.
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ChaosMadeFlesh Dec 9 @ 5:19pm 
I'm using the standalone, yes. I would prefer to use this since it is 1 mod instead of 3. :)
Anyways, good job you're doing. :)
hectorzx  [author] Dec 9 @ 3:38pm 
@ChaosMadeFlesh The spawn rate of vanilla units should be doubled with both mods, but since you have more enemies, should not be a problem, anyways, you can always use the standalone version of each Elite alien instead of the pack which does not alter the spawn rates of vani8lla units.
ChaosMadeFlesh Dec 9 @ 3:24pm 
If the encounters will actually grab more of the vanilla units.
I'm using ABA and would like to have these guys showing up a bit more regularly than (or at least as much as) the vanilla guys.

Since you said you'd talk with derk about this topic...
hectorzx  [author] Dec 9 @ 2:35pm 
@ChaosMadeFlesh what you wanna know?
ChaosMadeFlesh Dec 9 @ 2:30pm 
"ABA and this mod are compatible, but maybe you will encounter more vanilla units and less ABA and elite units(i am not sure, i will talk with derk)"

Any news about this?
SpwnMoarOverlrds Nov 13 @ 4:35pm 
Sectoid Mars Attack alien...TBH I find the regular mutons strong enough but the sectoid quickly becomes 1 shot fodder and cant even survive a mag rifle crit.
hectorzx  [author] Nov 12 @ 1:57am 
@jweller12 You cna use each standalone versions of the enemis that you can find in the enemies section.
ABA and this mod are compatible, but maybe you will encounter more vanilla units and less ABA and elite units(i am not sure, i will talk with derk)
jweller12 Nov 12 @ 1:55am 
hectorzx  [author] Nov 12 @ 1:54am 
@Granat Yes, you can check when they appears if you click on the link in the enemies section.
ABA is a better advent, another mod that adds a lot of enemies and more thinks.
jweller12 Nov 12 @ 1:53am 
so is it possible to add on to the aba encounter list, if you get permission from derbk? i like enemy variety.