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Mods by Jaxe
A collection of mods I have created for RimWorld. Every one of these mods can be added or removed from an existing game at any time. I do my best to make sure each mod blends into the vanilla game as seamlessly as possible and strive to ensure compatibility with any other mods.

Why would you need my mods?

RimHUD - If you find yourself constantly switching from the Health, Bio and Needs tabs and would prefer if all that information was displayed at once.

Interaction Bubbles - If you want a way to read social interactions as they happen without clicking on a pawn and going to the social tab.

Pawn Rules - If you want to assign food policies to your colonists, guests, prisoners and animals. There are other non-food related rules you can apply too but this is the highlight feature.

Animal Food Restrictions - If you want to disallow your animals from eating certain foods.

Toggle Harvest - If you want to sow a growing zone and let it grow but do not want to harvest it yet, perhaps a tree farm that you'd prefer to leave alone as you have enough wood already.

Collapser - If you want a way of getting rid of overhead mountains in a very simplistic way. Overhead mountains will be removed when they collapse but only if it's on the edge of a mountain so you could technically remove a whole mountain as long as you work from the outside inwards.

BoomMod - If you want a way to kill Boomalopes and Boomrats without them exploding then you can with this mod, as long as you don't use firearms.

More Random Seeds - If you're tired of getting the same seeds over and over when creating a new world. This changes the seed generated into a unique numeric one.

Publisher Plus - If you are a modder and all your source files are in the same folder you want to upload you would normally have to move them out before uploading. With this mod you can exclude files and folders from your published mod.

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Created by Jaxe
RimHUD is a UI mod that displays detailed information about a selected character or creature. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect pane which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alternatively, the HUD can display a separate floating...
Interaction Bubbles
Created by Jaxe
Wouldn't it be great if you could read character interactions? Well you can, in the social log... or with Interaction Bubbles Shows bubbles when characters perform a social interaction with the text that would normally only be found in the log. This allows...
Pawn Rules - Food policies and more
Created by Jaxe
Tired of feeding your prisoners Lavish Meals? Need your animal handlers to stop bonding with livestock? Want a colonist to avoid getting a new lover? Have a worker on construction duty but shouldn't be building artistic furniture? Pawn Rules is a mod that ...
Animal Food Restrictions
Created by Jaxe
Unlocks food restrictions for animals which can be changed in the health tab. This mod does not provide any GUI to modify animal restrictions so a mod like RimHUD is needed to actually set the restrictions. Anything else? https://i.imgur.com/dBYgX93.png ht...
Toggle Harvest
Created by Jaxe
Adds an Allow Harvest toggle to Growing Zones alongside the already existing Allow Sowing button. Useful for farms where you're not ready to harvest yet but don't want to forbid it as you still would like to sow. Chat with me on Discord...
Created by Jaxe
Remove overhead mountains on collapse as long as there is non-overhead mountain roof next to the collapse. Without this mod there is no way to remove overhead mountain, no matter how many times it collapses it does not go away. With this mod if an overhead...
Created by Jaxe
With this mod Boomalopes and Boomrats will only explode on death when the killing blow is a gunshot, burn, another explosion or they are otherwise on fire at the time. Melee weapons, medieval ranged weapons and natural causes do not trigger an explosion. T...
More Random Seeds
Created by Jaxe
Alters the Randomize seed button when creating a new world. Instead of a single word, seeds can be generated in a variety of custom formats with random digits or letters. Does not affect existing game seeds this is only changes what that one button does wh...
Created by Jaxe
Provides extended options for publishing mods to the Steam Workshop. This 'mod' has no effect on gameplay and should only be used by mod developers who intend to upload to the Steam platform. Probably the most useful feature of this mod is the ability to e...
Created by Jaxe
Ever wanted to rearrange the main button tabs at the bottom of the screen? How about architect categories? This mod allows reordering those and even hiding main button tabs, including any added by other mods. It should be 100% compatible with any mod, does...
More Filters
Created by Jaxe
Check out my more recent mod Filter Manager which has a more customizable way of handling filters. More Filters This mod adds several new filters to item lists to make it easier to customize your stockpiles and bills. Currently, the following filters can b...
Filter Manager
Created by Jaxe
Manage your filters anywhere Got a list of things you want for your freezer? No problem. Want to invert that list? Can do. Have a specific outfit and want to copy the list to a stockpile zone? Easy with this mod. This mod allows saving and loading filter p...
Smart Minify
Created by Jaxe
Smart Minify Minify only logically applicable buildings and apply calculated weights to their minified forms according to the combined weight of resources used to build them Does not apply to anything in the structure category and applies some logic to pre...
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Jul 21, 2021 @ 4:07pm
We need a 1.3 rim hud update please :D its crucial