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Humanoid Dark Ships Redux
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Sep 13 @ 3:25am
Sep 15 @ 7:07pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Humanoid Dark Ships Redux

This is an updated version of ProXz's Humanoid Dark Ship (or Dark Humanoid Ship). I have been given permission to reupload and update it.

This adds a new shipset, it does not overwrite vanilla one.

Old version of his work can be found here
In case he ever updated it to be better than this version.

Do not subscribe to both. Using this mod on existing save with dark humanoid ship should be fine.

Compared to the old one. This one adds some missing stuffs as well as some new things.

Not my usual content, but I liked the shipset so much that I wanted to see it updated. Hope you guys like it.

The components on the last image is from my other mod, ZOFE: ACOT.

Downscaled Patch Here

  • Everything the old one has, which includes dark versions of Humanoid Ship.

  • Titans, Colossi and Ion Cannons.

  • Fixed Science Ship's "globe" not also having dark textures.

  • Fixed starbases having weird white textures (Not perfect, but its not as weord now).

  • Dark Megastructures if built by Dark Humanoid Shipsets.

Do keep in mind that I am not a modeller nor an actual expert texturer, so the stuffs may not be as clean as what ProXz did, but I think they are servicable enough atm.


- Most original artworks belong to ProXz, including the Titan textures of which he did not fully implement into the Titan in the old mod.

- Stellaris Modding Den Community, learned many useful stuffs there.

- All supporters. Your sacrifice against GDI will be remembered by Kane when he ascended.

- Peace Through Power

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I have a section on Discord for my mods here

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CaptainX3 Oct 7 @ 8:43am 
A patch for this shipset and NSC2 is in progress. The author is on the NSC2 Discord and was having trouble with some of the ship sections being invisible, but I've helped him fix that. I imagine he'll upload the patch very soon.
NocturneOfSolace Oct 6 @ 11:36pm 
@Chirumiru ShiRoz sorry what I said was ignorant at the time, I thought that there was a single person who had done all the dark shipsets, and I was wrong
Chirumiru ShiRoz  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:28pm 
What are the other "dark" shipsets? XD. Show me and if I liked them enough I may do that as well. But my priority atm is to get my other mod projects working and NSC support for this one.
NocturneOfSolace Oct 6 @ 4:07pm 
Are you planning on updating the other 'dark' shipsets?
Titan core and stern sections were in the same position in NSC2. Might be a bug.
Chirumiru ShiRoz  [author] Sep 29 @ 6:36pm 
Patch for NSC2 may be added later once I have the time to study NSC2 assets.
The Monolith Sep 29 @ 5:02pm 
Possible patch for NSC2?
Silver Sep 25 @ 5:24am 
Is it possible to make it compatible with Realistic Ships? the non-default ships are still appearing in white.
Boreas Sep 22 @ 2:21pm 
those are humanoid ships only, so you'll need the DLC, without would be against ToS @Futurespartan3337
Futurespartan3337 Sep 21 @ 3:26pm 
If someone who doesnt have the dlc for will they be able to use the mod? or does it only work for humanoids.