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Skirmish Mode+
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Skirmish Mode+

Allow you to use ALL equipments in Skirmish instead of a predefined list, this will allow modded items to show up on the equipment list, in addition to fixing custom classes' weapons or custom SPARK/hero classes' armors resulting in an empty list. This mod also filters conflicting utility items so the settings don't reset when you accidentally select 2 grenades in both utility slots.

- Removes the 6 unit limit for XCOM squad, note that squad size above 9 will have invalid spawn points if you don't have the mod to increase spawn size.
- import your character pool to use your favorite soldiers!
- customize weapon upgrades of any base weapons, just like in the full game, weapons with pre-installed upgrades cannot be customized.
- customize force/alert level of enemies
- select the specific map you want to play on
- save the skirmish settings to re-use later.
- picking aliens in your squad. Note that some aliens are not made with xcom controllable in mind and will produce weird behaviours, this mod will not change those behaviours.
- ini config support for custom enemy types

Overrides UITLE_SkirmishModeMenu
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Spectre 13 minutes ago 

yo, I have a small request to make, is it possible to change the whole LEADER and FOLLOWER system of the individual characters to something where EVERY character is BOTH a leader and follower of every character? I forgot which file has the config for determining who is a leader and follower of who, but maybe you can make a small mod or something like a base where it'll be possible to add in our own custom unit names or w/e? imo, the whole leader-follower system is stupid and prevents anyone from making a REAL custom squad....PLEASE do consider this.

thanks and bye! If it isn't possible, are there ANY alternatives?
Spectre Nov 11 @ 11:25pm 
@-bg- ah okay. Well, I guess we'll just make do with whatever it is we have!

@badassgrunt add me, it seems my custom enemy squad works (for now hopefully), I'll share some configs later on....
-bg-  [author] Nov 11 @ 1:04pm 
impossible, the relevant config is read to a const variable so you cannot change it once the game starts, so it has to be in the config for the proper format in the first place.
Spectre Nov 11 @ 10:24am 
Okay, I think @-bg- should include a cut down version of the XcomEncounters. ini and the XComGameData_CharacterStats .ini, becuase there are some interesting vars there that allow more control of followers, max chars per group, etc......
badassgrunt Nov 11 @ 10:05am 
Yeah, still not working.
Spectre Nov 11 @ 9:33am 
so if I wanted exactly ONE of each specific unit with EQUAL spawnweight, I would....?
KhaosByDesign Nov 10 @ 8:36pm 
How do I increase my pod sizes? No matter what I change they're all just a single unit
-bg-  [author] Nov 10 @ 2:12pm 
just like my example, make 2 lists instead. disable bosses disables special boss spawns including gatekeepers and sectopods that is forced spawned by mission types. spawn weight is literally just the % chance for each enemy to spawn, if you have a sectoid with 1 weight and advent trooper with 2 weight in the follower list, a 4 man pod size will typically have a leader, 1 sectoid and 2 advent trooper.
Spectre Nov 9 @ 9:42pm 

so uh.....any solutions??????? Also, what do the spawnweight and disablebosses options do?
-bg-  [author] Nov 9 @ 6:19pm 
I think the game hates it when you make leaders and followers using the same encounter list