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Loyalty in America - Louisiana
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Loyalty in America - Louisiana

From the creator of Dominium Balticum and The Reworked Focusses mod comes now 'Loyalty In America'

Loyalty in America is a small Alt-History mod I've worked on before DOD. The mod was ended early however, due to the constant updating of HOI4. I have thus recently decided to revamp this mod from the dead, creating a scenario that most HOI4 players can probally enjoy.

Loyalty in America ISN'T a total overhaul mod like Kaiserreich, but more a small alternate history scenario based on the idea 'What if Louisiana wasn't a state, but an actual nation?' While this scenario isn't in most ways historically plausible, it's made with eye for detail as to ensure that most basic functions of HOI4 are available for the star of the mod: 'The Federal Republic of Louisiana'.

This mod will probally be updated when MtG comes out (if I have time), but I'll have to see for any further updates, as I'm also busy being the Head Developer of an actual overhaul mod, called Dimmed Lamps in Europe.
discord for DL: https://discord.gg/FjA7Qnw

If you find any game-breaking bugs, please tell me in the Steam comments or PM me on Discord (username is erwin_rommel#0472, cause why not)

Hope you have fun with the mod!
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X-Liner Nov 17 @ 4:57pm 
The tricolor flag was used by royalty
Doom Guy Nov 16 @ 6:12pm 
the tricolor flag of france isnt royaliste. its republicain.
dja_blankemeijer  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:21pm 
CSA_American_CivilWar Nov 12 @ 12:13pm 
Is this compatible with all the mods? (like better map)
dja_blankemeijer  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:17am 
I have observed that most of the time, the mod is having trouble switching the name based on ideology. I'm guessing that it's because I messed with the event cooldown thing, but dont worry, it's nothing important or gamebreaking
AquilaSim Nov 11 @ 7:35pm 
oh also wondered if it's normal if the name of the country doesn't change when Charles Maurras is the leader ?
AquilaSim Nov 11 @ 7:25pm 
Amazing mod but please, add a focus for Orléanists and Charles Maurras to reconquer France or to restore mornachy in France with coup d'etat for example.
dja_blankemeijer  [author] Nov 11 @ 12:03pm 
For the US - when Louisiana declares war on the US and the US is on more than 70% capitulation
Spectre Nov 11 @ 11:59am 
I have been at war and lost on purpose but no coup
Spectre Nov 11 @ 11:59am 
which war and how does it fire?