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Eye on the Reich
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Sep 26 @ 6:27pm
Oct 7 @ 8:28am
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Eye on the Reich

This HOI IV mod is an immersive mod that focuses on Germany. The mod uses historical emblems and does NOT promote National Socialism.

The Wehrmacht expanded rapidly during the late 1930's and it continued to evolve through-out the war. Eye on the Reich adds historical content that shows how these changes shaped various divisions of the Heer, Waffen-SS, and the Fallschirmjager. Luftwaffe unit insignia's have also been added for various wings, and the Kriegsmarine has expanded u-boot technology that covers all of the major u-boot types for Germany.

The mod should only be played as Germany (as a German ai is not coded for using this mod). It has been created and tested with the main HOI IV DLC's. A-Historic play has been tested with the mod and the mod seems to work as it is designed. However, it is difficult to test for different strategies and inconsistencies may occur.

An in-game help system has been added to assist players with the mod.

Important game files have been changed to create this mod, and most likley the mod will not work with other mods. It has not been test with any other mod.
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urby Nov 10 @ 10:41am 
ok thx
PvtPlug  [author] Nov 10 @ 9:37am 
@urby There seems to be some over lap in the game files that are changed. One of the mods will most likely be broken.
urby Nov 10 @ 1:47am 
is it road to 56 compatabile
PvtPlug  [author] Nov 8 @ 7:26am 
@Saness I talked to +Grudge+ and he re-subscribed to the mod. He said everything works fine. So, I do not know what advice I can give you.
Sadness Nov 5 @ 6:16am 
@PvtPlug no I don’t have another mods
PvtPlug  [author] Nov 4 @ 8:53pm 
@Sadness: do you have other mods loaded? If these mods change the national focus or techs then it is possilbe that they have written over Eye on the Reichs files.
PvtPlug  [author] Nov 4 @ 3:19pm 
@D I O In future updates I would like to add in all the Pz-Div insignias, but with the option to play with out them. We have already added a lot of unique division insignias and it simply takes time to get more of them into the mod. With our next update we will have new events for 1., 2., 3., Pz.-Div that add in Panther battalions in 1943.
Sadness Nov 2 @ 2:22pm 
I dont have names of focuses and researches
D I O Oct 31 @ 3:31pm 
@+Grudge+ that makes me sad man ;_;
+Grudge+  [author] Oct 31 @ 11:14am 
@D I O: Atm, there are only events for the 1.-3. Pz.-Div.