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Vassalization Rebalance
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Sep 20 @ 3:46pm
Sep 30 @ 10:50am
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Vassalization Rebalance

Compatible with Game Version: 2.1.3

Mod Version: 1.3

Basically vassalization is far more difficult than it should be. When I have such an incredibly powerful empire, the tiny empires shouldn't be so stubborn as to accept total destruction rather than a gracious vassalization.
I would like to be a gracious overlord, but they always force my hand. No more!
No more neighboring empires requirement, easier vassalization, and your friendly neighborhood fallen empires will bow before your might.

-=I have rebalanced pre-war vassalization to some more sensible numbers=-

- Subjugation War Timer was doubled to 720 days, it always felt like it went away annoyingly fast.
- Vassalization no longer requires you to be "neighboring" empires, this was annoying mainly due to hyperlane chokepoints.
- Vassalization/Protectorate modifier was reduced from -50 to -20, now AI should vassalize each other more easily and they will be less stubborn towards you.
- Tributary modifier was reduced from -50 to -15, it makes sense for tributary to be a more agreeable fate than pure vassalization.
- You can vassalise fallen/awakened empires, if you are somehow that powerful and in that good of standing why should you not be able?
- Increased max values for things like tech(protectorate), power difference, and threat level. Previously these were capped at 20 or 100 for power difference; there is no reason to cap them at 20. All are capped at at least 100
- Decreased the power difference multiplier ever so slightly, just so increasing the power difference multiplier is a bit more fesable.
- The acceptance based on pops was reduced, protecting your people through vassalization makes more sense than attempting an impossible war.
- Empires no longer have to be friendly to be vassalized, previously it was -1000 to anything but friendly, which really makes no sense when you consider power differences; it is now simply -20 which is doable when you consider other changes I made. I'd rather dislike my overlord than have my planets glassed. It should be noted that if they really hate you then they still will have -1000, I left that in for people who would rather die than submit.
- Border distance multiplier was greatly reduced, you still won't be able to vassalize from across the galaxy, but neighbors on the wrong side of the hyperlane chokepoint will still be possible.
- Slightly increased the weight of technologies to protectorate modifier, from 0.1 to 0.2
- Doubled the monthly cost of subject integration from 5 to 10 influence, this halves the time required for integration
- Tripled the max stored influence amount due to the above change (now 1500 and 3000)
- Reduced integration influence cost by about 30% so that empires aren't bankrupt from influence
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Woob Oct 13 @ 2:33pm 
Thank you for this little mod! I couldn't stand that I had to border to a vassal-target by a hyperlane to be able to issue the demand. Your other changes also look good :p2chell:
baronjutter Oct 12 @ 11:27pm 
I think the civic is only tied to certain governments, which seems odd to me. Allowing vassals to claim systems and expand should be more of a toggle rather than a government type.
Sumrex  [author] Oct 12 @ 11:21pm 
@baronjutter I could certainly look into more vassalization things, as I have said in the past my Stellaris modding knowledge is very limited so any actual additions will take me awhile.
There is a civic that allows vassals to expand, you might want to look into that (unless you dont want to waste the point)
baronjutter Oct 12 @ 4:13pm 
This is a great little mod, but I've been looking for one that lets my vassals still expand, as well as something that perhaps lets me "enforce ideology" on my vassals, or makes them my ethos/government if I take them in war. All the mods that did this are a year out of date it seems. Any chance you might look into adding some options like those?
snakehorde Oct 7 @ 1:17am 
since it litteraly changes a core game mechanic, i think not
Hermicky Oct 3 @ 9:12am 
is this mod Ironman compatible?
Sumrex  [author] Sep 30 @ 11:28am 
The change is in, time should be significantly shorter but it will destroy your influence income so you'll need to have a stockpike before integrating. I have increased the max influence amount so that you can really stockpile before a large integration
Draco Lander Sep 30 @ 11:25am 
Maybe, but i don't want to wait 200+ months to integrate vassal that is less than half of my size (don't know how many pops they have) when all i want to do is to enslave them. I know i could release them and then declare war, but they will run to Protector Awakened Empire asap... :|
gerardx17 Sep 30 @ 10:53am 
Personally, i think integration speed is fine as it is.
Draco Lander Sep 30 @ 10:21am 
Doesn't matter for me as long as integration will be faster.